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Best List of Uncensored Anime Sites

anime charactersIt is common for films that contain violence, sexual, and other obscene scenes to feature censorship. The creators and editors of the films have the authority to conduct censorship; it is to protect viewers from inappropriate or offensive material that can be seen in films that might have adverse impacts on their individual backgrounds. However, one of its disadvantages is that the film loses originality, which restricts viewers from accessing the film's actual content. As a result, many viewers, especially anime watchers, are frustrated that some parts of their much-regarded anime series are filtered, blurred, or blacked out, making the film less exciting to watch. Hence, we outlined 10 of the best sites you can explore that offer uncensored anime streaming services so you can appreciate the anime series even more.

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Top 10 Uncensored Anime Sites

1. GogoAnime

Anime Video Quality: 360p to 1080p quality
Available Anime Genre: Supernatural, Sports, Demons, Suspense, Drama, and other 30+ genres.
Mirror Links: and

First on the list of uncensored Anime sites is GogoAnime. GogoAnime is a site that has been popular because it offers free access to all of its anime collections. Aside from a complete collection, this site has an uncomplicated user interface appealing to the eye. This Anime site uncensored is also considered the home of newly released and classic Anime series and movies. This Anime site also offers quick Anime searches since they are categorized by popularity and year and month of release.

gogoanime home page

2. Anime-Planet

Anime Video Quality: 720p to 1080p
Available Anime Genre: Violence, Afterlife, Fantasy, Supernatural, and 29+ more genres.
Mirror Links: None

Anime-Planet is another site that offers quality Anime for free. You can watch anime on this site, including those with subbed and dubbed versions. Anime-Planet also offers Manga anime series, games, movies, and more. With this site, you are safe since this site is legal. Aside from that, you can receive notifications of recommended anime from Anime-Planet based on your viewing history. Lastly, Anime-Planet allows you to watch Anime with eight different subtitles for free to organize on your watch list.

animeplanet gallery of animes

3. AnimeHeaven

Anime Video Quality: You can watch up to 1080p HD quality.
Available Anime Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Schoool, War, Mecha, Samurai, and more.
Mirror Links: None

The following tool is also considered one of the best sites to watch uncensored Anime. From the site's name to AnimeHeaven, streaming anime feels like heaven, especially to anime fans. This site offers free Anime that you can stream without limitations. It has a dubbed series, movies, ongoing Anime, and more. You can easily find your Anime with its quick search features that allow you to search conveniently. Sadly, you cannot download Anime from this site, but you may use video keeper to download your favorite anime series.
animeheaven black interface

4. KissAnime

Anime Video Quality: Users can choose video quality from 240p to 1080p
Available Anime Genre: Action, Sports, Comedy, Adventure, and 36+ genres.
Mirror Links:,, and

Fourth on the list of uncensored Anime sites is KissAnime. This site has always been available for free online. It has more than thousands of Anime content, including TV programs, series, movies, and cartoons. What is more about this site is that it allows you to download Anime on your device directly from their site. KissAnime offers a comprehensive list of anime shows available in dubbed and subbed versions perfect for non-Japanese Anime fans. Lastly, KissAnime has organized navigation around its interface.

kissanime genres available

5. AnimeFreak

Anime Video Quality: You can watch with 360p to 1080p quality.
Available Anime Genre: Mecha, School, Fantasy, Action, Sci-Fi, and 19+ genres.
Mirror Links:

Another site that is the perfect place to watch Anime is the AnimeFreak. This site provides you with almost all of the famous and most recent Anime series and movies. AnimeFreak has been the all-time favorite Anime site of Anime fans since it offers a wide range of sources of animes with different genres that are perfect for binge-watch with your friends. Moreover, AnimeFreak has unique features like the night mode feature that is suitable for night viewing or theater-like experience.

animefreak main interface

6. Funimation

Anime Video Quality: You can stream Anime with 1080p resolution.
Available Anime Genre: Fantasy, Mecha, Action, Drama, Dementia, and 23+ genres.
Mirror Links: None

Funimation is a platform that Sony owns; it is an uncensored Anime streaming site. This site is known for dubbed anime content on almost all Anime movies and series. Aside from the service to watch Anime uncensored, Funimation allows you to access PlayStation applications that you can use to watch complete Anime episodes. If you are looking for an Anime site that offers English dubbed and subtitles, you must go to Funimation, but before that, you must upgrade your Funimation first. Lastly, this site also has lots of anime games and merchandise. To know more about dubbed anime sites, click here.

animeshows on funimation

7. AnimeTake

Anime Video Quality: 360p to 1080p HD
Available Anime Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Horror, and more.
Mirror Links: None

Next on the list of uncensored anime sites is the AnimeTake. This site offers free Anime that you can stream online it is safe to use since it provides user privacy. This uncensored Anime stream is considered one of the go-to sites when watching anime with lots of genres. AnimeTake offers a wide range of Anime collections, from the classics to newly released series with complete episodes. Their collections are alphabetically organized. AnimeTake allows you to mark or save your favorite shows so that you can find and watch them easily anytime you want.

animetake homepage

8. AnimeBee

Anime Video Quality: You can watch up to 4K quality.
Available Anime Genre: Psychology, Ecchi, Vampire, Drama, and 40+ genres.
Mirror Links: None

AnimeBee is a site that allows free streaming Anime uncensored series, movies, and dramas. This anime site has the oldest to newest shows and series that are free to watch and download. It also offers Anime that are subbed and dubbed. AnimeBee aims to be listed among sites that offer free Anime for anime fans. Without any registration and downloads, you can enjoy watching and streaming Anime with AnimeBee. Lastly, this site offers a multi-lingual interface; aside from English, you can make it to Japanese.

animebee trending anime

9. Chia-Anime

Anime Video Quality: 720p to 1080p
Available Anime Genre: Music, Demons, Sports, Aliens, Ninja, and 43+ genres.
Mirror Links: and

Another site to watch uncensored Anime is the Chia-Anime. This site is a renowned platform that allows you to watch and stream Anime series, movies, and more. This uncensored Anime website also lets you watch clear and legit manga titles with high-quality resolutions. Did you know that aside from series and movies, you can also find Anime soundtracks on Chia-Anime? Aside from that, Chia-Anime also offers unique updates that let you know about the newly released and popular Anime at the moment.

chiaanime main interface with anime series

10. AnimePahe

Anime Video Quality: 720p to 1080p
Available Anime Genre: Schoool, War, Mecha, Samurai, and more
Mirror Links: and

Last on the list of the Anime uncensored sites is the AnimePahe. AnimePahe has a clean interface that is easy to use. Although it has minimal pop-up ads, it is packed with anime series, dramas, and free-to-watch movies. You don't have to register to watch uncensored Anime. But this uncensored Anime online does not allow you to download anime directly, which is why downloading may consume a lot of your time. Lastly, this site provides you lot of many series with complete episodes.

animepahe latest release

Anime Recommendations to Watch

  • Cowboy Bebop - available on Funimation
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena - available on Funimation
  • Death Note - available on 4Anime
  • Attack on Titan - available on Funimation
  • Naruto - available on Chia-Anime
  • Ghost Fighter - available on AnimeTake
  • Card Captor Sakura - available on AnimeBee
  • Assassination Classroom - available on GogoAnime
  • The Flowers of Evil - available on AnimeFreak
  • One Punch Man - available on AnimeTake

Comparison Chart

Sites Limitations Advanced Search Filter
GogoAnime It contains advertisements and pop-ups. It has a slow loading speed. Not Supported
Anime-Planet Not all Anime shows are available for free. Supported
AnimeHeaven There are minimal pop-ups. Downloading Anime shows is not available. Not Supported
KissAnime It contains advertisements and pop-ups and is not available on all devices. Supported
AnimeFreak There are many ads, and you cannot download the Anime series. Not Supported
Sites Limitations Advanced Search Filter
Funimation You will need to use a VPN if the site is not accessible in your country. Supported
AnimeTake There are minimal pop-ups. Downloading anime shows is not available. Supported
AnimeBee There are minimal pop-ups. Downloading anime shows is not available. Supported
Chia-Anime There are few advertisements and pop-ups, and the page loads slowly. Supported
AnimePahe It requires user registration to download Anime shows. Not Supported
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