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10 Best Websites to Watch Malayalam Movies Online

feature watch malayalam movies online A few years ago, there was no massive user base for Malayalam movies as people were more interested in movies from other parts of the world. However, today things are different. Malayalam movies offering better quality and stories are why people often look for websites to watch Malayalam movies online. The good part is that there are a lot of websites to watch and sites to download Malayalam movies making things easier for you. While there are tons of options, all may not work, so we shortlisted the best 10 Malayalam movie download website choices that you can try.

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If you are looking for the richest collection of Malayalam movies, then CinemaVilla is the website you need to use. It has a lot of movies and shows all the recent updates according to the movie release year. One of the best things here is that it works perfectly on all devices because it is optimized for mobile phones. CinemaVilla is not only for Malayalam movies as it offers you some of the best Hollywood movies and TV shows. The best part is that there are no waiting lines as you can directly play the movie or start downloading it without any interruptions.

watch malayalam movies online with cinemavilla


While you are considering the websites to watch your favorite Malayalam movies online, Hotstar is an option you cannot miss. It is a leading website for those who want to watch Malayalam movies online because of its rich collection of movies. You will find all the latest Malayalam films on Hotstar at the earliest, and the best part is the device optimization, which makes it work on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. The user interface of Hotstar is also pretty easy to handle, so you will have a great experience while watching your favorite movies here.

watch malayalam movies online with hotstar


Boxtv not only allows you to watch your favorite Malayalam films, but there are many good things about this platform that make it an even better choice. To start with it, its interface makes things pretty easy for everyone, and you can locate your favorite movie within no time. It is also optimized for different devices to bring the perfect user experience. Boxtv has intuitive search options where you can search for your desired movie using the following search filters:

  • Name
  • Genre
  • Year
  • Actor

Searching movies by popularity makes things even better over here. Remember that it is not only for Malayalam films, but you can also find Telegu and Tamil movies here.

watch malayalam movies online with boxtv


TamilMv not only focuses on bringing the best collection of the latest movies for you, but it also ensures that you get to watch all your desired movies in the best HD quality. So, it provides a wide range of content with 720p HD quality. It also allows you to download HD movie, and the download speed is pretty swift. The combination of its simple interface and vast content base makes it one of the best options for watching your favorite movies from Malayalam.

watch malayalam movies online with tamilmv

Eros Now

Eros Now brings you all the latest movies from different regions, and Malayalam is one of them. It is a fantastic website with all movies and their covers on the interface, making it easier for you to choose. If you opt for Eros Now, you will not have to wait long before finding the movie online. If you are browsing for a good movie, Eros Now is an excellent option because all the essential details of the movie you select will be correct in front of you. So, Eros Now offers you a complete package to watch and download all the latest movies in the best quality without any issues.

watch malayalam movies online with erosnow


Sometimes you need the best website to download Malayalam movies so that you can watch those movies on different devices. Vidmate is a website that lets you download your favorite content on any device. The downloading experience here is simple, and you get a quick download speed. Its application is available to install on your smartphone so that you can download movies of your choice on the go. Vidmate not only lets you download Malayalam movies online free, but it also offers a wide range and good quality download resolutions.

watch malayalam movies online with vidmate


Suppose you like to get a descriptive experience every time you watch a movie online. In that case, Filmlinks4u might be a good option for you. from searching for your favorite movies to watching them online and getting all the experience about that movie. Everything is available in top-notch quality here. The home page interface is very welcoming, with different Malayalam film posters that will make your selection easier. After you play the movie, you get to choose from different servers with HD quality. It also has all the information about the movie, including the description, right below the online player.

watch malayalam movies online withfilmlinks4u


Movierulz not only gives you all the top links to watch a movie online, but you also get torrent links to download that movie in HD quality. Finding the required movie here is easier than ever with its user-friendly interface. The torrent downloading links show quality along with movie size so that you can select which one is the best for you among all the available options. The best part is that there are watching links from different servers and sites, meaning you do not necessarily have to download the movie. You can also check other sites like Movierulz if you check this page.

watch malayalam movies online withmovierulz


Einthusan is a premium content provider for all the South Indian movies you may want to watch. Finding movies is easier with this website because the home page has all the categories you can select to find the movie you want to watch easily. There is an option to log in, but it is unnecessary as the movies will still be available. One of the best things about this website is that you do not have to wait as the movie starts streaming in seconds, even if you do not have the best internet connection. Before you play a movie, check how the movie scores in all fields like action, comedy, story, etc.

watch malayalam movies online with einthusan


Tormalayalam is the last website we will be discussing here. It is among the top websites for watching the latest Malayalam films online, and you also get the option to download movies here. It offers you a fantastic experience with complete movies, all available in high quality. The user experience is better than most websites, as simply hovering the cursor over a movie title gives you all the information making it easier to decide whether you will watch that movie or not. Clicking on watch now plays the movie without any delay making the experience even better, and it also has the 10-second forward/backward feature similar to YouTube.

watch malayalam movies online with tormalayalam


Your favorite Malayalam movie may not be available across the platforms like Netflix. However, there is no need to worry because you can still watch it online and download it using free Malayalam movies. For the best experience, make sure that you select a platform with all the features according to your requirements. Such a Malayalam film download site will be better than all other options available.

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