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How to Record Whatever On Your Computer Screen

Puzzled at how to record online streaming videos, web conferences, video chats, online class lectures, etc.? Now consider it done by following the detailed user guide with tips and tricks illustrated and record whatever you prefer like a pro.
  • TOP Record Live Streaming Video

    How to Record Live Streaming Video

    1. Configure the recording settings in Screen Grabber Pro
    2. Play the live streaming video and click "Start" to record it
    3. Click "Stop" to end the recording and save the screencast
  • TOP Record BBC iPlayer

    How to Record BBC iPlayer Stream

    1. Set the audio input, recording mode, output format, etc.
    2. Find the iPlayer stream video you wish to record and play it
    3. Click "Start" to begin the recording and click "Stop" to end it
  • TOP Record HBO Go

    How to Record HBO Go Video

    1. Launch Screen Grabber Pro and set the recording mode
    2. Play the HBO Go video stream and click “Start” to record
    3. End the recording by clicking “Stop” and save the video
  • TOP Record YouTube Live Stream

    How to Record YouTube Live Stream Video

    1. Customize the options like audio input, output format, etc.
    2. Play YouTube live stream and set the recording area
    3. Click "OK" and the recording will start after a 3 seconds
  • TOP Record Twitch

    How to Record Twitch Stream Video

    1. Set up the recorder and configure the recording settings
    2. Play the Twitch video and click "Start" to begin the capture
    3. Click "Stop" to finish the recording and finalize the video
  • TOP Record Class Lectures

    How to Record Online Class Lectures

    1. Visit the official webpage and activate Free Screen Recorder
    2. Configure the recording settings including capture and audio input
    3. Watch the class lecture and click "Rec" to begin the recording
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