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How to Fix Video Blocked on Instagram

featured image video blocked on instagram Instagram is a cross-platform photo and video social network that was just launched last 2010. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram focuses on short videos and high-quality images of its users to comment, like, or share. Its popularity has been ranked as one of the most downloaded apps for Google Play Store and App Store. That being said, Instagram became strict with its censorship and copyright content. In that case, there are instances that your post or video is blocked on Instagram. If you're wondering why it happened, we already got you covered here. Let us explore why your video was blocked on Instagram and, of course, discover the ways to fix them.

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Possible Reasons Why Instagram Blocked My Video

Before we tackle the solutions to bring back our blocked Instagram videos, let us first understand why they got blocked in the first place. It is necessary to know them so we can avoid doing the violation again. But remember, there is an Instagram video blocked in some countries.

1. Violate Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

First things first, let's all expose our shortcomings why is Instagram blocking my video. Most internet users disregard reading the "Terms of Condition" section whenever creating a user account on an app. So if your post or video violates one of these terms, except that it will be blocked, and there's nothing we can do about it.

terms and conditions

2. Inappropriate Video Content

Instagram ensures healthy and safe community guidelines, videos promoting or containing violence or sexual and adult content. Instagram is almost accessible to anybody, and even a child and teenager has their account. So please don't plan to post any videos regarding these topics.

inappropriate content

3. Copyright Concerns

If you are a video blogger or own a business page on Instagram, it is understandable that you're creating promotional videos. So, be careful in applying background music or uploading photos from other accounts. This activity is appealing copyright on Instagram, resulting in your video is blocked in multiple locations Instagram. In this case, you need to use and download streamable videos that are free to use and copyright friendly.

copyright restriction

4. Reported Video

There are times that Instagram won't even detect or block your video immediately. However, your video will be blocked if several reports that your video contains hate speeches, violence, fake news, or anything that can harm the community. The good thing here is that you'll receive a notification via e-mail that your video is reported.

report video

Ways to Fix if your Instagram Video Blocked

Now, let's get to the solution so we can unblock the videos we posted. Luckily, these steps are easy to follow, and most suggestions won't even get your Instagram video block. Check them all below.

1. Report the Incident directly to Instagram

Suppose you are sure enough that your video is mistakenly reported or video blocked in Instagram. In that case, you can appeal it directly to a developer of Instagram. Although this method might take time, it is ensured that your video will be reposted once your dispute is accepted.

appeal block post

  • Once Instagram blocked my video, go to your notification tab and check the message saying that the video is blocked.
  • The message contains the reason why the video is blocked; here, tap the "Appeal" button to dispute it.
  • Finally, check the box beside "I agree" and tap the "Appeal" button again. Wait until you receive another notification saying that your video is reposted.

2. Acknowledge the Owners

In case you cannot avoid downloading a clip from a different user account, you can still ask direct permission for them to use it. Also, giving credits to the original uploader is a must. This way you can will not get video blocked on Instagram

3. Download Royalty-Free Music or Clips

Luckily, you can find royalty-free files all over the internet. These types of files are available to use without paying any license fees. Also, there are many websites wherein you can find royalty-free music, including the YouTube Audio Library.

Alternative: Download Instagram Videos

If you're afraid that a video might be blocked anytime or your video has been blocked in some countries Instagram, one quick solution is to save it before it happens. In that case, we present you with the best Instagram video downloader, which is AceThinker Video Keeper. The tool boasts a multi-thread function that allows you to save videos up to 3x faster than others. It is possible since it focuses all of your network's bandwidth on the software's download process. Kindly follow the steps below to learn how to grab Instagram videos.

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Step 1 Install Video Keeper

Click the "Download" button found above that corresponds to the operating system of your computer. Next, open the installer file and follow the prompt carefully to save the tool on your Windows or Mac computer. Launch it once done.

vk interface

Step 2 Download Instagram Video

After that, log in to your Instagram account using your web browser and search for the video you need to save. The video player hit the "3 lines" found at the top-right corner and choose "Copy Link." Go back to Video Keeper, paste the link into its search bar, and then press "Enter" on your keyboard. Once the link is analyzed, click the "MP4" button to download the Instagram videos. Using this tool enables you to rip different videos on any streaming platform. You can download NBC videos, Instagram posts, Facebook clips, and more.

vk download instagram

Step 3 Play Instagram Video

Go to the "Downloading" option if you want to check its progress. Once done, the Instagram video will transfer to the "Downloaded" panel. From here, right-click the video, and you can either play, delete, open the output folder.

vk play instagram

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Last updated on August 8, 2022

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