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Top 5 Tools to Download YouTube 1080p Videos on Windows/Mac

download 1080p youtube videos It is no doubt that YouTube is the one who always sits on top when talking about the best video providers on the internet. YouTube contains billions of videos ranging from different topics like tutorials, entertainment, vlogs, or anything you can think of under our big bright sun. One of YouTube's unique features is that you can stream videos in different qualities available, including Full HD or 1080p. The only drawback of YouTube is that it is highly dependent on the internet connection to play videos in 1080p. Well, the immediate solution for it is to YouTube videos 1080p and watch them later. I know downloading YouTube videos is easy nowadays because there are lots of software that provide this option. However, not all of them can save the videos in 1080p resolution. You don't have to worry about this as we tried and compiled the best solutions to download YouTube 1080p video.

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Video Keeper - The Best YouTube 1080p Downloader

Distinctive Feature: The software has a built-in browser that you can use to watch and save YouTube 1080p videos without leaving the tool.
Supported Sites: 1000+
Multi-thread Download: Available

AceThinker Video Keeper does not only lets you download YouTube videos in 1080p resolution but also for up to 4K quality. The powerful downloader boasts its multi-threading technology that maximizes your internet connection's full bandwidth, resulting in 3x faster speed. Additionally, it can download an entire YouTube playlist efficiently within a few clicks. Lastly, it is possible to extract the sound and save the YouTube video into an MP3 file necessary for downloading music. Let us learn how to download YouTube videos in 1080p.

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Step 1 Install Video Keeper

Click the "Download" button provided above to get the software's installer on your Windows or Mac computer. Open the installer to launch the set-up wizard and follow it carefully until the tool is installed. The main interface may launch automatically once done.

vk interface

Step 2 Download 1080p YouTube Video

After you set it up, open your browser, then visit YouTube. Browse and search for the YouTube video that you want to save. Please make sure that you play the video in 1080p resolution to download videos from YouTube without losing quality. Copy its URL from the address bar, then go back to the tool and click the "Plus" button. Hit the "More" icon and select 1080p from the listed video quality. Finally, hit the "Download" button to download YouTube video to MP4.

vk download youtube1080p

Step 3 Play the 1080p Video

Wait until the tool downloaded the video. After that, hit the "Downloaded" panel at the left part of the interface to find the downloaded file that you want. Right-click the video and hit "Play" to watch it and enjoy the YouTube video in 1080p resolution.

vk play youtube1080p


  • It also allows you to pause/resume the process as you want.
  • It downloads videos from Facebook, Twitter, and more.

  • The software will allow you to save 3 videos a day if you're using its free trial version.

Alternative Tools to Download 1080P Video from YouTube

1. 4K Video Downloader (Windows & Mac)

Distinctive Feature: The software boasts its "Smart Mode" feature that lets you set a preset configuration. This will apply to your next downloads.
Supported Sites: Around 20
Multi-thread Download: N/A

Another YouTube 1080p downloader on this list is 4K Video Downloader. This software specializes in grabbing YouTube playlists and channels without breaking a sweat.

One significant advantage of 4K Video Downloader is that it can automatically download the latest upload from a YouTube channel you subscribed to. Additionally, it can download or extract subtitles and embed them to the downloaded YouTube videos. Aside from that, it can transfer the video to your iTunes library directly. Also, it can save 3D videos and retain its quality to play them on your devices. However, it only allows you to download up to 25 videos for a YouTube playlist.

download 1080p video


  • Also, downloads the video for up to 4K quality, depending on the video.
  • It supports formats that are available to play for Android and iOS smartphones.

  • The interface is littered with pop-up ads if you're only subscribed to its trial version.

2. Video DownloadHelper for Firefox (Browser Extension)

Distinctive Feature: The browser extension downloads the video without leaving the main page of YouTube.
Supported Sites: 50+
Multi-thread Download: N/A

Suppose you are looking for one of the easiest ways to download YouTube videos in 1080p resolution. In that case, you may try Video DownloadHelper. This browser extension allows you to grab a video from several streaming sites.

Video DownloadHelper detects the video playing on your web browser. You'll notice that its icon will show when a video is available to download. Also, since it is a browser extension, it can access all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Finally, it can also download images from different photo viewing websites.

download 1080p video


  • The extension only takes less than 1MB of space in your local drive.
  • You can enjoy its downloading features without any limit and for free.

  • Although the extension is available to install on Chrome, it cannot download a YouTube video on this browser.

3. ClipConverter (Online App)

Distinctive Feature: The web-based app can download and convert the YouTube video at the same time.
Supported Sites: Around 20
Multi-thread Download: N/A

In case you don't want to install any additional software to occupy your hard drive space, you can opt-in to ClipConverter. This online tool also allows you to choose the YouTube video's format and quality even before you download it.

ClipConverter allows you to grab YouTube videos for free and without hidden payments. It supports several multimedia formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, and more. However, the main page of ClipConverter is littered with ads. It redirects you to another tab whenever you're trying to download a video. This is kind of typical for free apps since they get their profit from the ads.

download 1080p youtube


  • Also provides a browser add-on version so you can download YouTube videos more efficiently.
  • It can also convert a video file already saved in your local drive.

  • It only supports fewer websites compared to other video downloaders.

4. iTube HD Downloader (Mac)

Distinctive Feature: Aside from 1080p, its premium version allows you to download a YouTube video for up to 4K UHD.
Supported Sites: 1000+
Multi-thread Download: Yes

One of the best video downloaders created for Mac computers is the iTube HD Video Downloader. This is an all-in-one software that can convert and transfer the downloaded 1080p YouTube videos to your iOS phones and tablets.

The software boasts a "Turbo Mode" function that claims it can speed up the download process three times. Additionally, it allows you to copy and paste multiple YouTube URLs and download all of them simultaneously. The built-in media player also consists of a video library to create playlists and organize your files. Lastly, it is possible to protect your downloaded files with a password.

download 1080p video


  • Also provides a built-in recorder to capture the screen activity of your computer.
  • It has a media player wherein you can access the downloaded videos directly.

  • You have to purchase its license to unlock all of its features like downloading and converting the video simultaneously.

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