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How to Watch YouTube Videos Frame by Frame

feature youtube frame by frameWhether it is for some "Do It Yourself" (DIY) Videos or for some video tutorials, you would know that YouTube videos come in handy. It is a revolutionary Web Application that we can hardly do without. It is also a platform that has completely changed the lives of many. There is no denying the fact that watching YouTube videos is very helpful for learning something new. But if you could view the same video frame by frame at some points, don't you think it would be all the more beneficial? If you believe watching YouTube frame by frame will indeed help you but wondering about how to go about the process, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to watch YouTube video frame by frame. We are sure it would benefit you. So, let’s start:

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How to Play YouTube Frame by Frame Using Shortcut Keys

Under this method, you can play YouTube frame by frame; you do not need to use any extensions or plugins. All you need here is YouTube's frame by frame, Hotkey. The following are some simple steps you need to use:

  • Go to YouTube and log into your Google Account.
  • You have to top search the Video you want to play a frame or by frame. Or you could also directly open the YouTube video link in your web browser.
  • Now, you need to start playing the Video and then strike the Space Bar on the keyboard of your computer. It will pause the video you want to watch frame by frame.
  • It is the last and final step to use the period key for going forward. If you want to go backward on the Video, you have to use the comma key on the keyboard. It will move the Video by one frame every time the keys are hit. It is one straightforward method to help your cause, but there are other methods as well. Let us look at the next one.

youtube frame by frame hotkeys

Watch YouTube Videos Frame by Frame Using an External Site

Whether you want to watch private videos on YouTube frame by frame or, for that matter, any other video on YouTube, the following method which you can use is by using a third-party website called The good news here is that it works both on desktop computers as well as smartphones. For this, you could follow the following steps:

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to watch by opening the target YouTube video.
  • Visit the online tool and paste the video URL in the appropriate field on it.
  • After this, you have to click the Watch Video button to play the video.
  • While watching the video, you would have to pause the video to watch it frame by frame and then set frames for the following parts of the Video. It is also a technique that is quite frequently used.

youtube frame by frame watchframebyframe

Use VLC Player to play YouTube Videos Frame by Frame

The VLC Media player also enables users to watch YouTube videos frame by frame. It works both on Windows as well as macOS. The following are the steps:

  • Copy the desired YouTube video URL Link which you want to watch.
  • Open VLC Media Player on your computer.
  • From the menu, click on Media and under the option “Open Network Stream" option and paste the Copied URL Link.
  • youtube frame by frame vlc paste url

  • Click on the Play option for streaming the YouTube Video.
  • When the Video starts playing, you can use VLC Media Player's frame by frame HotKey. It is another effective way to play YouTube videos in VLC frame by frame.
  • youtube frame by frame vlc play video

Conclusion on How to Watch YouTube Video Frame by Frame

Apart from this, if you want to download YouTube videos, there are some handy free online downloader tools. Amongst the many, the AceThinker free online downloader is a top-rated tool. It enables users to download online videos from various video websites, which includes YouTube as well. So, if you are looking to download YouTube videos without software, this is a handy tool as well. To conclude, we hope that the methods or tips mentioned above would help you to watch YouTube videos frame by frame as and when you need to.

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Last updated on July 26, 2021

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