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[2022 Update] How to Watch YouTube Videos Together: 5 Ways

Humans are prone to want to share our most memorable moments and the best moments with family and friends. If good things happen to us, our instinctual desire is to share our good news with those we cherish. Distance for many people is a huge obstacle that prevents them from sharing the joys of life with their loved people. YouTube is the most popular media platform on the market that allows you to view and share videos, and they've got everything. There are videos, tutorials, funny pranks, funny videos, and much more. And a large portion of it is worthy of sharing with your pals. This article will talk about how you can watch Youtube together.

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Why Watch YouTube Videos Together: The Possible Reasons

It's more fun to watch Youtube with friends. It is fun to laugh with others with similar jokes, and you can have a chat as you watch the video. If you're watching educational something, it's almost like you're in a classroom with your fellow students. You can host an imaginary celebration by streaming your music videos. In many parts of the world, you have seen enforced curfews or lockdowns, and it can be not easy even to visit your next-door neighbor during those times. There may be an acquaintance or loved one who is sick and infectious and in a state of isolation. Watching YouTube together is a great way to make them smile on their face.

Individuals in long-distance relationships may discover the thought of watching YouTube together appealing. The distance can cause relationships to be stale. However, shared activities can ignite passion. A night of YouTube with your partner could be just the thing you need.

5 Best Ways to Watch YouTube Together

1. Watch2Gether

The greatest thing about the website is that there is no need to sign up. Simply create a room and then send the room's link to your acquaintances, and they will be able to start watching videos with you when they click the link. On Watch2Gether, you can chat with others or video calls them and even show them on your screens. It is possible to restrict the number of controls others can access in the options. Additionally, you can alter to change the image used for the background.

One major issue that is present with Watch2Gether is the fact that the page for the temporary room appears cluttered, which could make it challenging to navigate. It also displays ads, and however, they can be eliminated by purchasing Watch2Gether's premium edition.

Key Features:

  • Works on PCs as well as smartphones
  • No sign-up is required
  • You can alter the background color of the page
  • Support for video and voice chat

watch2gether interface

2. SyncTube

If you're looking to avoid the registration process and make user names, SyncTube is best for those who want to avoid signing up and creating usernames; SyncTube is the. The homepage is minimalist and offers the possibility to host a space and look through rooms from the front. Start by sharing the YouTube link and sharing the link with your acquaintances. You can even change your username at any time if you would like to do this.

SyncTube provides a wide range of options for moderation within the settings for the owner, guest, and moderator. The room can be made public, and the name may be altered. Unfortunately, the site does not support real-time chat. Anyone who wants a video chat with buddies while watching YouTube together may want to look into alternatives mentioned on this page.

Key Features:

  • There is no sign-up or input of username required
  • The interior is minimal and has significant options in the front
  • No ad

synctube interface

3. Metastream

Metastream is a different excellent site that lets you stream watch youtube videos with your acquaintances. It's a small open-source initiative designed by Samuel Maddock and ad-free. To join or host a YouTube party, the participants will need to download Metastream Chrome or the Metastream Chrome or Mozilla extension. Metastream allows real-time chat as well as WebRTC peer-to-peer connections.

The session may be private, public, or offline, and the host decides the number of users allowed to join the session. You can also play on Netflix, Hulu, Twitch, Crunchyroll, Disney+, and more, apart from YouTube streaming. In the end, Metastream is a great user-friendly site to watch videos with friends.

Key Features:

  • It is free-of-cost and ads-free
  • No sign-up is required
  • Sessions can be turned private
  • The number of users' access can be restricted

metastream interface

4. Twoseven

Like Metastream, users will need to install Twoseven, a Twoseven Chrome or Firefox extension, to stream YouTube with their friends. But this one will require signing for an account. Positively, the YouTube synchronization within Twoseven is seamless. Apart from real-time and video chat, users can also use video and voice chat to share. Twoseven can be used with streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Max, Vimeo, and Crunchyroll. You can also stream private videos together and use the same screen to share. The Watch Together app includes Hulu and Disney Plus, but that requires paying a small fee for subscriptions.

Key Features:

  • Supports video chat as well as voice chat
  • There are a lot of different streaming platforms

twoseven interface

5. Video Conferencing Tool

As of now, these services were all created to watch YouTube videos simultaneously with other users. But, you can also utilize a video conference tool with screen sharing capabilities to complete the task. In this case, you and your group will join a virtual conference, and then one person will display their screen with the group so that everyone can watch. Contrary to other solutions with the ability to play the video locally for every individual, only one person is playing the video. Ideally, this is the person with the best internet connection.

Key Features:

  • Only one person needs to load the video
  • A handsome amount of good video conferencing tools are available

video conferencing tool zoom

Bonus: How to Fix Common Video Sync Issues?

Even though your YouTube viewing session will go off without a hitch, you may encounter technical difficulties.

  • The first step is to refresh the web page. You may miss a few minutes of the video; however, a quick refresh can often resolve any issues. It's not a problem, as it won't interfere with the video stream for the other people present in your room.
  • If your video is continuously slow or buffering, you should reduce the quality of your stream. This reduces the resolution, and the video will appear less blurred. But, it's more appealing than the video continually slowing down to load it again.
  • Additionally, if the service supports webcams and microphones, you can disable one or both. This is because microphones and webcams consume bandwidth, which the YouTube video can better utilize.
  • Also, ad blockers can create problems when synchronizing. Certain services won't function in any way if you have one, so make sure to disable any software you're running. Moreover, the majority of YouTube videos are supported by ads in mid-roll. If you have an ad-blocker and your partner doesn't, the video will not be in sync after the advertisement is played.

watch youtube together

In Summary

There's a ton of amazing content available on YouTube, and many people are eager to share it with friends. There are many different applications and websites which make it possible. If you're looking to watch Youtube together online with your close people, one of these tools can work for you.

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Last updated on April 25, 2022

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