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See what are people talking about AceThinker Screen Recorder Online and please tell us what you think about it.

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Thanks for not including the watermark on this

This is a free screen recorder no watermark on it. You'll record and the recording is yours without it having some sort of watermark like other tools like to insert.
by Arlo | 2022-09-03 13:24:38

This Free Recorder Beats The Paid Recorders

This recorder definitely better than paid ones. I use it since 2017.
by GAMBOT | 2022-08-26 19:45:19

Very nice!

It's Free and very good
by Doria | 2022-08-17 23:02:25

No install needed

No download, no install. Online and working as promised
by Raelynn | 2022-08-14 16:22:18

Worth 4 stars

It's not a 5 star recorder but definitely a 4 stars one or close to 4.
by Emilee | 2022-08-10 16:21:58

Another hit from AceThinker

Everytime AceThinker comes up with a new program I want to check it out. I'm constantly surprised by the quality of the things you make, even the free ones.
by Sloane | 2022-08-03 16:21:34


You can just record the screen with or without the audio part.
by Mike | 2022-07-22 16:21:14

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As it says on the page "Start recording". Just push the button and start. So simple and it's done.
by Justus | 2022-07-18 06:20:53



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