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Feasible Solutions to Play AVI on Mac

featured image play avi on mac One of the most popular video formats today is Audio Video Interleave or AVI, wherein they were more familiar in its initials. AVI is created by Microsoft and is designed to work and play for Windows devices. The format became famous because of the audio, and video playing is correctly synced with each other. To cut it short, AVI is well-known as the all-in-one packer for maintaining digital media files. But what if you have a Mac device? Is it available to play AVI on Mac? Well, you'll get the answer by reading this post as we present you with the best solutions to do it so.

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What Is AVI and Its Common Problems of Playing It on Mac

As mentioned above, AVI contains all the video data alongside the audio, which are packed in a single file. Plus, AVI is divided into two data formats, which are the List and Index Chunk. Both of these chunks are important as if one of them is missing or broken, the video will not play at all. On the other hand, here are some reasons why AVI is not running on Mac.

  1. The codec is unavailable or missing.
  2. The AVI file is corrupted.
  3. QuickTime cannot play the AVI file.
  4. The needed compressor for the AVI file could not be found.

Why Do We Need to Watch AVI on MAC

If Mac users already have QuickTime Player that can play MOV files without any effort, why is there still a need to play AVI on their devices? Well, the first thing that comes in our mind is the video quality. AVI files are known to have exceptionally very high video and audio quality. Additionally, you can achieve a smaller file size for the video if it is in AVI. The format provides various codes that can be used to optimize the compression ratio.

avi mac

Best Way to Play AVI on Mac

AceThinker Video Master would be your go-to solution to convert videos into AVI and play it on Mac. Why? Besides converting it to AVI, it can also modify other elements like the video and audio codec into H.264 to be compatible for playing AVI in Mac. Furthermore, you can change a video file to MOV, which is specifically designed for Mac computers. The good thing about Video Master is it allows you to convert any videos without losing much of its quality. This is important so you can retain the 4K resolution of your AVI file. Below, you'll find additional info and features about this excellent solution.

Key Features:

  • The software lets you convert several videos at the same time.
  • It can extract the sound from a video and save it on popular audio formats, including MP3.
  • It is also composed of multiple editing functions such as cut, trim, filters, merges, etc.
  • Video Master is equipped with a GIF maker to convert your video into an image loop.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install the AVI Converter

Since it is a software, we need to hit the second "Download" button to get the .dmg file for your Mac. Open the package file and start the installation process. After that, launch it and get familiarized with its interface.

vm mac main interface

Step 2 Import a Video

From the interface, click the "Add File" button located at the left part to automatically open the Finder. Next, browse this folder to search the video you want to convert to AVI. As a tip, you can select 2 or more videos and upload them at the same time.

vmaster upload video avi

Step 3 Select AVI as Format

Once you imported the video, click the format icon on its right side to access the menu. Choose "HD Video," then another list will appear. Finally, select "HD AVI Video" from the list of formats available.

vmaster set avi

Step 4 Convert the Video

Next, you can play the video using the "Preview" panel to check it. You can also click the "Edit" option if you want to rotate, crop, or add filters to the video. If you're good with it, hit the "Convert" button to initiate the process.

vmaster convert avi

Step 5 Play AVI on Mac

After you hit the convert button, a window will appear showing you the progress. Once done, the output folder will appear, showing the AVI video. From here, you can now try to play the AVI video using any media player you have on your Mac computer.

vmaster play avi


  • It can convert several videos into various formats simultaneously.
  • Video Master lets you compress the file size of the video.

  • We need to purchase to convert a video with more than a 5-minute duration.

Review of AVI Players for Mac

Above, we teach you the importance of AVI and presented you with an awesome AVI converter. Now, let us discover some of the best media players for Mac that can play AVI files. Find them below:

1. VLC Media Player

Distinctive Feature: It can play a video in various aspect ratios and lets you adjust the volume for up to 200%.

VLC is one of the most popular media players out there that can easily access AVI files. And yes, it is available for Mac since it is free and open-source software. Even though it is free, you won't have to worry about any pesky ads and allows you to enjoy any video without interruption. And did you know that it also provides other functions? Due to the recent media player updates, VLC Media Player for Mac can now also record your screen.

vlc interface avi


  • The media player is also available for Android and iOS mobile phones.
  • It showcases an intuitive UI and also lets you control the video playback using hotkeys.

  • There are times that VLC crashes.

2. 5KPlayer

Distinctive Feature: The media player lets you play 4K quality videos without any lag.

Another option to watch AVI on Mac is via 5KPlayer. Aside from AVI, it can also play several video and audio formats such as MP4, MP3, MOV, etc. Plus, it can also read .srt files so you can insert subtitles and play it with the AVI video synchronously. One of the unique functions of this media player is you can play AVI videos via Airplay. Meaning, you don't have to transfer the AVI video to your Mac and stream it wirelessly using an iPhone.

5kplayer interface avi


  • You can use 5KPlayer to download YouTube videos.
  • It can play 3D videos.

  • Although it is free, its interface contains ads asking you to download some software.

3. Cisdem Video Player

Distinctive Feature: It can play 5K videos without bugs and crashing.

If you're still finding a way how to watch AVI on Mac, try Cisdem Video Player. This media player allows you to play AVI files even without editing or converting the codec. Its user interface is easy to understand and control as it shows the icons for pause/play, next video, and more. Additionally, it automatically plays the subtitle embedded in the video. Moreover, you can also take screenshots while the AVI video is playing.

cisdem interface avi


  • The software is available to install for free without any annoying ads.
  • It supports playing around 100 video and audio formats.

  • Takes a little time to load and play a high-quality video.

How do I convert AVI to QuickTime on Mac?

What if you don't want to play AVI on Mac? Well, a quick solution is to convert it to QuickTime MOV. AceThinker Video Master can also help you achieve this task. First, have to install the software in your Mac computer then hit "Add Files" to upload the AVI video. Then, choose MOV as the target output format and click "Convert" to begin the process. Finally, open the output folder then play the converted video using QuickTime.

What's the Best AVI Player for Mac

All in all, we have reviewed 3 media players that open AVI on Mac. In fact, there are lots of them. So we need to be careful in choosing one. Here, let me help you distinguish the best qualities of a good AVI player.

things to consider

  1. It should be able to play the AVI file automatically.
  2. The media player must also be lightweight so it won't occupy too much of your local drive space and spend too much battery charge.
  3. It must be capable of playing HD quality videos for up to 8K resolution.
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