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Fastest Way to Download YouTube Playlist with IDM

featured image download youtube playlist with idm YouTube hosts billions of videos in different genres, including entertainment, tutorials, business, vlogs, music, and others. In that case, it is a pain in the head to continue searching for individual videos and play them manually. Luckily, YouTube lets its users compile their videos in a single playlist. This usually is applicable for music or lyric videos wherein it will automatically play the next track. Usually, you can watch for like 20 videos or more in a single YouTube playlist. So, downloading them would really take a lot of time. If you're planning to speed up the process, try using a download accelerator like the Internet Download Manager or IDM. In this post, let's learn how to download a YouTube playlist with IDM and find an alternative if IDM is not working.

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How to Download Playlist from YouTube with IDM

Internet Download Manager is a software that aims to accelerate the download speed up to five times faster. Additionally, the tool lets you control the download process by pausing and resuming it. The software integrates properly to multiple browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc. But here's the catch, IDM is not a video downloader. Technically, it will not save the file on your download folder, but it will only aid the download speed. It usually works for programs that are available to save by default on your browser. Or, you can also use a third-party download on top of IDM to grab YouTube playlists quickly. Follow the steps below to learn how to download YouTube playlist using IDM.

Step 1 Install IDM

You can click the link provided on its description above to quickly visit the Internet Download Manager's download page. Next, install the software on your computer. After that, open it to access IDM.

idm interface

Step 2 Download YouTube Playlist with 3rd Party Tool

Next, use any online tool or desktop app to save YouTube playlist like the YouTube Multi Downloader. Then, go to YouTube and search for the playlist you need to download. Next, copy the video link from the browser's address bar. Go back to the 3rd party tool and paste the link to the bar and click "Download." Finally, copy the longer link generated on the box.

idm download 3rd party

Step 3 YouTube Playlist Download with IDM

Switch back to IDM and click "Tasks," and select "Add batch download from the clipboard." Next, a new window will appear showing the available download list. Check the box for the videos that you want to save. Click "OK" to continue.

idm download youtube playlist

Step 4 Access and Play the Downloaded YouTube Videos

After you choose the video, click the "Start Queue" button to save all of it. Once done, go to your computer's download folder to find all the videos you selected on the YouTube playlist. From here, play any video you want to watch instantly.

idm start download

Alternative Way to Download YouTube Playlist Videos

Supported Sites: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more than 1000 video streaming websites.

If you want to find a better and easier method to grab videos on a YouTube playlist in a faster manner, use AceThinker Video Keeper. The video downloader boasts a multi-thread function to speed up the process. Here, it uses the entire bandwidth of your internet connection and focuses it on the download process. Aside from saving all videos included in a YouTube playlist, the tool also lets you download multiple YouTube videos at once. Furthermore, it can also detect and grab videos in a YouTube channel. Check and learn the steps to download all playlist YouTube IDM using a better method.

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Step 1 Install the YouTube Playlist Downloader

Click the "Download" button provided above and acquire the installer for your Windows or Mac computer. Open the file installer and simply follow the installation guide. Once done, open Video Keeper to launch its main interface.

vk interface

Step 2 Search YouTube Playlist

Open your web browser and go to YouTube. Search for any YouTube playlist that you wish to grab. Make sure you copy the playlist's URL at the address bar of the browser. After that, go back to Video Keeper and paste the link on the search bar. Finally, hit the "Plus" button to analyze the link.

vk paste youtube playlist url

Step 3 Download YouTube Playlist

Once the YouTube playlist URL is analyzed, hit the "Dropdown" menu on the download button to show the available videos to grab. Tick the box to put a check on the video that you want to download simultaneously. Next, hit the "Download" button below to start the process.

vk download youtube playlist

Step 4 Play the YouTube Playlist

The download time will depend on how many videos you saved at the same time. Once they are finished, all videos will transfer to the "Downloaded" panel of Video Keeper. Go there to find all the videos grabbed. Right-click one of them and choose to either play, delete, or open the videos' output folder.

vk play youtube playlist


  • Video Keeper has a built-in browser that lets you search, play, or download YouTube playlists without leaving its interface.
  • The software enables you to download YouTube videos for up to 4K quality.

  • The bulk download is unavailable on its free trial version.
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Last updated on December 20, 2021

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