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Edit You Video Story Timeline

  • The timeline is located at the bottom of the Wind Cut interface and displays your imported media.
  • Drag and drop media files from the media library onto the timeline to add them to your project.
    Videos, audio files and images in various formats are well supported.
  • Rearrange and trim video clips on the timeline by dragging their edges or using the trimming handles.

Edit and Enhance Your Videos

  • Trim and split video clips: Select a clip on the timeline and use the trimming and splitting options to remove unwanted parts or create multiple segments.
  • Crop and rotate: Adjust the size and orientation of video clips by selecting them and applying the crop and rotation options.
  • Adjust speed: Change the playback speed of a video clip to create slow-motion or fast-motion effects.
  • Apply filters and effects: Choose from a range of built-in filters and effects to enhance the visual appearance of your videos.
  • Add transitions: Insert transition effects between video clips to create smooth scene changes.
  • Add Text and Titles: Click on the "Text" button in the toolbar, choose the desired text style and enter your text. Drag and drop the text element onto the timeline to add it to your project.

Export and Share the Video Creation

  • Once you're satisfied with your edited video, it's time to export and share it.
  • Click on the "Export" button in the toolbar to access the export settings.
  • Choose the desired output format, resolution, quality, and destination folder.
  • Click "Export" to start the rendering process, and Wind Cut will create your final video file.

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