How to Use AceThinker Video Keeper for Android App

It can be a lot of fun to watch high-quality videos on your Android smartphones and tablets. However, it will consume a lot of data, and it will be quite annoying especially when the internet connection is not stable. It’s recommended that you download the videos and watch them on your Android devices later when you're free. AceThinker Aqua Clip for Android is a decent Android app that allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Internet Archive and more in just a few seconds. Let's check the detailed steps to use Aqua Clip for Android below.

Download and Install the App

First of all, download the app on your Android device. Note that any Android phone and tablet running Android 4.0 and above are well supported. This video downloader is also available for Windows and Mac. After installation, tap the app icon from the home screen of your Android device to launch the app.

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Get the Link of the Video You Want to Download

Now you can browse the Internet to find the video you want to save and copy its link from the web browser or app. After that, you can turn back to Aqua Clip for Android.

Paste Video Link to Download the Video

Once you open Aqua Clip for Android app, click the download icon to paste the URL in the search bar and the app will start to analyze the link immediately. As you see, you can also directly enter the name, publisher, etc. of the video you wish to download to let the program search for the video you need.

Select to Download the Video with Proper Quality

After a few seconds, the video will be available for downloading in different formats and resolutions. Click More to check all the downloading solutions and select the one you prefer and click Download to save it to your Android. There will be a specific window showing the progress of the downloading.

complete the download

Enjoy Your Video on Android Offline

When the downloading completes, you can switch to the Library tab to find all the downloaded music and video files. After that, you can freely enjoy them any time you like without worrying about the data and internet connection.

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