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watch chinese anime onlineIn English, Anime is like a language or colloquial for Japanese animation, and it is specifically referred to as animation produced in Japan. But did you know that there are also Chinese Anime? You can watch Chinese Anime for free on the internet. Many sites offer free Anime, including the most famous Anime series and movies. If you want to know the best sites to watch Anime, you can continue reading below as we give you the best review of these fantastic sites. These reviews are essential, so you will know what to consider in choosing the best site to watch your favorite Chinese Anime.

Best Chinese Anime Site


Available Anime Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, and more.
Video Quality: 360p to 1080p HD
Supported Language: English, Chinese, Japanese

First on the list of Chinese Anime websites is This video streaming site offers hundreds of anime series and videos and aims to release easily understood anime. Their offered sites are subbed in English, Japanese, Chinese, and more languages. With this anime site, you can watch the newly released episodes of the newest Anime that you can watch for free. Additionally, you can bookmark this site you are currently watching anime to find it easily when you want to rewatch or continue watching it. This site also offers the details of any anime you watch on their site, including the date released, duration of every episode, casts, and the number of episodes.

available to watch chinese anime contents

2. LMAnime

Available Anime Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Crime, and more.
Video Quality: 720p to 1080p HD
Supported Language: Chinese, Japanese, English

LMAnime has the best Chinese Anime to watch online. On this site, you can watch both subbed and dubbed Anime. You can optimize the language by setting it to different subtitles. With this site, you can easily find the Chinese Anime you want to stream on its categorized anime list. With its easily understood interface, you can quickly find your favorite Anime according to genre and date of release. Aside from the classic Anime series, you can also find the ongoing Anime series of the season on this site. Another feature of this site is its advanced search filter that can help you decide what to watch.

chinese anime series latest release

3. 123Anime

Available Anime Genre: Adventure, Demon, History, Action, Comedy, Crime, and more.
Video Quality: 320p to 1080p HD
Supported Language: English, Chinese

123Anime is another Chinese Anime site you can have whenever you want to stream Anime. You can watch different kinds of anime on this site, including the most classic and the newly released Anime series. This site is easy to use since it offers all the information about Anime before watching it. These include the genre, released date, number of episodes available, ratings, and more. This site lets you watch the most popular Chinese Anime like The Mirror Twin Cities for free with complete episodes and subtitles.

123anime homepage

4. Chinese Anime Online

Available Anime Genre: History, Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Crime, and more.
Video Quality: 180p to 1080p HD
Supported Language: English, Chinese

Chinese Anime Online is a magazine-type site where you can watch donghua online. It has a primary interface that allows you to watch uncensored anime using a third-party tool like YouTube and Bilibili. With their donghua list, you can find the most popular and most watched Anime. Including the Adorable Food Goddess, Battle Through the Heavens, and a hundred more to watch on this website. You can watch this Anime series in different subtitle languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, and more else. Lastly, you can also get a notification of newly released anime from this site if you log in to their system.

chinese anime online best chinese anime of 2021

5. Bilibili

Available Anime Genre: Crime, Comedy, Romance, Crime, Action, and more.
Video Quality: 1080p to 4K HD
Supported Language: English, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese

Another site to watch Anime online is Bilibili. Bilibili is one of the most popular platforms for video sharing in China. Lately, their content has been improved since it offers other media content like music, dance, and fashion videos. Did you know that over 680 donghua are available on Bilibili? You can watch Anime with real-time subtitles displayed. You can also watch Anime on your mobile phone since Bilibili offers an application free to install on Android and iOS devices. Bilibili offers a subscription plan of $33.95 a month if you want to watch all of their Anime and other videos.

anime series on bilibili

6. YouKu

Available Anime Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Crime, and more.
Video Quality: 1080p HD
Supported Language: English and Chinese

YouKu is a famous video streaming site in China. It gives its users their top videos to watch. With this site, you can stream many Anime series with high-quality pictures. You can also stream free paid anime like Nana, Sword Domain, Naruto, and more. Aside from the Anime series, you can also find popular Chinese TV shows and programs many users love on the site. You can also find both subbed and dubbed Anime series. With YouKu, you can also watch unlimited anime; you need to subscribe to their VIP plan costing $2.37 a month.

youku home page chinese anime

7. iQIYI

Available Anime Genre: History, Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action, Comedy, Crime, and more.
Video Quality: 720p to 1080p HD
Supported Language: English, Portuguese, Espanol, Indonesian, Malaysian, and more.

Last on the list of the best site to watch donghua online is the iQIYI. This site offers a wide range of choices of anime series to watch. You can also watch other movies from local or cultured to Korean dramas. Aside from anime, you can also watch Chinese animated manga and comics. It also has the latest Anime series every day. The contents offered are well organized for fast viewing and sorting. This site is available on mobile phones, TV, and the web. For only $6.99 monthly you can have a VIP pass and watch all your favorite Chinese Anime.

playing one piece anime on iqiy

Best Chinese Anime to Watch

Anime gives us the other side of the entertainment world. If you are looking for an Anime series to watch, here is a short list of Anime series. Below are the most popular and all-time favorite Chinese Anime series you can stream on the sites mentioned earlier. These are also the most streamed and most-watched Anime series in every season.

  • Tong Ling Fei: Psychic Princess
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation
  • Yao Shen Ji: Tales of Demons &Amp; Gods
  • Xiao Lu He Xiao Lan: Beryl and Sapphire
  • Da Yu Hai Tang or Big Fish &Begonia

Comparison Chart

Sites Advanced Search Filter Pop-up Ads (Free Version) Supported Web Browser Supported Too many Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Bing
LMAnime Supported Tolerable Firefox, Opera, Chrome
123Anime Supported Too many Safari, Opera, Firefox
Chinese Anime Online Not Supported Tolerable Opera, Chrome
Bilibili Supported Tolerable Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Sites Advanced Search Filter Pop-up Ads (Free Version) Supported Web Browser
YouKu Supported Supported Chrome, Bing, Safari, Opera
iQIYI Supported Tolerable Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox

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