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A Quick Fix to YouTube Not Working Safari Problem

youtube not working safari featureWe all know how flexible YouTube can be. With this, entertainment has been convenient for us. Aside from the extensive list of contents it has, this video-hosting platform also lets you watch on any device, like PC, laptop, or tablet. Or stream it through its app that is downloadable through an app store or to any browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Indeed, YouTube is the best entertainment hub for everyone, whether you're a Windows or Mac user. And if you are a Mac user who keeps encountering YouTube not working Safari problems, then this article is just right for you. Read further and allow us to help you fix that problem by providing multiple solutions that you can try.

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Reasons Why Safari Not Playing YouTube Videos

When we encounter bugs in watching YouTube using its application, we opt-in using the Safari browser instead. However, it's more frustrating when while watching YouTube on our Mac, all that it shows is a black screen or YouTube buffering endlessly. It may be due to your poor internet connection, low storage of your Mac, or full cache or browsing history. In connection with that, we shortly listed below the different causes YouTube does not work on Safari. Check them below.

  • Your Safari browser needs to reboot
  • You have a slow internet connection to load YouTube videos using Safari browser.
  • Your Safari's browsing history is almost full.
  • You accidentally restrict Safari to work on your Mac.
  • You installed unnecessary extra plugins.

How to Fix YouTube Not Playing on Safari

After knowing why Safari can’t play YouTube videos accordingly, what’s more, to know how to fix YouTube videos not playing on Safari problems. In line with that, here are different ways of solving the Safari-YouTube-viewing issues⁠— from the basic one to a slightly technical way. Check them right after finishing this article.

1. Restart Your Safari Browser

Once you encounter problems like YouTube videos not playing on Safari, one method that you can try is by rebooting your Mac’s default browser. You can do this by closing the browser itself by doing Force quit or by resetting Safari browser as guided below:

youtube not working safari quit safari

  • Click Finder and type Safari.
  • Launch Safari browser.
  • Then, select “Quit.”
  • Next, relaunch Safari again.

2. Clear the History of Your Safari Browser

Another problem that Safari might encounter is that it does not load a YouTube video because of its loaded browsing history storage. As we know, cache and cookies store and cater to every data of our online activities. And once its storage is full, it can cause poor or YouTube not loading Safari problems. As such, it's best to delete browsing history or cache to ensure that your browser will run smoothly and play videos from YouTube hassle-free. Here's how:

youtube not working safari delete history

  • Open your Mac and launch the Safari browser.
  • Next, go to its settings and click Preferences.
  • Then, select Privacy tab.
  • Once the checklist opens, click "Remove All Website Data…" and confirm your action taken.
  • To check if it works, kindly open Safari and visit YouTube and try if it can already play video.

3. Clear YouTube Data

Clearing website data may result in deleting your browser's information, such as passwords and emails you use. To prevent this from happening, you can choose only to delete data from YouTube. Here's how it works:

youtube not working safari delete youtube data

  • Launch Safari browser.
  • Upon opening it click Preferences and select Privacy tab and Manage Website Data button.
  • On a new pop-up window that appear as "Loading Website Data".
  • After that, from another window that opens, find YouTube, click it, and select Remove from the button below. Next, open YouTubeagain to see if it works.

4. Double-check Your Website Permission Settings

Safari lets you customize your settings to adhere to your preferences. It even allows you to enable or disable certain tools or permits what apps can run in the background. However, sometimes with this option, you may accidentally include useful apps to your restricted application, including Safari browser. So, to check if this is one of the reasons why Safari YouTube videos not playing, you should double-check it again by following these simple steps:

youtube not working safari website permission

  • Open and launch Safari browser.
  • Next, go to its settings and, from the drop-down menu, click "Settings for This Website."
  • Then, on the new window that pop-up, you only need to enable permission for YouTube.
  • After that, re-open Safari again, go to YouTube, and try playing video to check if its works..

5. Uninstall Extra Plugins

Although browser extensions are useful for our browsing experience since it only consumes small storage on our PC, there are still plug-ins that cause your browser to stop working smoothly, including playing YouTube videos. Sometimes installing Adblocker also gives you non-stop YouTube buffering since it contains ads before and in between videos. If this happens, it's about time to uninstall those unnecessary browser add-ons. To do so, here's a simple step we provided below:


  • Open Safari browser.
  • Then, go to Preferences and click the Extension tab.
  • From there, click and uninstall the ad-on you think is the cause of the unplayed YouTube video on Safari.
  • Once you finally uninstall them, go to YouTube again using your Safari browser and find the video you want to watch.

6. Check Your Internet Connection

Every online activity requires specific data or internet connection to be accessible. However, YouTube needs more bandwidth to ensure that it will work smoothly. With this, you can always check your internet speed using a speed test app on the internet or try to relocate your router for a clearer signal.

youtube not working safari check connection

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