Best Ways to Find Unlisted Video in YouTube

As you all know, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. It is a video-sharing website run by Google, where people post their videos on the web in order to make them more visible to millions of users around the globe. However, there are times when you don't want the specific video available to millions out there. These videos are then made available via a link. This whole process is called YouTube Unlisted. The video wouldn't be available for everyone; only those with a link can access it. The following article will shed light on how to find unlisted videos on YouTube.

What is an Unlisted YouTube Video?

Basically, YouTube videos such as unlisted and private are not the same. They're those that don't show up in the search engines, and you have to find unlisted YouTube videos. This is because they don't link back to the original website from which they've been uploaded. Instead, they link to a page on a video-sharing site. The video won't come up in the search result, tab or suggestion. Even if you post it on your channel, your subscriber won't be able to view it.

find unlisted youtube in youtube

Benefits of Using YouTube Unlisted Videos

YouTube Unlisted means that you can generate a link for that video and share it with your counterparts. The unlisted video will not appear in the search results, giving you privacy on YouTube public spaces, such as your channel, browser page, and search results.

Following are some of the benefits of using the Unlisted Video feature

  • Privacy to share videos with your friends and family.
  • Want to make space for new videos and get rid of the old ones. However, if you're going to keep some and keep on available to those who embedded these videos.
  • It is also suitable for getting feedback from a limited number of people.
  • For university projects, you can share the link with your advisors and classmates.
  • You can also use this for your online resumes and simply share the link on your job application.
  • You can also make these videos available for your subscribers beforehand before ever making it public for feedback.

How to Find Your Own Unlisted YouTube Videos?

When you upload videos on YouTube, you're obligated to make them public, private, or unlisted. If you want to upload through the Unlisted feature, not many people know about it. You can share videos via a link with your friends and family. However, once uploaded, most people's queries revolve around how do I find my unlisted videos on YouTube. Since many people don't know how to find an unlisted YouTube video because they are not readily available in the search results.

Here's a simple guide for you.

  • First, after logging on to your YouTube channel, access your YouTube studio to find the unlisted YouTube video.
  • Next, from your menu list, select content to access the Unlisted YouTube.
  • Then, right below the uploads section, click on the three horizontal lines for the Filter menu. You will see several options in the pop-up menu.
  • In visibility, the drop-down menu marks the unlisted option for the video and press the apply button. After marking the option, your unlisted YouTube videos will be filtered by visibility.

find unlisted youtube in youtube solution

How to Find Other People's Unlisted YouTube Videos?

Since unlisted videos won't show up in search results of YouTube channels or on subscribers, feed, and recommendations; here is how to search unlisted YouTube videos of others.

1. From YouTube accounts

If the person adds the unlisted video to the public playlist, the video is made visible and available to share with the link. Most YouTubers upload videos to more than one existing playlist; hence one needs to keep a close eye on the playlists to discover the unlisted videos.

find unlisted youtube in youtube accounts

2. From Website

If you don't want to wait and search hidden videos on YouTube, don't worry. There's a website available for unlisted videos. UnlistedVideos is a website where people submit videos, and you can access them for free without registration. You can explore videos by clicking on "All videos" or "Random videos" and can also submit videos by following the provided guidelines.

find unlisted youtube website

3. Using SERPs

If your YouTube video is not available, search results do not mean the video no longer exists. However, there might be a possibility that the unlisted video might be indexed in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, if you know any advanced search operators, it is possible to find the video with the help of the command search operators. For example, if we type ( intext: unlisted "Daft Punk") in the search bar without brackets, we can find the indexed unlisted YouTube videos. However, due to its low accuracy rate and the process being too advanced, only a few people make use of it. Nevertheless, you can try to try your luck by choosing this method.

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How to Find Unlisted YouTube Videos without Any Link?

Public videos and unlisted videos are different in nature. You can’t access private videos on YouTube. However, anyone can access to unlisted YouTube video as long as he/she has the link for the video. To access unlisted videos, you need a link, the link act like a password for the video. Unless you have the link, you will not be able to watch the video. Also, the result depends if your YouTube loading slow, so make sure to have a faster internet connection. What if you don't have the URL link or the webpage? In case of not having the link currently, there's no way of finding the video without a link.

find unlisted video in youtube no- ink

Final Thoughts

To conclude, it is quite straightforward to find unlisted YouTube videos. All you have to do is dedicate some time to doing your searches on the right websites. However, you should restrict your search on sites only as most of the time, the results you find there are older and correct. Hence, it is not recommended that you make use of various other resources as well in order to reach the right results. If you don't know the link, use the possible ways listed above to look for the video.

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