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10 Most Recommended Free Spanish Movies Online [Updated]

 watch spanish movies onlineFinding Spanish movies online can be difficult, especially if you don't speak Spanish. However, watching Spanish shows and films adds more flavor to our lives, especially when boredom strikes hit us. Because of their fame in the television industry, their shows contribute to watching movies. This article simplifies your task by reviewing and compiling a list of ten Spanish movie sites. Then, you can select which tool will undoubtedly assist you. Let us begin the review without further ado.

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10 Most Recommended Spanish Movie Sites

1. Hulu

Distinctive Feature: Hulu is a powerful streaming website that comes with a ton of great features.

Hulu is one of the great Spanish entertainment sites with no end to the excitement. However, Spanish TV shows, Cartoons, and Spanish online movies are just one click away from you. You can select your favorite Spanish movies from their movie selection without a hassle. In addition, Hulu is free for every user.

hulu interface



  • Too many advertisements.

2. All Movie

Distinctive Feature: This site is a reliable package of movies opt for users to watch Spanish films.

One of the best Spanish movie sites is All Movie. This website appears more like a blog which makes it plunk. Users find information on casting and release dates, trailers, and their favorite flicks' clips. Like the movie sites, this one also endows many Spanish movies.

allmovie interface


  • It is fit for all sorts of entertainment.
  • It has content for kids and adults too.

  • Bugs and unwanted pop ups are being reported.

3. Losmovies

Distinctive Feature: The fascinating feature of this site is the full movie of movie thumbnails that can be played once clicked.

Los movies are one of the lists if you want to watch Spanish films. This website has a high quality that is simple to use, and you can quickly search for a Spanish movie and watch it for free. Moreover, you can also watch your favorite Spanish shows with no log-in required. Also, a trending section, daily updates, and short movie descriptions. It let you watch movies in different formats.

los movies search spanish movies


  • It is accessible on popular web browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and more.
  • It has a well-organized library of Spanish movies so you can easily locate a specific movie according to your needs.

  • Some films contain errors at times.

4. SolarMovie

Distinctive Feature: It has subtitles features where most movies have subtitles enabled.

SolarMovie is a website that offers Spanish TV films and shows streaming for free. Unlike most other free TV sites, this is a legal way to watch online. However, registration is required to play any movies. An example is your favorite Spanish show on SolarMovie, which may take some valuable time.

solar movie main interface and search bar


  • It is perfect to use for beginners.
  • It has professional content categories.

  • Old movies are not available.

5. Pelis Online

Distinctive Feature: This Spanish online movie streaming allows you to enjoy movies without ads when you watch Spanish movies online.

Pelis Online is one of the Spanish movie sites. This tool allows users to browse movies by country and genre and watch movies in Spanish online for free. However, the search bar assists you to quickly find the film you want to watch. The interface is reflexive, which makes it easy to navigate.

pelisonline interface


  • Videos with subtitles are automatically embedded.
  • It allows you to share a movie like through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others.

  • Need to log in to the stream.

6. Movidy

Distinctive Feature: It has professional features, including a dark interface, regular updates, and no need to log in.

Movidy is one of the most excellent websites for watching free high-quality movies. One of the best features that distinguish this online streaming site from other websites is its features of newly released films. There are lots of excellent Spanish-subtitled movies on this website. If some movies lack Spanish captions. Moreover, you can also upload the subtitle file from your computer or enter the subtitle.

movidy main interface


  • No sign-up is required.
  • A large number of films are available.

  • Sometimes, streaming on this website redirects you to other page.

7. Tubi

Distinctive Feature: It offers free viewing of any Spanish movie and TV series.

Tubi is a well-known movie streaming website for Spanish films, and it offers a thousand free Spanish movies and TV shows. Moreover, the website interface is unique, and you will not face any hassle while searching for your desired Spanish movie. This program is the perfect option for free to get your favorite movie to watch and download.

tubi interface


  • It is available for the latest Spanish movies.
  • There are no ads.

  • Need to register to stream movies.

8. MegaDede

Distinctive Feature: It offers various ways to find your favorite Spanish movies. You can explore their actors and categories and use its powerful search box that delivers your film or TV shows.

MegaDede is one of the most convenient and straightforward Spanish movie streaming websites. It allows viewers to watch unlimited HD movies for free. It holds a significant number of Spanish films and TV series. Moreover, it also offers all the popular box office movies to its users. But you need to create an account before streaming movies.

megadede interface


  • Movies can be downloaded for later viewing.
  • It is available for free download.

  • The device may be vulnerable to having a virus.

9. RepelisHD

Distinctive Feature: It is free streaming Spanish movies with English subtitles.

RepelisHD is another popular website for providing free Spanish movies and series online. It has a well-organized navigation design on the top of the website for your easy exploration. Besides Latin and Spanish dubbed titles, you can also view foreign movies with subtitles.

repelis hd movie options


  • It offers some popular content niches.
  • It has no ads.

  • Some films are not playing.

10. MiraDeTodo

Distinctive Feature: It can watch a wide variety of Spanish titles without registration.

MiraDeTodo is an excellent and user-friendly website that offers a great library of featured and the latest releases. It gives you access to many movie & series resources online in Spanish. This covers everything from original Spanish movies to dubbed and subtitled versions of famous movies. In addition, you can take full use of the search bar as there are only a limited number of filter options.

miradetodo interface


  • It gives access to a large number of Spanish movies.
  • It is easier to switch to another server without clicking on the option each time.

  • There are a few ads.

Comparison Chart

Software Additional Data Video Quality Download Option
Hulu Description, Movie Cast, Subtitles, Languages. DVD, Blu-ray Compatible
Allmovie Description HD, Ultra-HD Not Compatible
Losmovies Description, length, Subtitles. SD, HD Compatible
SolarMovie Movie Cast, Subtitles, Languages. SD, HD Compatible
PelisOnline Description Ultra-HD Not Compatible
Software Additional Data Video Quality Download Option
Movidy Description, Movie Cast, Subtitles. Blu-Ray Compatible
Tubi Movie Cast, Subtitles, Languages. DVD, Blu-Ray, HD Not Compatible
MegaDede Description, length, Subtitles, Languages. SD, HD Not Compatible
RepelisHD Description, Movie Cast, Subtitles, Languages, Comments DVD, BluRay Compatible
MiraDeTodo Description HD, Ultra-HD Not Compatible
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