How to Play MKV on iPhone - Effective Methods

feature play mkv iphone Many people watch videos online, whether in movies, YouTube videos, or cartoons. The only thing limiting these people are devices that don't support all media file formats. The iPhone is an example of this. Matroska Video files, often known as MKV videos, are container files that may hold unlimited images, audio, & subtitle tracks. Not every device on the market supports this type of format. Please don't worry, for here are some tools that can help you play MKV files on iPhone.

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Are iPhones able to play MKV files?

Devices use several video file formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WEBM, etc. But there are only several file formats that specific devices can use; an example is Apple’s flagship phone. The infamous iPhone does not support MKV files – which are most familiar with torrented video files. So, how exactly can you play said unsupported video files? Unfortunately, you can’t. But with the help of AceThinker Video Master, you can play MKV files on iPhone or play any unsupported file format to something more suitable like an MP4 or MOV (Which the apple iPhone uses).

Convert MKV to iPhone Video File Format

AceThinker Video Maker allows you to convert files to play them. You'll be able to play the video with your choice of file format. You can compress, trim, and convert files from one format to another, from MOV to MKV, etc. It's easy to use with a friendly user interface and easy to navigate. The features are straightforward, allowing you to start working immediately—and it also uses your computer's internet for downloading, and meaning no long waits like with browser downloads. To be able to convert and download files, follow the steps below.

Step 1 Download the App and Upload the MKV

Install the application by clicking the "Free Download" button to get started. If you see the file is executable, then double-click it to begin the installation process. Launch the app and choose the Converted panel. From there, It will give you the option to either press the "Click here to add media" or drag the file to the menu. Then you can choose what file format to convert/download it in.

import file

Step 2 Start conversion of MKV file

Once you have it in the window, click the drop-down menu from the upper-right interface. You'll see different file formats appear. Then choose the Device tab and choose your desired iPhone device.

convert mkv

Step 3 Open The Video

To check if the conversion is successful, go to the output folder. Next, double-click the file to play it right away. Or, you may click the “Converted” tab and click your file to preview.

converted video

Watch MKV on iPhone MKV Media Player

You can use MKV players if you don't have or want to go through the trouble of opening and using your MAC or PC to download/play a video. Some great MKV players are PlayerXtreme Media Player, VLC Media Player, and Playable PRO.

1. Playable Pro

This tool called Playable Pro is the most outdated yet, and it can only support iOS 6.0 to iOS 8, including the original iPad and iPhone 4. The process of downloading, converting, and playing videos is pretty similar and straightforward, but you cannot use it on the latest iterations and successors of said devices.

  • Open the URL of the video in the built-in browser.
  • Click download with the desired file format. It will automatically go into the files folder.
  • Then you should be able to watch mkv on iphone.

playable pro play mkv file

2. VLC Media Player

It allows you to download and play music and videos of any file format. It allows you to play mkv files on iphone, stream in their media servers and the web, and allow multi-track audio, subtitles, and others. VLC Player also allows its user to stream from different platforms such as YouTube, if you want to know the easiest way, just visit here.

  • You can open or download a file using VLC via clicking the network tab and picking any of the options that are available.
  • Whether it is local files, downloads, and etc. If the file is an audio file, it will automatically be saved and downloaded in the Audio tab. As same as with videos, except it will be downloaded and saved in the Video tab. You can also create playlists for songs, genres of music, and etc.
  • After the video is saved, you can play it right away.

vlc watch mkv

3. PlayerXtreme

Last but not least is the most simplest and arguably the best MKV player for iPhone, allowing you to play video formats, like MKV, without downloading/converting them. Just paste or use the built-in QR Code Scanner for the URL, and you're ready to watch the video. If willing to, one can also download high-quality videos and movies, as it also supports 1080p HD files.

  • PlayerXtreme allows you to download usind the Network tab from the built-in browser, USB cable, URL, Internet (I.E. YouTube), etc.
  • lick any of the options, and input the file itself—whether it be dragged, copied and pasted, and/or searched.
  • The file will automatically show in the Library tab.
  • Play the video

player extreme transfer mkv

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