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Trafalgar. February 8, 2024

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How to use iOS Data Backup & Restore?

How to activate iOS Data Backup & Restore?

Launch the downloaded program after installation to activate iOS Data Backup & Restore. Click the ‘Register’ button in the upper-right section of the main interface. It will open up the registration window, and you can choose to buy and register which tool you need to use.

register on fone keeper

If you already bought the iOS Data Backup & Restore, click the ‘Register’ button on the same row of the tool. A new window asking for an email address and an activation code will appear. Input the email address you used for the purchase and the activation key sent to that email to activate the tool. Hit the ‘OK’ button to complete the activation.

enter the email address for the registration code

Can I restore encrypted iTunes backup?

Unfortunately, encrypted iTunes backup can’t be restored with iOS Data Backup & Restore as of the moment. This is because of Apple’s restrictions and high security. But, our team is working hard to make this feature possible with our app as soon as we can.

What's the difference between the free trial version and purchased full version?

The difference between the free trial version and the purchased full version is the limited features of the trial one. Both can backup iOS data, but the trial version can only restore iOS data to a computer three times. The free version also can’t restore data to iOS devices, can’t preview pictures, and can’t preview all data. In contrast, the full version supports the unlimited restoration of iOS data to the computer and iOS devices, plus the preview of all data.

difference between free trial and purchased version

How to backup iPhone data without iCloud?

You can backup iPhone data without iCloud by using third-party softwares such as AceThinker iOS Data Backup and Restore. The software will allow you to create backups of iOS data and restore them to your computer and iOS devices. Here’s how you can backup iPhone data without iCloud using the tool.

  1. Launch the software and select iOS Data Backup and Restore. Connect your iOS device to your computer via a USB cable, and you will be taken into a new window. There will be two options, iOS Data Backup and iOS Data Restore. Choose the iOS Data Backup button.
  2. launch fone keeper and select ios data backup and restore
  3. There are two options for backup available, Standard Backup and Encrypted Backup (password protected). Choose which backup mode you prefer, then select all the data you want to backup. Once you have chosen what to backup, set the folder where you want your backup to be saved. Finally, click the Backup button to begin the backup process.
  4. choose between standard backup and encrypted backup

Is it possible to create an iPhone backup without Wifi?

Yes, it is possible to create an iPhone backup without Wifi by using AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore tool. Unlike cloud storage, the software uses computer memory for backup, so it has no problem working offline.

What kind of data are supported when backup iPhone to computer?

The data and file types that are supported by iOS Data Backup & Restore when doing a backup to a computer are as follows.

  • Messages and Contacts: Messages and attachments, Contacts, Voicemails
  • Media: Photos, App Photos, App Videos, App Audios
  • Memos and Others: Notes and Attachments, Calendar, Reminders and Attachments, Voice Memos, Safari Bookmarks
  • Applications: WhatsApp and Attachments, Kik and Attachments, Line and Attachments, Viber and Attachments, Messenger and Attachments, WeChat and Attachments, QQ and Attachments, App document
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