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Use this tool to clear and change the background of photo online for free.
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It is an intelligent photo background remover used effectively and smoothly with highly advanced photo output. It is a perfect tool to edit and remove background photos for e-commerce or social media purposes, accessible free online.

Steps on How to Make a Clear Background

Upload your photo
First, you need to upload your photo. Click the "Upload photo now" button on the left side of our online tool. After that, you can select your photo from your local file and click the "open" button to upload the selected photo.
Erase background
After selecting a photo from your local file, you can proceed to the background option. The online tool contains an option on the right side of the screen that allows you to select whether you want a transparent backdrop or a white background.
Save the photo
After removing the background or changing the background color, you can download the photo by clicking "Download" to save the photo. You can see this button at the top right part of the online tool.

Whiten or Erase Background Photo Online for Free

A formal photo is one of the essential requirements you must submit on any personal documents. An excellent example of this is a passport photo. For this photo, you must be in formal attire and have a whiten background for passport photo. In that situation, if you want to create a passport photo but couldn't get the white backup to meet the requirements, you may use our online tool photo background remover. Our photo background remover intelligently eliminates the background of an object in the photo. You can easily create your formal photo with easy steps and a few clicks. You need to upload the photo on our online tool and remove or change the photo's background so you can create your formal photo online for free.

safe to useSafe and Secured

This online tool is an entirely safe online tool for changing the background of your photo. It automatically deletes the photo you uploaded to the online tool. No one can view your uploaded or processed files this way.

easy to useEasy to Use

Its interface is particularly familiar, so anyone can quickly learn how to use it. This online application does not require expert photo editing skills. Load your image file, and the intelligent AI will handle the Job.

compatible online toolCompatibility

It is compatible with Windows and macOS and you can access this online tool from any mainstream browser for free.

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FAQs About How to Whiten Background

Is this 100% free?

Yes, our background remover is a 100% free tool you can use online. We want to offer an accessible online tool that you can efficiently use for free.

Can this tool affect the quality of the photo?

No, the resolution of the photo will remain at its original resolution. Our online tool has a powerful AI that only eliminates the background of the object in the photo. So you don't need to think about the photo resolution of the object you need for the photo.

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