[Walkthrough] How to Resolve YouTube Autoplay Not Working?

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feature youtube autoplay not workingYou need not be a Tech wizard to realize the unprecedented popularity of YouTube in recent times. It has become a part of our everyday lives. So, whether it is watching your favorite songs or movies or watching some DIY videos, it is an app that comes in very handy. Besides, it has a host of very user-friendly features. Amongst the many useful features, the Auto Play feature is what many of us use. With it, all the videos you want to play are lined up and played one after the other without user intervention. You might find this to be very convenient. Yet it might so happen that you might find out YouTube AutoPlay not working. If it is so, you need not get flustered. We offer here some simple yet effective solutions to resolve YouTube AutoPlay not working.

Best Ways to Fix YouTube Autoplay Not Working

1. Toggle on/off AutoPlay & Log out Your YouTube Account

Sometimes to resolve the problem, all you need to do is disable the AutoPlay logging out and then logging in and again enabling it.

  • Launch the web browser and open the YouTube website.
  • Open any video and then enable or disable the AutoPlay button located on the top of the video.
  • Click Settings and then make sure that the AutoPlay switch is disabled and log out of your YouTube Account.
  • Now re-login and switch AutoPlay on. You might now find that the YouTube embedded AutoPlay not working is resolved. It would start generally functioning on all other YouTube videos as well.

youtube autoplay not working on off autoplay toggle

2. Clear the Cache and Data of Your Web Browser

At times it is seen that the problem of AutoPlay not working occurs if the cache/data of your web browser is fully loaded or has become corrupt. As such, the simple solution is just clearing the cache or data of your web browser.

  • You open the chrome browser and open the menu option. You can access it by 1clisking on the 3 vertical dots on the top right corner.
  • In the tools section, you have to visit the Clear Browsing Data sub-menu.
  • Select the date range and clear the cache and past data.
  • You can then log out and re-login into your account. In many cases, once you do the above steps, YouTube iframe not working would get resolved.

youtube autoplay not working clear cache

3. Update the Web Browser to the Latest Versio

In some cases of AutoPlay, YouTube not working might occur because you are using an old version of the web browser. In these instances, simply updating the web browser to the latest version might help you resolve the problem.

  • Open the web browser you are using.
  • Go to the settings part under the menu option.
  • Then do what is to be done to update the latest version of the web browser in the submenu here.

youtube-autoplay not working update web browser

4. Disabling the Ad Blocking Extensions/ Add Ons

Sometimes it is seen that your computer might have the Ad Blocking or add extension feature on. But sometimes, extensions or addons are necessary to enable the proper function of the web browser. If the ad blocker is enabled on certain devices, then they could be the source of the problem. Therefore, in such a case, it has to be disabled to ensure that the AutoPlay YouTube feature can function smoothly.

  • Launch your web browser and click on the Extensions icon. It is located on the right end of the address bar.
  • In the Manage Extensions, you need to disable the ad blocking extension. You have to use the toggle button to do the same.
  • Then, you can log out and then re-login. Once you can re- log in, you, in all likelihood, find that the AutoPlay feature can be used again.

youtube autoplay not working disable adblock

5. Remove Videos from Your Playlist

Another reason for the YouTube AutoPlay not working problem arises is because the Playlist has a long list of videos. In such cases, the Video Playlist needs to be cleared.

  • Open the YouTube video on the web browser and access the Library Menu.
  • You need to remove some videos from the video Playlist.

youtube autoplay not working remove videos playlist

Alternative Way to Avoid YouTube Autoplay Not Working

Along with the need to enable the AutoPlay feature on YouTube, you may also need to download videos from YouTube. By doing this, you can watch them offline. You can do it easily with some reliable free online video downloaders. Speaking of such tools, the AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader. By using this excellent video downloader, you can easily Download YT videos quickly and hassle-free.

fvd interface

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