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facetune featured photo Many people are fond of taking selfies nowadays. Thus, editing them is also necessary to spice up their photos, so they have something to post on their social media accounts. Luckily, photo editing apps have become more available today. Regarding this, Facetune is one of the widely-used picture editing apps that run for both Android and iOS devices. This app provides expert-level photo editing features that help its users to edit their selfies in multiple ways. Additionally, Facetune has a feature that allows its users to upload their edited photos into their social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram. However, this tool is not recommended for beginners since its features are not easy to familiarize with. Aside from that, users also have to pay approximately $3.36 to use it. While this may be true, there are many apps like Facetune that are user-friendly, cheaper, or free. Scroll down to see the lists of Facetune alternative apps.

Top 9 Best FaceTune Alternative Apps

1. CreamCam

First on the lists of apps similar to Facetune is CreamCam. This app allows its users to filter and edit photos. This app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple devices. Aside from that, CreamCam also allows its users to enhance and filter videos. This app has built-in sliders to automatically adjust the brightness of the photo to achieve the perfect glow that they need. Additionally, CreamCam is free so that anyone can enjoy its features.

CreamCam Logo


  • User-friendly
  • Equipped with a built-in brightness slider
  • Requires no manual editing

  • Limited filtering features
  • App is crashing sometimes
  • Contains ads

2. RetouchMe

One of the best apps from this list is RetouchMe. In utilizing this app, users have to pick the type of filters they like then send it to the app's picture editors. Regarding this, they will be the ones who will edit the image for its users. Additionally, RetouchMe features multiple editing tools to enhance not only the face but also its users. Aside from that, this app also lets users change the background for better scenery. From its last update, RetouchMe now features an accessories section in which users can add tattoos, body piercings, and more. However, users have to pay for the product. Still, the prices are considerable since an expert will edit the picture for them.

RetouchMe Logo


  • No watermarks
  • Accurate retouching tools
  • High-quality outputs

  • Can be expensive depending on the package
  • Lack of free filters

3. AirBrush

Next FaceTune alternative is AirBrush. This app has an all-in-one built-in editing tools and filters to make your selfie look more attractive. It features various options on enhancing your photos, such as acne remover, teeth whitener, brightness slider, and more. Additionally, AirBrush has built-in filters and makeup kits to quickly choose the perfect skin tone users to need on their selfies. This is great, especially if users want to share these edited pictures to their social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram. However, to enjoy its full features, users have to pay $28.03 to get a one-year subscription.

AirBrush Logo


  • Provides built-in filters
  • Loaded with great editing tools
  • Has an option to share photos directly to social media sites

  • Contains ads
  • Needs to subscribe to enjoy full features

4. YouCam Perfect

Another app like Facetune is YouCam Perfect. This app has multiple filter options and skin effects to enhance your selfies instantly. Additionally, YouCam Perfect provides frame and collage editors to make your photos look more interesting. One of the app's best features is that it has a built-in camera that already filters the picture. Moreover, it has a cutout feature that allows users to change the background of their photos for better scenery instantly. Another exciting feature is that YouCam Perfect has its built-in social community called "Beauty Circle." Regarding this, users can share and also discover the latest trends on its editing filters.

YouCamPerfect Logo


  • Instantly edits pictures
  • Has frame and collage editor
  • User-friendly

  • Contains ads
  • Some features are limited on its free version

5. Perfect365

The next app similar to FaceTune is Perfect365. Like the other tools mentioned, this app allows its users to enhance their selfies quickly. One of the best features of Perfect365 is that it provides updates for any trending makeup look. It also features the exact makeup look of various celebrity designers. Additionally, Perfect365 has different makeup filters that allow users to quickly pick their desired designs on their photos. However, this app drains the phone's battery life faster.

Perfect365 Logo


  • Provides updates on trending makeup look
  • Easy-to-use filter interface
  • Has a comprehensive makeup application

  • Drains battery faster
  • App is crashing sometimes

6. Mix

Next on the list that is recommended for you to use is Mix. This app provides 100+ preset filters that can present various sceneries and styles. However, this app is only applicable for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Additionally, Mix also has a social community called the "MIX community," in which users share their stunning selfies. One of the best features of this app is that edited images are backed up to the Cloud automatically. Lastly, Mix also has a user-friendly interface that allows its users to edit their selfies without a sweat.

Mix Logo


  • Has multiple preset filters
  • User-friendly editing interface

  • Only supports Apple Devices

7. Meitu-Beauty Camera

Among the similar to Facetune app is the Meitu-Beauty Camera. This is one of the most straightforward picture-editing apps from the list. Meitu-Beauty Camera has a direct and simple interface to apply filters and effects without any hassle. One of the new features of the app is that users can also add stickers to their selfies. Additionally, Meitu-Beauty Camera also features a "blur" function so the photos can be looked like they are taken professionally.

Meitu Logo


  • User friendly
  • Simple and direct interface
  • Provides various preset filters

  • Image quality are sometimes poor

8. Relook

Next is Relook, this app allows its users to enhance their selfies. This tool has various comprehensive editing tools that enable users to edit their snapshots professionally. With its "Bright-3ְ™" technology, users can edit their simple photos into front-page-worthy quality images. Relook also has a built-in makeup filter that allows users to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and more. Additionally, users can save their finished products into their iCloud Drive as a backup.

Relook Logo


  • Has professional level tools
  • Advanced makeup filter
  • Image can be saved as backup

  • Only applicable for Apple devices
  • Needs to purchase the app

9. Visage Lab

Last from the list is Visage Lab. This app provides a user-friendly interface, so it is recommended, especially for beginners. Due to its straightforward interface, users can choose from its various filter effects quickly. Additionally, Visage Lab can also change the background to spice up the selfie. Lastly, it features a makeup tool that allows users to enhance skin color, teeth whitening, eye makeup, and more.

VisageLab Logo


  • User-friendly
  • Contains various filter options

  • Image quality is not that good for free version
  • Contains ads

Tips to Mirror iPhone/iPad to Computer

1. AceThinker Mirror

In case you to mirror your iOS device to a much bigger screen while editing your selfie, AceThinker Mirror can help with that task quickly. This tool allows you to mirror any activity on your iPhone to your PC, like playing games, streaming online, and watching local videos from your phone. You can connect your iOS device to your computer wirelessly as long as they have the same Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, you can see on your monitor anything you do on your iOS device. It is more fun when you and your family can see filters you put on your picture. With this method, everything will be convenient when you mirror your iOS device on a larger screen. Especially when you have a problem with your eyesight and need to see things clearer on your iPhone. To understand more, you can check the steps listed below on how to use iOS Mirror.

Step 1 Download the AceThinker Mirror App

You can download the AceThinker Mirror app by choosing one of the "Download" buttons below. Then, launch it, and proceed on following the installation guide to install the tool on your PC.

Try it for Free

Step 2 Connect your iOS phone to PC

Once done installing, launch the tool and make sure that your phone and PC are connected to the same internet connection. Then, from your iPhone, go to the control center and click "Screen Mirroring." After that, choose your PC name to connect your iOS device to your computer completely.


Step 3 Edit your selfie while mirroring

After connecting your phone to your PC, you can start editing your selfie photo while mirroring. You can see that anything you do on your iOS phone, it will reflect on your computer. You can also record it by clicking the "Record" button at the rightmost part of the tool.



The last solution that can enhance selfies and make them more stunning is VSCO. This image editor is available to install on both Android and iOS smartphones. Like the other solutions mentioned above, the app provides several preset filters to make the picture more beautiful. Additionally, VSCO has a community wherein users can share their photos with other subscribers. Regarding this community, users could also discover images from professional photographers and editors. Moreover, it provides various editing tools to modify the saturation, brightness, and contrast of the picture. However, users need to purchase the VSCO membership to unlock its full capabilities. Follow the steps provided below to know more about this solution.

edit picture

User Guide

  • First, tap the link provided to install VSCO on your Android or iPhone smartphones. Once installed, launch the app on the phone to access its main interface.
  • Next, hit the "Camera" icon, which is located at the bottom part of its interface. From here, tap the "Plus" button to upload the photo you want to edit.
  • Once uploaded, select the "Edit" icon, and the app will transfer you to its editing window. Then, apply the filters, effects, or any enhancements that you want.
  • Once you are done editing the picture, click the "Next" option at the top part of the interface. Finally, a preview of the edited picture will appear. If you are satisfied with it, hit the "Save" option to keep the changes made.
  • Finally, go to the "Gallery" or "Photos" app of your phone to check or view the edited picture.


Editing pictures has become an everyday activity today, especially with the age of the Millennials and Gen Zs. Regarding this, all of the tools mentioned above are great Facetune alternative apps that allow you to edit and retouch your photos instantly. Moreover, all of them provide various filter options so users can quickly enhance their photos. Aside from their descriptions, the pros and cons are also illustrated so you can quickly choose which app best suits your style. It's up to you, and now just relax and start to make your photo stylish and stunning!

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