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The Best YouTube Video Size: Video Resolution & Aspect Ratios

youtube video sizeYouTube is the home of viral videos worldwide. Most marketers are using YouTube as one of their ways to get videos to catch the attention of the viewers and subscribers. On YouTube, it enables you to centralize an online location for all videos related to the services or product you are marketing. You can make a series of related videos this way. Aside from that, you can update, revise, or completely change the videos about your product or services. Having that said, it would be better if you use the perfect YouTube video size so that viewers can watch your videos comfortably. Also, videos with the proper aspect ratio and size have a higher chance of getting more viewers. To elaborate on the importance of the YouTube video size, feel free to read the article written below.

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Why Use the Recommended YouTube Video Size

Creating YouTube videos is not as easy as you think. You have to think about some important things such as topics and the correct YouTube resolution you can use. One reason why using the perfect YouTube video resolution is to influence people to watch your YouTube videos. In fact, watching videos in perfect video size is one of the best feelings ever because you can easily get an idea of what the video is all about. Unlike if the video does not fit the size, you have to zoom in or watch it clearly.

yt video size

YouTube Video Dimension

Choosing the best dimension on your YouTube video will help you encourage people to view your videos. In fact, there are several YouTube dimensions that you can use. It depends on the device your viewers use to view your video. Besides, creating a video using the highest resolution will give you a 4K video quality. However, that will take up a lot of space on your device, like a computer and mobile device. Here are some of the resolutions that you can use.

video dimension

YouTube Video Aspect Ratio

Besides choosing the right dimensions and resolutions for your YouTube video, you also need to think about the perfect YouTube video aspect ratio to make it professional. In fact, the aspect ratio of a video refers to the on-screen proportion. There are three common types of aspect ratio. These are 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9. Actually, the most used ratio among these three is 16:9; it is a widescreen format. It is the standard aspect ratio to give the audience the best experience to watch.

yt video ratio

YouTube Upload Encoding Settings

Apart from thinking of the best video size for YouTube to use, you also need which encoding settings are perfect for your videos. Choosing the right encoding option will help you look at your video attractive. With that, it will increase your viewers. Basically, there are different encoding options, such as video codec, audio codes, frame rate, and video container. On the other hand, content should be uploaded and encoded in the same frame rate it was recorded to make it normal.

yt encoding

Wrap Up: Guidelines

In today’s society, YouTube has become the second-largest streaming service that consists of several videos to watch. As you can see above, we provided which video aspect ratio, proportions, and resolutions you can use. If you record videos using these requirements, you will get a chance to find your content through organic searches. Having that said, those are the reasons why choosing what size are youtube videos are important.

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