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Trafalgar. February 8, 2024

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How to use Free Online Video Converter?

Check the user guide here: https://www.acethinker.com/online-converter/howto-use-online-video-converter.html to learn how to convert your video and audio files online using AceThinker Free Video Converter Online.

What video formats do you support?

AceThinker Video Converter Online is a versatile converter that supports famous video formats. It can convert videos to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, WebM, ASF, MKV, and other 100+ video formats. This can help you save the video in any format and play it on most smartphones or different media players. The best thing about using this fantastic video converter is that it has a powerful server that can convert videos in less time than other video converters.

Is it safe to convert video online?

Yes, using AceThinker Video Converter Online is entirely safe as the tool's server only temporarily stores your files. All data and files are kept strictly confidential. Also, only you can access them anytime and on any computer OS like Windows or Mac. Once the video is converted, you can immediately delete the file by hitting the "X" button.

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How many numbers of video files can I convert?

Our Video Converter Online is completely free to use. There is no limit to the number of videos you want to convert. This will allow you to convert multiple videos without worrying about the file limit. In addition, all of the output videos do not come with a watermark. You can take advantage of these features to convert videos into any supported format.

How long does it take to convert a video?

Although we offer one of the fastest conversion rates, the conversion process may differ based on the size of the actual video and the time of the day. Since our tool is popular, it might take slightly longer to convert a video during busy periods because of the heavy load on our servers. To have an idea, a five-minute video length usually takes roughly a minute or less to complete the process. Nevertheless, the tool uses advanced technology to help you convert videos in the fastest way possible.

What's the difference between Video Converter Online and AceThinker Video Master?

The Video Converter Online is a web-based tool that can help you convert video files to other supported formats for free and without any registration needed. Meanwhile, Video Master is a converting and editing software that can help you produce high-quality videos in a more advanced way with many editing options. If you want to enhance and beautify your videos before converting them, you can upgrade your Video Converter Online to Video Master.

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