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Trafalgar. February 8, 2024

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How to user Aqua Sound to record audio?

How to register Aqua Sound?

Step 1: As you launch the Aqua Sound, it will present you with a window of the free trial version. To register more features of the program, click "Purchase." This will take you to the page where you'll choose a pricing plan you want to register for the tool. Upon purchase, you will be requested to provide an email address from where you'll receive the registration code.

register music recorder step 1

Step 2: Now, go back into the Aqua Sound and click the "Register this product" key icon. From the registration window, enter or type in the email address that you used to purchase the software. Then, copy the registration code from that email address and paste it into the tool. Finally, click "Activate" and start using the program's all features.

register music recorder step 2

How to schedule an audio recording task?

To schedule a recording task, enable first the "Task Schedule" feature on the Aqua Sound's main interface. Once enabled, click the add button to add or create a new task schedule. You can set the recording length, the time to start the recording, the recording set, and other options from this window. Once done setting up, click "OK." The program will automatically start the recording process based on your modifications.

schedule an audio recording

How to replace the hotkeys when it says the hotkey has been occupied?

This problem is expected if the other programs on your computer have the same default hotkeys as the Aqua Sound. To resolve this problem, you should change the hotkeys of the program. Launch it and go to "Preferences" by clicking the "Menu" icon. Under the "Hotkeys" section, modify the default hotkeys of the program with other keys on your keyboard. Then, don't forget to click "OK" to save the changes you made.

hotkey has been occupied

How to record music from Pandora?

Due to licensing restrictions, Pandora is only accessible and available to use within the United States. So, if you're from another country and want to record music from Pandora, you will need to install a VPN on your computer. Once you have it, you can now follow the steps below.

Go to the Pandora official music streaming site. From the site, search for the music you would like to record. Once you have found the music to be recorded, launch the program and turn on the "System Sound." Then, begin the recording process by clicking the "REC" button and playing Pandora music.

record pandora

While the recording process is ongoing, you have the option to pause the recording. Also, you can adjust the system sound volume by clicking the gear icon from the toolbar. Once done recording the whole music, simply hit the red "Stop" button. Continue saving Pandora music on your computer by clicking the "Save" button.

record pandora audio step 2

How to record system audio and microphone?

Since Aqua Sound is a versatile tool, it gives users the option to record any audio from a computer via the System Sound or Microphone. To record computer audio in both sources, just make sure to turn on the "System Sound" and the "Microphone" from the tool's main interface. Then, there you go! You can now start the recording process.

record microphone

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