How to Use AceThinker Screen Grabber Free

Acethinker Screen Grabber is a web-based app for capturing screenshots, and it's free and easy to use. Since it's an online software to take a screenshot and edit the captured image, you can use it on both Windows and Mac. More than a screen capture app, it can also help you save the captured image to a local drive or cloud space. You can even share the images to social media websites directly. And this step by step user guide will help you make full use of Acethinker Free Screen Grabber.

Activate the Program

Launch your web browser, visit Acethinker Screen Grabber and click "Take Screenshot" to run the app.

free screen grabber interface

You have to install a launcher the first time you use this screen capture tool. I have scanned the launcher with Norton virus protector, it's free and clean without spyware and adware. Once you download the launcher, just install it and click "Take Screenshot" to go on.

Take Screenshots As You Like

Once the screen capture tool is activated, it will pop up a panel as follow. You can click "Take Screenshot" or press the short cut "Ctrl+D" to start the capturing process.

free screen grabber bar

Once the capturing started, your mouse cursor will turn into a cross-hair. And you have three choices to take a screenshot as follow:

Entire Screen: Click your mouse anywhere on the screen to capture a full-screen screenshot.

Region: Click, hold and drag your mouse to select a region on your screen, and release your mouse to confirm it.

Application Window: Hover your mouse over an active window, click on it to create a snapshot of it.

free screen grabber take screenshots

Edit and Save the Screenshot

After you take a screenshot, there will be two toolbars beside your captured image to help you edit or share the screenshot.

free screen grabber edit

Horizontal toolbar: This toolbar will help you add texts, lines, blur effects, etc. to the image. You can also use it to markup important parts or cover private information on the screenshot.

Vertical toolbar: This toolbar is mainly for sharing. Once you get a satisfied screenshot, you can save it to your local drive by clicking the second last button on the vertical toolbar. You can also copy the screenshot to the clipboard, email it, upload it to the cloud or share it directly to websites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.

Save: Screenshot can be saved as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP format to store it in your computer drive.

Upload: Upload your screenshot to the free cloud space provided by the developer.

Share: Share your screenshot to a social website with only one click. It supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Email: Email the screenshot to someone as an attachment.

Tips about Uploading the Screenshot to Cloud

You can upload the screenshot to the cloud space provided by Acethinker, so you can access the image on different devices. The screenshot could be password-protected. This will keep your privacy efficiently once you click the upload button in the vertical toolbar. A panel for entering the password will be pop up as follow. Of course, you can leave it blank if you don't need a password. And then click "OK" to confirm the uploading.

free screen grabber upload

Once the uploading is finished, it will lead you to the screenshot page. You will get a direct link for this screenshot, so you can use it in any forums or blogs with this link easily.

For someone who wants to re-edit the screenshot, you can save it to your computer and hit the "Edit" icon in the "Tools" column above the image to activate the online image editor. And then, you can import your screenshot to edit it.

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