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Methods on How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing Issues

instagram videos not playing featureWe all know that Instagram has become the most popular photo-sharing platform on the internet. Many users enjoy using this app because it lets them edit their pictures instantly with its built-in editing tools. Aside from the image, you can also upload the video here. Plus, it has many exciting features, such as an IG story that you can then put as a Highlight on your profile and IGTV for a longer video streaming. However, sometimes you get interrupted with your IG browsing once the video you're trying to watch suddenly stops. To avoid this problem, you must know the culprit why it's happening. And with this, here are the reasons along with the solutions for Instagram videos not playing issues.

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Reasons Why Instagram is Not Playing Videos

Interrupted video watching on Instagram can be by low internet speed. But if videos are still not playing even after checking your connection⁠ - relocating your router and refreshing your WiFi, maybe there are more reasons you have to find. With regards to that, we listed below why videos are not playing on Instagram when you are using your Android and iOS mobile devices.

instagram videos not playing why

1. Your Instagram app is outdated

If suddenly Instagram not playing videos while you're watching one, then maybe your app is not updated. If so, you have to expect that it won't work well due to bugs and glitches.

2. Your Instagram memory cache is full

Another possible reason you can consider for Instagram video cannot play is your device's cache. It's known that cache serves as the storage of our digital data. And once you forget to delete it regularly and it's full, it also stops catering data, resulting in unviewed photos and unplayed videos.

3. Damaged app or lost app data problem

One more cause you can take a look at is the damaged and lost data. It happens when there's corrupted data which then causes apps to stop working. This issue will also cause in Instagram video chat not working

4. Your mobile devices are set to Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode helps you automatically save your battery by limiting your apps to work. You may check your phone settings first because you might include Instagram on the app that you restrict in consuming your battery, resulting in a video to stop playing.

How to Fix Instagram Videos Not Playing on iOS and Android

Knowing the culprits of why your Instagram is not playing videos, you can learn the best way to fix them. And since we already gave you the possible causes, this part will give you the right solutions you can try. Read further so you can fully enjoy browsing your IG phones on your mobile phone.

1. Update your App

To update your app you should go to your digital store. To do so, here are the steps you can follow whether you’re an Android or iOS user:


  • Go to Google Play store
  • Tap Menu and search for the Instagram app
  • Tap the “Update” button beside it and launch it again to enjoy the newer version.

update android


  • Go to Apple store
  • Search Instagram app and tap Update.
  • After a while you can then relaunch it and try videos not playing Instagram.

update ios

2. Clear App Data and Cache

Deleting data and cache on Android and iOS can help you solve the issue of videos not playing the Instagram app. Here’s how you can do it:


  • Go to Settings and select Apps
  • Choose Instagram and tap Storage.
  • To delete data, tap both the "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache" option.
  • Restart your phone and go to IG to check if the video can now play.

clear cache android

Every Android phones has different settings options. So, it's better to familiarize yourself with your phone first.


  • Go to Settings and tap General
  • Look for Instagram app form the list.
  • After finding it, tap the Offload button. Alternatively, you can also choose to delete the app by tapping the “Delete App” option then reinstall it again.

clear cache ios

3. Delete or Uninstall or Reinstall the App

Reinstalling the app can fix the lost data that causes why Instagram is not playing videos. Follow the steps below to do it.


  • Hold the Instagram icon until you can move it.
  • Hold it still and bring it to the part where “Uninstall” appears.
  • Go to Playstore and search Instagram.
  • Tap Install and launch it again to try.

delete android


  • On your homescreen, tap and hold the Instagram icon.
  • Wait until it shakes and click the “x” icon to delete and uninstall it.
  • To install the app again, go to the Apple store.

delete ios

4. Disable Power Saving Mode

Checking if your phone is on Power Saving Mode helps you to play video on IG accordingly. This way, it stops the restriction of apps to use your battery. Here’s how:


  • Go to your phone Settings.
  • Tap Battery option.
  • To disable the Power Saving Mode, tap the toggle button.

powersavingmode android


  • Open your app’s settings and tap Battery.
  • Next, toggle Low Power Mode to disable this setting.

powersavingmode ios

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