Reliable Way to Merge Videos with VLC and Its Alternative

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vlc icon mergeAs we all know, VLC is a media player that supports and allows its user to perform basic editing options such as merging, cutting, compressing videos. If you are a fan of VLC while performing these tasks, you will notice that some functions of this tool are not working properly. The reason may be that the version you have on your device is outdated and more. Because of this, the quality and quantity of your video files may affect badly. That is why in this article, you will discover the ways how to merge videos with VLC, tips to fix VLC mergers and the best alternatives to VLC when combining video clips.

Step by Step Guide to Merge Videos Files VLC

Distinctive Feature: It can play any media type and it has built-in tools to merge videos.
Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

Did you know that you can merge videos with VLC? Yes, you heard it right. This unique tool is not just a simple media player. But it can be a video clips joiner. VLC has a lot of unique features that are hidden under its tabs. The features and tools include a cutter, filter, or play YouTube video in VLC. Aside from those, there are also advanced video editing features in VLC, such as a compressor and converter. Moreover, to test the versatility of this tool, you will be going to merge video clips using VLC. Below are the steps you can follow to combine your video clips with VLC easily.

Step 1 Install VLC and Launch

The first thing you must do to combine videos in VLC is to install the tool. Download the tool and once the installation is completed, launch it. Browse the tool’s navigation and tabs to be familiar with it.

vlc main interface

Step 2 VLC Combine Video

The second step is to use the VLC merge video function. You need to click the “Media” menu and then select “Open Multiple Files” after that, a new window will pop up. Import the video clips you want to merge by ticking the “+Add” button. Once done adding clips click the “Convert/Save” button and select the “Convert” option.

merging clips process on vlc

Step 3 Save Combined Videos

Finally, a new window will appear to select the folder where you want to file the video by ticking the “Browse” button. Lastly, click the “Start” button placed at the lower part of the window to save the combined clips on your device.

saving combined clips on vlc

You can also use this tool to stream videos online.

Tips to Fix VLC Join Videos Not Working

Tip 1: Update your VLC or System

The first thing you should know is the compatibility of VLC with your computer. Note that VLC is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. Check your operating system if it is updated. If not, set it to the latest version. Second, VLC launches a new version randomly, update it as per your operating system.

windows settings and updated system

Tip 2: Update VLC Video Codec

The second tip is to update your VLC video codec. Video codec is the hardware or software built-in VLC. It helps compress and decompress media files imported in VLC. Find the “Help and Check for Updates” tab of VLC to download the latest VLC codes.

vlc help and check for updates

Tip 3: Use Alternatives to Merge Video Files

If the two tips above don’t work with your VLC, try to install or check out the VLC merge video alternatives below. You can find a lot of tools in the market that can combine your video clips aside from VLC. Continue below as we provide the reliable tools you can use to merge your videos.

How to Join Videos in VLC Alternative

Distinctive Feature: Offers a wide range of merging tools.
Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac

AceThinker Wind Cut is the best alternative to VLC. It can combine clips easily with its complete packed essential editing tools. You can combine clips with this tool in the drop and drag method. Wind Cut is a multi-functional tool you can consider as an alternative to VLC, a multi-media player with essential tools. AceThinker Wind Cut has many features to offer if you will purchase its premium version. For only $49.95, you can use this tool for a lifetime. It offers video and audio effects, and essential tools like crop, trim, cut, and merge. It also supports multiple types of video and audio input and output formats.

Step 1 Install VLC Alternative

The first step is the installation of AceThinker Wind Cut. You can click the download button below. The left download button is for Windows users, and the right download button is for Mac OS users. Download the tool to complete the installation process.

Try it for Free.

Step 2 Launch Tool and Select Video Size

Wind Cut has seven modes you can select. Choose the best size that fits your video clips. Click the “New Project” for those first-timers in this tool. If you have drafted in this tool, you can select them by clicking the “Open Project” option.

wind cut interface

Step 3 Import Video Files

After selecting the mode, you want to start importing the clips you want to merge. Tick the “Import” option below the local mat tab. Select the “Import file” to import videos. Then a window of your video files will pop up. Select the videos from your device, then import them.

import video file

Step 4 Merge Clips and Export

Once the importation is done, use the video editing panel to merge your video clips. You can also use the free basic editing tools to enhance your video. Aside from that, you can also add music, effects, and subtitles to your video. After that, click the “Export” button to save the changes you made in your video.

export video file

Step 5 Play Output Video

You can check out the output and final video in the output folder of Wind Cut. Play the video to review the applied changes on the video. If you want to merge more to the video, you can repeat the steps mentioned above.

video playing

Wind Cut vs. VLC: Which is Better for Merging Videos?

In this part, we will unravel which is the best and will stand out among these two applications. When it comes to merging videos, AceThinker Wind Cut provides an efficient way to combine two clips into one file. It can conjoin video clips without compromising their quality due to its advanced algorithm that contains advanced technology when merging two video files. In addition, it has transitional effects that can help users to create a seamless transition from one clip to another, which is suitable for content for YouTube and other video-sharing sites. On the other hand, VLC is suited more for previewing videos and playing corrupted files. When it comes to editing a video, it lacks an advanced feature that can be seen for dedicated video editors.

windcut vs vlc

Comparison Chart

That is the best way to merge clips on VLC with its suitable alternative. When you have a hard time connecting files on VLC, Wind Cut is a perfect application you can use. It has a timeline panel that can merge videos effortlessly with traditional effects. However, when you need to merge files without installing any applications besides VLC, the above solution or walkthrough is a perfect way.

Tools Free Stock Library Subscription
VLC No Free
Wind Cut Videos, Filters, Music, and Text. Freemium service, its premium plans, starts at $49.95 for lifetime support.

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