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Best YouTube Privacy Setting: Unlisted vs. Private

youtube unlisted vs privateYouTube lets people share their lives through videos they created. It also makes a community through its comment box, wherein people can also commend the creator for its creative and excellent content. Although this one is a video-sharing platform, there are still people who use this for other reasons. Some want to share live videos using this app because it is the most accessible for everyone. Meanwhile, others love to use this only as their personal media storage. These reasons make YouTube developers let users choose and customize their privacy settings. That's why besides allowing the public to view your video, you can also limit its viewers by selecting "Unlisted" or "Private" in your settings. Not familiar with these security options? Then, this article will tackle YouTube unlisted vs. private settings for you.

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YouTube Private vs. Unlisted Videos

If you are a YouTube video creator, you'll already know that in order to reach more viewers, your uploaded video's privacy settings must be set to "Public." With this, anyone can view, like, comment on your video, and subscribe to your channel. Your content is also searchable through Google or keywords. However, some people don't want to gain public attention. And they only prefer to share their videos with limited people. With this, changing their video settings to unlisted or private may be a big help. To understand more what is the difference between private and unlisted on YouTube, read further.

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What does "Private" mean on YouTube Privacy Setting?

The video you uploaded on YouTube is automatically in "Private." This setting means that your content will only be available for viewers you are invited to watch. And even though they have the link, they can't access it if they are not your invitees⁠. Moreover, private videos are unsearchable. Meaning, you can't find it on Google or YouTube search results, and even on the uploader's channel. And to change it, you can choose to let it be available in "Public" or limit your viewers by learning how to make a video unlisted on YouTube.

What does "Unlisted" mean on YouTube Privacy Setting?

What does it mean when a YouTube video is unlisted? If, in any chance, you are trying to find a video on Google and YouTube but only end up frustrated because you can't search for it by any means? Or you've typed for any keywords related to that video content, but still, it's nowhere to find, meaning the uploader has changed the settings into "Unlisted." These unlisted YouTube videos are accessible via link-sharing. Thus, anyone who has the link can view unlisted YouTube videos with no sweat. Meaning, if you have the link, you're lucky to watch and share it anytime.

Unlisted vs Private Videos: Advantages

Uploaders can use either the unlisted or private video settings depending on their privacy needs. And suppose you are a new content creator and don't know the best configuration to use, this part will give you ideas on what to choose because there's still a difference between unlisted and private video when it comes to the advantages.

Making a Video "Private"

  • It's best for personal use⁠— a portfolio or company project that demands confidentiality.
  • No one can have access to it (unless you invited viewers), otherwise, the video will only be visible to you alone.
  • It helps you save more space because you can upload and store video files here instead of on your mobile phones.
  • You have full control over whom you wish to share your videos with since it's only visible upon entering your friends' email addresses.

Making a Video "Unlisted"

  • It's best for collaboration or business proposal videos.
  • It helps you decide whether you have to publish the video with the good comments it has publicly.
  • You can use this setting for business users to ensure that the video content is just between you and the employer.
  • Perfect for cleaning your channel while retaining your old viewers to have access to your previously uploaded content. In this case, embarrassing videos are safe to be viewed by new viewers.

How to Change Your Video Privacy Settings

how to save unlisted vs private

  1. Log in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click your displayed photo.
  3. Then, click the "Manage Videos" button.
  4. Near the video thumbnail, you will see the column for "Visibility". From there, point your cursor and click the drop-down menu.
  5. Select either "Private" or "Unlisted" as you desire.
Unlisted Private Public
Limit of viewers None 25-50 None
Gmail as a requirement None Yes Yes
Can be added to Channel section Yes No Yes
Can leave comment Yes No Yes

Tips to Download Unlisted YouTube Video

As mentioned above, the "Unlisted" video can only be visible if you have the URL from the uploader or from someone with whom the uploader shared the link. If you worry about unexpectedly losing access to the shared unlisted video with you, then you can try downloading those videos instead. And speaking of, try AceThinker Video Keeper for grabbing those videos to save them for offline viewing.

This tool lets you download videos from popular video-sharing platforms, one of which is YouTube. The downloading process with this app is more convenient as it supports the copy-and-paste-URL method. All you have to do is get the URL from any online video site and paste it on the app's Search/Paste URL bar. And since developers aim to provide convenience to the users, you can also download videos at the fastest speed possible. And the good news is that it's compatible with either Windows or Mac OS. To get started, below is the step-by-step guide on how to use the app to download unlisted YouTube videos as well as download private YouTube videos.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Download, install, and launch the app

To download the tool, click the "Free Download" button provided above. Please save the file and install it as directed by the wizard window. Once okay, launch the app to familiarize yourself with the tool.

unlisted vs private step 1

Step 2 Search the video

Go to the mailbox and browse for the message that there's a link shared with you. Next, click and copy the YouTube link shared by the creator with you. Then, go back to the app's interface to paste the link.

unlisted vs private step2

Step 3 Search the video

After copying the URL, paste it on the Search/Paste URL bar. Next, click the "+" button so the device will start analyzing the video. Once completed, the video thumbnail will appear.

unlisted vs private step3

Step 4 Select video quality and download the video

Besides the video thumbnail, click the "More" button. From there, select the video quality you prefer. After deciding, click the "Download" button and let the process start. Once done, the video will be transferred to the downloaded tab once completed.

unlisted vs private step4

Step 5 Play the video

To play your output, click the "Downloaded" tab. Next, from the list, click the file you want to play. Then, right-click and select "Play Video." After a while, you can now enjoy watching that unlisted file and save it for unlimited access on your devices.

unlisted vs private step5


  • You can choose video quality from 360p to 1080p.
  • It has a built-in browser and media player.
  • Aside from that, you can also extract the video's audio if you want to or directly download MP3 from Audiomack, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, etc.

  • You can only download a 5-minute video on a free trial. So, to maximize your downloading experience, upgrade to our plans.

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