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FAQs of AceThinker iOS System Recovery

Trafalgar. June 19, 2022

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How to use AceThinker iOS System Recovery?

What's the difference between Standard Mode and Advanced Mode?

AceThinker iOS System Recovery consists of two modes. The first one is the standard mode, where the tool enables users to fix system issues without causing any data loss. This function is favorable for a simple glitch or fixing problematic applications. Yet, Advanced mode lets users fix their system issues while deleting all the data on their iPhones. This mode is suitable for issues such as virus attacks, iPhone black screen, and more.

two modes

Will AceThinker iOS System Recovery fix all types of iOS issues?

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is touted as one of the most efficient tools to recover all types of iOS issues. To know if your iPhone issue can be fixed by this tool, see the listed possible errors below.

  • iPhone stuck in recovery mode
  • Stuck in DFU mode
  • Always on blue/green/red/black screen
  • The device won’t turn on
  • The battery is unable to charge
  • Unable to install a system update
These are the common errors that iOS systems usually experience. Nevertheless, some issues not mentioned above can be fixed with this tool as well.

Will my iPhone data get lost after using your program?

No! The data you have on your iPhone will not be eradicated as long as you have used the Standard mode. If you are trying to fix simple glitches and errors, it is a must to use the standard mode. This mode will give you an option to recover and fix your iOS system issue while retaining the data that you have on your device.

How can I know whether my iOS device is supported or not?

The answer to your question is simple. This tool is compatible and supported with all iOS devices and includes the latest version of iPhone 13 and earlier versions. Nevertheless, if you are still uncertain if your device is supported or not with this tool, simply follow the steps presented below.

1. Download the iOS System Recovery

The initial guide is to download the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC and launch it. From here, select the iOS System Recovery. Doing that will provide you with a window that has a start button.

ios system recovery

2. Access the Start Option

Then, hit the start option to push through to select two modes. You will know if your device is connected if you can go to the next page. However, if it is not compatible, an error will appear to notify you that the device is not supported.

detect device

What to do if my iPhone stuck at the white Apple logo?

Suppose your iPhone device is stuck at the white Apple logo. In that case, AceThinker iOS System Recovery offers a quick method to fix the issue. All you need to perform is follow the guide beneath to eradicate the error.

1. Install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to fixing the iPhone stuck at the Apple logo is downloading the tool on your PC. Afterward, launch the tool and connect your iPhone device using a lightning cable. With that, select the Start option to choose the modes you want.

detect device

2. Fix the iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Then, hit the Fix button to confirm the mode you want to select. Click the confirm option to go through to select the firmware to optimize your device. Tick the Next button to instigate the process. After that, wait until the process has finished. You can then restart your iPhone device.

download firmware

Does iOS System Recovery work in the same way as iTunes?

There are issues that iTunes can’t fix on its system. Some are black/green/blue screen errors, virus attacks, and more. Therefore, it is recommended to use AceThinker iOS System recovery to fix these problems. This tool provides advanced processes to fix and recover system issues of your iOS.

Why do I have to put my device in DFU or recovery mode?

When your device cannot turn on and can’t be detected by both iTunes and AceThinker iOS System Recovery, DFU mode will help you detect your device. This mode allows users to put their device in a state where it can be easily detected by your recovery tool to get back the device. It is similar to Recovery Mode on Mac or BIOS on Windows computers.

dfu mode
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