How to Watch Anime Without Ads for Free

watch anime without ads featureMany people are fond of watching Anime. But who wouldn't? When most Anime series and movies have great storylines, powerful graphics, and the best soundtracks. This animation has been part of many kids and young-at-heart even up to this time. No wonder there are lots of websites where you can stream classic to popular Anime like Dragonball Z, Naruto, and One Piece, and many more. However, there are instances where you are being interrupted by several ads, especially when watching online. Is there a way to free Anime no ads? Yes, there are some free anime websites without ads and also there are ways to skip and avoid the annoying ads. Check and enjoy watching Anime without ads with ease!

Best 6 Free Anime Sites without Ads

As there are plenty of best Anime sites on the internet, it is still best to know the sites that offer great features to watch Anime. Aside from having an extensive list of genres, one thing you have to consider is whether the site offers ad-free viewing. Because why not? It's always an advantage to watch with no interruption that kills the hype of the Anime scenes you are watching. As promised, below are Anime sites without ads that you can visit.

1. GenoAnime

Do you want to experience the world of Anime while watching your desired Anime series? GenoAnime is a more suitable site for you. This streaming platform provides users with many Anime, including animations with Chinese characters and stories. Also, it caters to Anime that either has subtitles or is dubbed into the English language. What is more, this site allows users to post a review about the Anime series they have watched. This feature provides an interactive option for patrons to communicate with other Anime enthusiasts.

watch anime without ads genoanime

Additional Features:

  • Series are properly labeled as Subbed or Dubbed.
  • Series and movies are downloadable.
To make your own library and to save the series that you are following, then you have to sign up or log in first.

2. 4.Anime

Another site to watch Anime for free no ads is 4.Anime. This website curates the latest new Anime series and movies. It gives a straightforward way to access the Anime series. It has different options for searching for your desired Anime. You can view Anime series that are recently updated, recently added, and even upcoming. For upcoming series, you can check the exact date of their release. Additionally, this website is a free site that does not store any video files. This feature means that all video files collected on this platform are from third-party sites. The Anime servers will rarely malfunction and not work.

watch anime without ads 4anime

Additional Features:

  • It has Chinese Anime series.
  • It has minimal ads on its intreface.
To keep you updated with the perks you can get on this site, you have to register for an account and join its community.

3. AnimeSuge

AnimeSuge is a free online streaming Anime site that lets users watch Anime series. This free anime websites no ads provides two options to watch and stream Anime series, either English subbed or dubbed. It has a search bar to locate the exact Anime series on the related keywords you input. It is also free and free of cost to stream on this website; registration is also not needed on its platform. Its content is updated daily, so you will find many new and fresh Anime episodes. Additionally, it sorts Anime series by popularity and recently updated Anime series.

animesuge interface

Additional Features:

  • You can either choose to watch either the subbed or dubbed version.
  • It has schedule tab that enables users to locate the exact release date of Anime episodes.
To help your fellow Otaku, you can leave feedback on its Write Review section.

4. Animepahe

Animepahe is a legit Ad free Anime websites that provides streaming services without the fear of getting into pop-up ads. This site is for Anime enthusiasts that want to watch Anime in dubbed or subbed versions. With its straightforward interface, this site enables users to locate the Anime series quickly. It has the Latest Releases option where users can see the new releases episodes and Anime series. Additionally, this tool sorts out the Anime series from A to Z for quick access and easy-to-locate function. What is more, its search bar will help users to get the exact Anime series they need to watch. Type the keyword and allow the platform to analyze it.

watch anime without ads animepahe

Additional Features:

  • It has a search bar that can precisely locate your desired Anime.
  • It consists of different servers to watch Anime.
To share your thoughts in real-time during your online streaming, you can enable its“Chat” features by clicking the “Message” icon on the bottom-right corner of the page.

5. AniWave

Last in the list of free Anime sites, AniWave is a free Anime website that provides streaming service without the feeling of being annoyed in Ads. It is a top-tier Anime site that has a straightforward interface. It offers a quick filter for its patrons to sort and quickly search for a specific Anime. Additionally, it provides the top 10 anime for the week, so if you are new to Anime series you can check this feature to watch well-known Anime shows. On its interface it also has the recently added Anime series and the number of episodes available for its viewers. What is more, it has a vast number of servers so there is a big chance that you can stream your favorite Anime without fear of having difficulty. You can also use this app as alternative to download Animefreak video and Anime series.


Additional Features:

  • It sorts Anime series from A to Z./li>
  • This website provides an estimated time and date release of new Anime episodes.
If you can't find the series or movies you are looking for, you can ask and send your request to the admin.

6. Crunchyroll

One of the biggest and most well-known anime streaming services is Crunchyroll. They provide a premium service called Crunchyroll Premium, which offers access to simulcast episodes soon after they air in Japan, ad-free viewing, and a bigger collection of anime. Additionally, they provide premium plans with extra features like offline viewing and exclusive product discounts. Their exceptional selection, flawless video quality, and user-friendly interface make it the go-to platform of all Anime buffs. Not to mention, they frequently release new episodes just hours after they air in Japan. That said, Crunchyroll is one of the best sites like Vumoo. It also contains free Anime app for Android where you can download and stream Anime on your mobile device.

best anime sites crunchyroll

Additional Features:

  • It has a search option for easy access of specific title./li>
  • It allows you to create a playlist of your favorite series to make them organized in one place.
You can filter the language of the Anime according to subtitled or dubbed.

Use Adblock Extensions

Of course, since everything goes into business, some of the best Anime sites don't offer their service for free, which is understandable because we all know how pricey it is to maintain a web page. Meanwhile, if your favorite website is not on the list of free no ad Anime sites, you must use an Adblock extension for hassle-free and interruption-free watching. To do so, you can always find one on your Chrome store. Here's how:

watch anime without ads ad blocker

  • Download the app on the Chrome Store
  • Search for AdBlocker.
  • Once found, click Add Extension.
  • After installing it, go to your preferred site and turn it on for ad-free viewing.

Download Anime to Watch Without Ads

For a complete access to the Anime series you love, you must consider downloading them. Aside from that, you can really enjoy watching them without ads offline and to any device that you want. With that, use Aqua Clip as your downloader. This tool lets you grab Anime episodes online easily by copying its URL and pasting it on its interface. And with its multi-thread technology, you’ll enjoy an ultra-fast downloading speed. Moreover, you can use this app both on Windows or Mac that’s why you don’t have to worry whatever OS you are using.

Additional Features:

  • It lets you watch your downloaded Anime Series in HD (720P, 1080P, to 4K resolutions).
  • You can source your Anime videos from different sites since it supports thousands of video-hosting platforms, including YouTube, NicoNico, AnimeFreak, and more.
  • You can always preview the videos before downloading to be sure that it's the right video or watch it right after downloading it.

Try It Free

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download

Step 1 Download and launch the app

To start using this tool, download the tool by clicking the "Free Download" button provided above. Then, save the file and click it to follow the installation guide on its wizard window. Once done, open the tool and launch it to start familiarizing yourself with its features.

main interface

Step 2 Look for the Anime series

Go to YouTube or to your preferred website where to download your Anime series. Search for its name and click the video. After that, go to the address bar and copy the URL from there.

copy anime url

Step 3 Download the Anime

Go back to the downloader's interface and paste the link on the "Paste URL" field. Then, click the + button and wait for the tool to analyze the video. Once the thumbnail appears, click the MP4 beside it to start the downloading progress. This video downloader allows you to download Anime together.

download anime

Step 4 Play the downloaded Anime episode

You can play the video by going to the Downloaded tab. Look for the Anime video you want to preview. Once found, right-click and select "Play Video". Finally, you can now watch Anime without ads in between or popping up now and then.

video clips

The free version of this tool allows you to download 3 videos a day. Meanwhile, to enjoy unlimited downloading, you have to buy its license.
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