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10 Best Anime Sites to Watch Subbed Anime Online [Free/Paid]

watch subbed  anime onlineSubbed Anime can communicate powerful messages through its characters and overall vibe in a single episode. That is why it is popular worldwide and grows in popularity as more people start watching Anime. Furthermore, Anime characters have a wide range of appearances to make them more realistic and relatable to real people. The relatable characters are one of the main reasons Anime is so much better than western animation. This guide will look at the top ten Anime sites for subbed Anime and recommend the best ones for you.

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What is Subbed Anime?

The original Japanese voice actors are retained in the subbed Anime meaning. To understand the Anime, you'll need to read along, so English subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen as the characters speak. Furthermore, sub overdubbing is almost always preferred by Anime fans. If you didn't already know, Anime purists only watch Anime with subtitles. They believe dubbing diminishes the coolest Anime characters. Because some phrases may be changed during the translation process. Furthermore, when watching subbed Anime, you will hear cultural implications. You will not hear this when watching dubbed Anime.

what is subbed anime

10 Best Sites to Watch Subbed Anime Online

1. 9anime

Price: Free
Supported Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean.

9Anime is one of the top sites for watching Subbed Anime online. This website has received over a thousand visits to watch online. Thanks to its easy access and navigation to newly released episodes. 9Anime is safe for streaming and downloading Anime for free. It has much Anime to watch or stream, including old and new episodes. Users can find Anime movies in various genres, including romance, comedy, and action. Furthermore, 9Anime does not host any media files, instead of providing links to various servers for each episode. As a result, Anime fans now have a variety of ways to watch the episode shows.

9anime interface


  • It is secure to use without the need to register for the safety of your details.
  • It is compatible on most mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones.

  • There are a few ads that redirect you to other pages before watching Anime shows.

2. Twist Moe

Price: $5.99 per month
Supported Language: Japanese, Chinese and other other languages.

Twist Moe is simple, and the website's user interface is simple. You can organize your Animes by category and type. The HD quality Anime is available on the website. Furthermore, it is an English-language anime streaming website. It is another excellent high-quality subbed Anime source. Regardless of the lack of additional navigation tools, you can always use the platform's quick search function to find Anime.

twist moe interface


  • It has a unique interface with few buttons that are suitable for beginners.
  • It provides many Anime genres like action, romance, thriller, and more for a better streaming experience.

  • You may experience some lag and glitches while browsing the website.

3. Animepahe

Price: $5.99 per month
Supported Language: English, Japanese and many more.

Animepahe is another website where you can watch subbed Anime online is Animepahe. This website is well-known among Anime fans, and it contains a large number of popular new episodes, primarily in English subbed. It is available for the global market in various genres such as thrill, adventure, sci-fi, horror, action, and much more. You do not, however, need to sign up to view the videos on this site. It also allows users to easily download and stream Anime in the highest resolution.

animepahe interface


  • It offers the latest and trending Anime shows like Demon Slayer, SpyxFamily, One Piece, and more.
  • No unwanted advertisements that pop outs anywhere on your computer screen while watching.

  • Some episodes are missing especially for old Anime shows.

4. Animixplay

Price: Free
Supported Language: Chinese, Korean, English, and Japanese.

When it comes to watching subbed Anime online, Animixplay is a webpage on which you can watch subbed Anime online. It has distinct features that allow you to customize your experience. All of your favorite Anime shows will also be available. You do not need to download anything to watch subbed anime on this website. It is a fantastic website where you can watch or download any popular Anime for free. That includes Boku No Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Bleach, Fairy Tail, One-Piece, and so on.

animixplay interface


  • It has a massive content of Anime shows in different categories like documentaries, comedy, history, romance, and more.
  • It has a customization playlist that you can use to add a specific Anime show on your own playlist.

  • The loading of each Anime shows and movies takes time compared to other websites.

5. 4Anime

Price: Free
Supported Language: Spanish, Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese, and others.

4Anime is the most secure site for unrestricted online viewing of English Subbed Anime. Users can watch and download thousands of subtitled movies, and it has become one of the leading sites to watch free videos. Viewers can analyze the status, season, censor, descriptions, releasing date, and other actions. Also, 4Anime streams all content in 1080p Full HD for higher-resolution images and a better visual experience. As a result, having a stable connection will help to increase load capacity.

4anime interface


  • You can search for the Anime name, director, released date, and other related keywords to easily locate the subbed Anime you want to watch.
  • It allows you to share the Anime link to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

  • It requires a strong internet connection for the Anime shows to play.

6. Amazon Anime

Price: $139/ per year
Supported Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese.

Amazon Anime is an excellent place to begin your search for high-quality Anime shows. You can purchase hard copies and digital prints to stream online from this page. You will also find both subbed and dubbed episodes, depending on your preferences. In addition, each Anime title has its descriptor that contains critical info about the Anime. It was an influential and prominent forum where the viewers could enjoy the diverse action genres. Some examples are a tragedy, thrill, adventure, and many others.

amazon anime search options anime film


  • It has a one-month free trial to stream your favorite Anime show.
  • Subbed and dubbed Anime titles are available to stream on your mobile device or computer.

  • It has a few ads that redirect you to other website making it complicated if you are on a hurry.

7. Funimation

Price: $5.99 per month
Supported Language: English and Japanese and other languages.

For many Anime fans, Funimation is the go-to Anime streaming platform. It has a bizarre interface that will take you anywhere you want to go, and it's worth trying just for the exclusive subbed Anime titles. You can also watch a portion of Funimation's library for free with ads in 1080p. The module had some notable features, such as no ads, night mode themes, no subscriptions, a simple interface, etc.

funimation home page


  • It has a high quality resolution of Anime shows that are well organized alphabetically.
  • It is suitable for Anime lovers that don't want to much navigations as it provides a straightfoward interface with only few buttons to work on.

  • Access to the site is restriceted to a few countries and you need to use a VPN if you are outside the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

8. Gogoanime

Price: Free
Supported Language: Spanish, Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Gogoanime is a free Anime website that provides free Anime content online. There are numerous subbed Anime films available. It has an advanced filter option that allows you to search for anime based on genre, status, type, and year of release. This website is also always up to date, and you can watch advanced Anime shows. As a result, the website offers a diverse range of anime content. It is entirely free to use and will appeal to many Anime fans.

gogoanime movie options


  • It has a "Bookmarks" feature that allows you to saved the Anime title for easy access in the future.
  • You can change the theme of the website to '"Dark" mode to lessen the brightness while browsing your favorite Anime shows.

  • There are times that some Anime episodes are unavailable.

9. AnimeDao

Price: Free
Supported Language: Chinese, English, and Japanese, and so many languages.

AnimeDao does provide a platform for unlimited access to Anime from around the world. The platform supports multi-genre Anime such as science fiction, action, adventure, vampire, and more. It will help you find any subbed Anime title in the highest quality possible. Furthermore, it is easy to use, has a reasonably clean interface, and has unusual loading speeds for such websites.

animedao search anime episodes


  • Subbed and dubbed Anime are well updated especially if there's a newly released episodes.
  • The most latest Anime titles are immediately added on the website.

  • It causes unwanted pop-up windows on your computer screen.

10. AnimePlanet

Price: Free
Supported Language: English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

One of the best sites for subbed Anime is AnimePlanet. It is a website that provides free Anime streaming. Anyone can use this website to watch popular Anime with subtitles. The platform has an easy and rich user interface that allows you to search. Plus, you can access your favorite Anime and choose any Anime from the platform's drop-down list. It is also highly interactive while remaining sophisticated and user-friendly. In addition, the platform provides access to forums to supplement your experience.

anime planet home page


  • It has a comment box and forum where you can meet other Anime buff.
  • It offers a "Manga" that you can read and save on your computer.

  • Since the website has over million users, streaming a subbed Anime may interrupt due to system glitch.

Comparison Chart

Tool Mobile Device Support Require Registration Ads
9Anime Compatible Optional Moderate
Twist Moe Not Compatible No None
Animepahe Compatible Optional None
Animixplay Compatible Optional Few
4Anime Not Compatible No Moderate
Tool Mobile Device Support Require Registration Ads
Amazon Anime Compatible Optional None
Funimation Not Compatible No Few
Gogoanime Not Compatible Optional None
AnimeDao Compatible No Moderate
AnimePlanet Not Compatible Optional Moderate
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