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How to Repair Your iPhone Power Button Jammed

feature power button jammedIs your iPhone power button stuck? Your iPhone may not be able to make calls or even be able to turn on because it's stuck. You need to be able to use your iPhone comfortably. An iPhone's function is dependent on the power button (or sleep/wake). It can be challenging to use your phone for basic tasks if it stops working. Many users have complained about delayed responses when they encounter the iPhone side button stuck. There are many repair options available for this button if it doesn't work correctly. There are ways to get your phone back up so that you can make calls again. The following paragraphs are step-by-step instructions to help get your phone working again.

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Most Effective Solution to Fix iPhone Power Button Stuck Issue

There are various names to identify the button you press to lock your iPhone and turn it on or off. This button is the most important on an iPhone, other than the home button. This button is used to perform many tasks. When it fails to function as it should, frustration builds. Many iPhone users have dealt with the stuck iPhone power button problem and are now looking for solutions.

1. Try Using Assistive Touch to Turn off/Lock your iPhone

This temporary fix can be used to lock or unlock your iPhone's power button or lock button. Assistive touch creates a virtual software version of the physical Home button. The assistive touch feature is able to help you lock or turn off your iPhone's power button if it fails. You won't even need the power button! It will probably fix the problem temporarily with the power button when it turns back on. To use this feature, It would help if you first turned on the Assistive touch first. Follow the coming steps to turn it on!

  • Click the Settings button on your home screen.
  • From the settings menu, select 'Accessibility and choose the 'Assistive Touch' option.
  • Next, toggle the switch to "ON" status to enable the assistive touch.

To turn the iPhone off and lock the screen, follow the steps below. You will see the 'Assistive touch' button on your screen. It can be moved freely to any place on the screen by holding, dragging, or pressing it.

  • Tap the virtual button to use AssistiveTouch for a temporary replacement of the power button.
  • Next, find the icon that looks like a lock to lock the screen. To lock the iPhone, tap on this icon.
  • To turn off your iPhone, press the lock screen icon on the phone. Hold the icon until you see the slide-to power-off message and the red power icon. To turn off the iPhone, simply slide the power icon.

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2. Turn Off your Phone

If your phone is experiencing any problems, this should be the first thing you do. However, It would be challenging to turn off your phone if the power or lock buttons are stuck. You can allow your phone to turn off naturally once the battery gets drained and then plug it into a power source. After connecting the power source, your iPhone will turn itself on. If Your iPhone will not turn on when you plug it into power, this is usually a sign of a more significant hardware problem than just a stuck power button.

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3. Clean your iPhone Stuck Power Button

“My iPhone power button is stuck,” If you find yourself in this predicament then check for dust on your power button. Dust can also build up on your phone's buttons, especially the Power button. Sometimes, your phone will work better if you clean the buttons. A thin brush can be used to reach the area where the button protrudes. You can also blow away debris with canned air. This will remove any stubborn debris that could be making your Power button not work. This can be used as a maintenance technique to ensure your phone is in good condition.

4. Use the Double-Tap Feature to Wake Up iPhone

Double-tap can be used to make up for power button failures. It can turn your phone on and off, just like its name. This will allow you to reboot your phone quickly and possibly fix any issues with the Power button.

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Some Other Tips Fix Stuck iPhone Power Button by Yourself

There are many options available to you if your power button is stuck. If you are dealing with the iPhone power button jammed problem, it is essential to fix it to use your iPhone as usual. These are some suggestions.

1. Get your iPhone Out of the Case or Protective Pouch

There have been cases where iPhone users had a tight fit of protective covers around their iPhones, which can cause the power button to become stuck or unresponsive. You might want to check if the power button isn't stuck in a case. Take your iPhone out from the case and test the power button again to check if it's working correctly.

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2. Go for a Technical Support

Technical support may be able to resolve issues with the iPhone's power button. A specialist might recommend replacing your phone's power buttons, especially if there is physical damage. Apple provides after-sales support to its customers. You can access their website anytime when your iPhone experiences an issue. This warranty is free, so it's a brilliant idea to use it. If you don't, you will have to pay a little more once the warranty expires.

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Bonus Tips: iPhone Repair Options

The warranty may still cover the iPhone repair charges, so the user does not need to pay any additional charges. The user can check the status of his warranty by visiting Apple's website. Click on the support tab in the upper right corner. The link is located about halfway down the screen. This will take you to a page that allows you to check your iPhone's warranty status.

You can also visit your local Apple Store to find the Genius Bar. The user can make an appointment ahead of time to get quicker service. Alternatively, users can send their iPhones to be repaired by mail. This service is available to iPhone owners. If the warranty has expired, third-party mail-in options are available.

An on-site iPhone repair service is another option. This service sends a technician directly to the user's office or home to repair the phone at the user's convenience. It is an excellent option for someone who needs their phone fixed quickly. Some services offer a warranty for their repairs.

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