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The ultimate photo background remover to achieve transparency using artificial intelligence


How to Easily Remove Background from Picture?

The process to remove background from an image with PicWish is effortless and efficient. It only takes a few simple clicks:


Launch the software and select Remove Background.


Then, upload or drag an image or entire folder and click "start".


Lastly, click on Save all to save the images to your PC.

Intuitive Background Eraser

Smart & Intuitive Background Eraser

PicWish can become an ultimate solution for the users to take the background out of the picture due to its impressive features. With the help of a highly advanced yet simple method, you can remove the background of any picture required for e-commerce and even social media.

Interactive User Interface: Unlike many other background remover programs, PicWish has a clean and intuitive interface which makes it quite a handy and user-friendly tool.
Ultra-fast Processing: The program is designed to be the fastest and easiest background remover with its advanced fast features, which enables you to remove the background from any image in a matter of three seconds.
Tackle Challenging Images with Ease: No matter the complexity of your images, PicWish very skillfully handles each image to remove its background so you can get a clear background image without the need for any technical skills. Therefore, is helpful even for beginners and first-time users.

Precise and Automatic Background Remover

PicWish is an automatic picture background remover that very smartly removes the background of any image completely. Our background remover can automatically detect the subject and remove the background smoothly giving it a natural finish.

No Repetitive Manual Tasks: Without involving you in any manual work, it automatically detects the subject in the photo at once and cuts out the image smoothly without leaving any harsh lines.
Handle Hair Automatically: With the use of state-of-the-art technology, artificial intelligence incorporated into the product is suitable for dealing with hair, flyaway and furry objects.
Get 100% Transparent or Colored Background: PicWish also comes with a feature, which allows you to manually preserve the areas of the picture you want to keep in the final process. No matter if you want a transparent or white background for your pictures, this is your one-stop solution.
Precise and Automatic Background Remover
Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity and Workflow

It is the most powerful background remover that adds a lot of interesting elements to your previously dulled backgrounds, which will ultimately turn your pictures into masterpieces. This gives you complete creative control and helps to increase your productivity.

Predesigned Templates: With PicWish, you can not only remove the background from images but also pick a new background from preset templates and solid colors. The program also has a feature to add effects to your pictures.
Powerful Batch Processing: You won't need to process different files one by one, as its batch processing feature allows you to process multiple pictures at once.
Multipurpose: Best suitable for removing background from product photos, portraits, logos, signatures, car pictures, social posts, and much more.

It's an Incredible Tool

I have previously tried several tools to remove unwanted background from the image, but all of them result in photos that do not look real at all. PicWish takes these problems away because it's an incredible tool and saved me so much time already!


Swift Background Removal

WOW! They have built a much-needed awesome tool. It always helped me to be more productive at work and the best part of this software is that all background removal and modification tasks are done in a swift and hassle-free way.

pamela Pamela

Tech Specs

Supported OS
Windows: Microsoft Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7
Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 and above (including macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave)
Hardware Requirements
CPU: 2GHz or faster processor recommended
RAM: At least 4 GB (8 GB or more preferred)
Processor: Intel® Core i3 or above
Supported Image File Types
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