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Easiest Way to Download Music from YouTube to USB

featured image download music from youtube to usb Most popular and chart-topping artists own a YouTube channel. Justin Bieber currently has the record of the highest subscribers for a musician, with 60 million subscribers as of writing. That being said, you'll find official music videos of famous performers here. The catch with that is YouTube is an online platform that requires a stable network to play these songs. So I know music lovers would not appreciate it if they cannot catch the song they want. We will save you with that hassle since we found ways to download YouTube videos. The good thing is once you save it as a file, you can transfer it to USB and plug in and play it on several devices. Let's dig into this article and discover the most comprehensive way to download music from YouTube to USB.

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How to Download Music from YouTube to USB

User Friendliness: It has a built-in browser that you can use to search YouTube songs and download them without leaving its interface.

AceThinker Music Keeper is an all-in-one and comprehensive song downloader. It can grab music using several ways, like getting the video or song URL or using its browser. Music Keeper can claim the best YouTube song downloader since it lets you save all songs in a YouTube playlist with ease. The download speed is 3x faster compared to others due to its multi-threading technology. Furthermore, it ensures you'll get the best audio quality as it supports up to 320 kbps for the best listening experience. Follow the steps and learn how to download music from youtube to a memory stick.

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Step 1 Install the YouTube Song Downloader

Acquire the file installer of the software by hitting one of the "Download" buttons provided above. Open the installer and follow the prompt to save it on your computer. After that, launch it on your Windows or Mac computer, and an interface will appear like this one below.

mk interface

Step 2 Make USB as Default Output Folder

Make sure you have already plugged in your USB before proceeding to this step. If so, hit the "3 lines" or the menu button and select "Settings" from the list. Here, hit the "Change" button to open your file explorer and select the USB Drive to be the destination folder.

mk output folder usb

Step 3 How to Download Karaoke Songs from YouTube to USB

Open your web browser and visit YouTube. Find the song or music video you want to download and copy its URL. Go back to Music Keeper and click the "Plus" button to paste it. Next, hit the "More" button and go to the "Audio" option and choose the quality. Click the "Download" button to start.

mk download youtube song

Step 4 Play YouTube Music

After a few moments, the YouTube video will be converted to MP3 automatically. Go to the "Downloaded" panel to find it there. Right-click the song and select "Open File Location," and it will launch the file explorer.

mk open file location usb

Aside from the audio, Music Keeper can also download movies from YouTube to USB in an MP4 file. Just select the MP4 format and the video quality to start the process.

Download YouTube Music to USB Online

If you're asking how to download songs from YouTube to USB online, there is a way for it. Online downloading tools can grab YouTube songs with ease and save them on your computer. The good thing about using them is you don't have to install software on your device before using it. However, there is no way to save the YouTube songs to USB directly. Let's check some online tools on how to download songs from YouTube to Pendrive.

1. YT1s

User Friendliness: The URL bar also has a search function that you can use to find YouTube songs without launching the site.

YT1s is one of the most straightforward YouTube to MP3 online converters out there. The tool will quickly convert the YouTube video into MP3 right away and extract its sound. Like other online tools, it only requires the YouTube video URL and pastes it on the box found on its main page to do it. Additionally, YT1s ensures that all YouTube music saved and transferred to your USB is 100% safe and clean.

yt1s download youtube music

Aside from YouTube, it can also grab videos and the uploaded songs from Facebook.

2. Go-MP3

User Friendliness: It doesn't matter where you scroll on its main page; the URL box will follow the screen so you can paste the video link efficiently.

If you're looking for a fast online YouTube converter, try Go-MP3. The tool claims that it is the quickest converter online since it takes a significant bandwidth of your network connection. Moreover, it grabs the audio and retains its original sound quality. Also, the tool is free and lets you download YouTube songs as much as you want. Although Go-MP3 features some ads, it is not so annoying as others that have pop-up ads.

gomp3 interface

The tool is accessible for Android phones, and you can use your mobile web browser to download YouTube songs on your phone.

3. X2Convert

User Friendliness: To quickly download a YouTube song, add the code "x2" after "youtube" on the link. Example:

Another free online YouTube music downloader is X2Convert. Like all the tools reviewed above, it only needs the YouTube video URL to extract the sound out of it. Here, once the link is pasted, it will directly analyze the link and give the download button afterward. A good thing about the X2Converter is that it has a music player that lets you listen to the song to check the download. Furthermore, it can also download YouTube videos and save them in different formats.

x2convert download youtube music

X2Convert has a browser extension version available for Chrome. Using this, a download button will appear on the YouTube video player and save it to MP3 automatically.

Comparison of Each Tool

Features Music Keeper YT1s Go-MP3 X2Convert
Platform Windows and Mac Web browsers Web browsers and Mobile phone Web browsers
Supported Sites 1000+ 10+ YouTube only YouTube only
Output Format MP3 and MP4 MP3, MP4, 3GP, WEBM, and M4A MP3 only MP3, MP4, WEBM, M4V and 3GP
Ads None None Tolerable Annoying
Bulk Download Yes No No No
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