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Best 7 Ways to Watch Movies Together Online

watch movies together online featureWith social distancing came online meetings and interactions over the internet. Of course, this might seem like a different way of life. However, we all have to adapt to the changes as they come. These habits of keeping tabs on ourselves over the internet are not going away any time soon. One of the walk-around from the social distancing habits is watching movies online together with family and friends. You can watch movies together online with your family and friends online with some solution over the internet. This article highlights eight ways to watch movies together. It also explains how to set it up. With the recommendations below, you will soon realize how easy it is to watch movies with friends and family.

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This streaming solution is an extension that allows you to group stream several movie services like Netflix, Vimeo, Amazon Prime videos as a group. This service offers premium services that allow you to get the premium version of these streaming solutions. With an extra fee, you can stream and watch movies together online with your friends and family. You can create your virtual cinema together while Twoseven takes care of the auto-synchronization for you. Interestingly, Twoseven allows you to use your webcam for live video. You can see your friends and family’s reactions in real-time and send live-chat as you stream your movie.

watch movies together online twoseven


Teleparty (formerly Netflix party) is a Google and Microsoft Edge extension that allows subscribers to watch and stream movies together. This new way of watching movies together with your friends and family synchronizes your video playback and allows your group to chat about what you are watching. You can now watch Netflix, HBO, Disney, and Hulu movies together in your group. You can easily download this extension and join the stream together with your friends. First, download the Teleparty extension, add the extension to your browser. Create a teleparty and have your friends and family join in with the link.

watch movies together online teleparty


This software is one of the many ways to watch movies with friends online. It allows you to synchronize your video with other people in your group. This means that everyone in the group sees the same movie frame by frame as it is playing out. You also have the opportunity to chat alongside your group viewing activities. Gaze allows you to invite your family and friends, offers comments on videos, and full-screen streaming service across different devices. The minor drawback to this service is it streaming options are limited to YouTube-specific videos.

watch movies together online gaze


Netflix party and Scener share some similar characteristics. However, Scener offers some exciting features that will make your streaming worthwhile. You can chat with your group of friends and family in real-time while streaming and watching your favorite movie. You can also send information like documents to one another over chat in real-time. Scener also offers you the opportunity to expand your streaming following while leading the group streaming community. You can now create your virtual watch party through this app to watch movies together with your family and friends.

watch movies together online screner

Disney+ GroupWatch

Disney+ GroupWatch allows users to synchronize up to seven different devices together across the web. You can synchronize your mobile device, television, web devices to watch your favorite movies together. You can interact with this via emoji reactions as you watch your movies. Disney+ allows you to activate the GroupWatch option by selecting the three-people-icon on the top right corner of your screen. Then you get a link that your family and friends can use to join in to stream your favorite shows and movies together.

watch movies together online disney+

Hulu Watch Party

Hulu watch party has some similarities with Netflix party. This streaming service from Hulu allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows with your other Hulu family and friends subscribers, irrespective of your location. While selecting a movie to watch, search for the Watch Party icon, click on it and copy the link. Share the link to your family and friends where they can join to watch. This streaming service allows you to watch shows with friends online and chat about them in real-time. This streaming service is only available on the web with its features. It is not yet available to other devices, but it should be available soon.

watch movies together online hulu


This streaming solution allows you and your group of family and friends to stream and play Netflix, YouTube and engage in other activities together online. Interestingly, this service also allows you to play games with whomever you choose. This also offers an unlimited number of people to join your group while you stream. This is a browser-based service that offers endless possibilities for what you can stream and engage in together. Interestingly, you can create public and private rooms on this Kast platform, depending on what you want to do. You can stream endlessly as long as you want. To begin your streaming, all you need to do is create a chat room and invite your friends and family to join the chat. Then you can start to binge-watch and stream all your favorite movies and shows. You can also rely on the chat option to discuss what you are watching in the group chat.

watch movies together online kast

Summing It Up

As you can see from the list of apps and streaming services in the recommendation above, the world will most likely hold on to the habit of watching movies online together. To start using these services is straightforward. Interestingly, some of these services allow you to meet and interact with new people, and discover new movies and TV shows to watch while keeping you company. Other streaming services that allow you to watch movies with your family and friends include Sycnplay, Watch2gether, and Plex VR, among other solutions. Irrespective of where you are in the world, these streaming services will keep you and your friend group engaged via their streaming solution.

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Last updated on April 28, 2022

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