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Best Open Source Video Editors for 2021

opensource editor featured One of the most important tools required when making a film or video is a video editing software; this tool is the most important tool, which is why the price for getting a professional video editing software is on the high side. However, if you are not a professional video maker or you need a video editing software with some features seen in some advanced video editors, there are some open-source software that you can use to edit your videos free of charge, and most of these free open-source video editors can help improve your video quality and add effects to your footage. An open-source video editor contains source codes that allow you to customize the software based on your needs. Anyone with little experience in coding and video editing will likely want to use open source video editing tools. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best open-source video editors you can use to transform your videos.

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You may not be attracted to this open-source video maker the first time you use it, but you will enjoy this tool as times go on as it offers a lot of interesting tools to satisfy your needs as a video editor. Shotcut can be used on Mac, Linux and Windows, and its interface is very simple, which makes operation less difficult. You can also add more modules based on the functions you desire. You have control over your workspace as this tool gives you the ability to re-dock, un-dock, or move around each page. You can also use Shotcut with a wide range of image and video formats, even content with 4k resolution. There is no option/button to import files; however, the software claims to have a "native timeline editing" without the option to import. Like any other open-source video editor, Shotcut allows you to pen and preview files, drag footage into your timeline, and create a media playlist for your project. The timeline offers different editing features, such as splitting, trimming, adding tracks, and shortcutting buttons for these features. Also, Shotcut offers a robust selection of audio/video transitions and stackable filters, like stabilization, chroma key, and others.



Lightworks is one of the oldest open source video editing software and also an Emmy award-winning video editing software. Lightworks is compatible with most OS (Linux, Mac, and Windows) and supports resolutions close to 4000, both HD and SD formats. This amazing tool allows you to create professional editing videos in high quality for free. Another interesting feature about this tool is its speed; it's so fast, offering video editors top-notch detailing for their projects, which can be shared with other users. The interface of this open-source movie maker differs from most free open source video editors, but it is customizable, and users can rearrange the different windows and controls to their taste. Generally, Lightworks is easy to use the tool, and it offers high-speed video editing and real-time project collaboration sharing for groups.



Blender is more than an open-source video maker as it has a lot of features to offer besides video editing. Blender is a complete suite of professional-grade 3D-creation tools, and it is available for use on Linux, Windows, or Mac. You can use Blender for painting, sculpting, animation, 3D modeling, and so on if it offers different powerful tools that can be used for visual composting as well as 3D game development. It also features a Video Sequence Editor, which may be difficult to use at first since the interface is designed to handle more features besides editing videos. Luckily, a lot of resources (free and paid tutorials) can set you on the right track. You will discover that the VSE is an amazing feature once you master it as it offers a complete non-linear editor, featuring keyboard shortcuts, cutting and trimming tools, a multi-track timeline and lots of advanced options. You can also add animation and 3D graphics to your footage when using this free open-source video editor.


DaVinci Resolve

Need a powerful, professional-grade level, free open source movie maker, then use DaVinci Resolve 16. This tool offers easy to use basic features like project creation, trimming, joining videos, adding sounds, and using color for tone and mood. The app's interface is classic. You can count on it for any basic video editing feature. You will definitely find this tool appealing if you are willing to invest your time to discover how this incredible software works. You need a strong device to be able to use this high-performance software and enjoy the plenty of features it has to offer when editing videos.

davinci resolve editor


This open-source video editor was designed to run on Linux OS; however, you can download the beta version for Windows and the older version for Mac. This incredible and famous video editing software is an amazing open-source video maker built on the MLT media framework. It offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, and it can be customized to your taste. The timeline of this software is completely functional, and it supports visible audio waveforms, unlimited audio/video, preview rendering, as well as "JKL" playback shortcuts. Kdenlive offers a robust set of effects, filters and transitions, and you can easily modify their settings, view live preview and drag them onto videos. Once you are done editing and ready to export, it offers you a large number of mainstream file types and presets to choose from.

kdenlive interface


This software offers an easy and user-friendly interface with some additional polish you may not see in the most free open-source video editor. Beginners will find this free open source movie maker interesting as it offers an in-built tutorial to guide you the first time you open the software. It also offers a complete guide, which can be accessed from the website. You can drag and drop media files you want to import into the program, and also drag and drop to work on videos on your timeline. There is no restriction to the number of tracks you can add with this tool and you can add any media type into any track. The tools and effects it offers may not be too appealing, but you can work with most of them, such as the transition feature with keyframe-based animation and real-time previews. The 3D animated titles, which is hard to see in most free open source video editor, can be handled by Openshot, provided you have installed the open-source 3D graphics software Blender – which also offers video-editing functions. You can download OpenShot on your PC (Linux, Mac or Windows) free of charge; however, they accept donations and Patreon subscriptions on their site to support improvement and development.

openshot homescreen


You can download this open-source video editor for free on Mac, Windows, and Linux; however, it is not a full timeline-based video editor. Avidemux was built for making minor adjustments and spitting out modified files. Source videos can be imported, and portions in the clip are marked to remove by choosing start and end frames. You can also enhance your videos by adding filters, color effects, border, image sharpening, and noise reduction. It also allows users to add more clips at the end of your video; however, it is advisable to use a full non-linear editor for this purpose. This tool may be more useful when you require little or no edits to your video, and when exporting your clip, you can encode audio and video to different impressive file types with a lot of details in the output. You can use this tool to process your clips one after the other if you have lots of them to mode.

avidemux setting window


VidCutter is an amazing free open-source video editor you can count on for fast and simple video editing. Just as the name suggests, VidCutter is an excellent video cutting software. It supports media formats like MOV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, and other. The app's interface contains just a few elements; a single-track timeline, which shows thumbnails when toggled, and a preview area that shows imported media. All you need to do to add your selection to the clip index on the side is to mark start and endpoints on the timeline. You can also add multiple videos and drag/drop them to rearrange on the index. When you save a video, it will be exported to a file in that order, and your new file will match the format of the source video.



Currently, this free open-source video editor is only available for use on Linux (and not Windows and Mac). Flowblade offers it, users, a fast and amazing operating experience as this program eliminates too many extra features that could slow down video editing or make the process complicating. This also improves the app's stability and reduces bugs/crashes usually associated with open-source software. The interface is intuitive and familiar, and the button on the timeline fits perfectly in a single row. In the toolbar, you will find all the tools you need for the task at hand. Its "insert editing" model, however, pushes all videos to the left automatically, and you may not be familiar with this if you have been using other open-source video editing tools. Linux users will benefit a lot from this app as it offers interesting features like image filters, transitions, keyframe-based audio editing, and custom titles.

flowblade homescreen


The least popular video editor in this post , which talks about the best open source video editor, is Pitivi. This is new software, that's why it has not gained the popularity and attraction it requires. This app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes it stand out from other open-source video editors, which is one of the reasons we included it in this post. Besides its incredible interface, its functions and features are remarkable. The experience you get from using this video editor is breathtaking. Another good thing about this tool Is that it is still under development, so the app's developers welcome input from users on how to transform this free open source video editing software into something better and perfect. The timeline it offers is independent of framerate, and its interface is very flexible, allowing users to execute different tasks at ease. Pitivi also supports different file formats; however, only Linux users can use this video editing software. So if you are using a Linux OS and need an open-source video maker to edit your videos, give Pitivi a try.

pitivi homescreen

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