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Different Ways to Fix Twitter Videos Not Playing

twitter not working featured imageVideos on Twitter normally autopay while you scroll through the app and it can be really maddening when your Twitter videos cannot be played and you miss a lot of amazing content and it also makes your feed look incomplete. The occasional error is pretty normal but if you encounter this problem persistently then there has to be a serious issue that needs to be resolved so you can enjoy using Twitter. If you’re also facing an error while playing Twitter videos, this article will help you fix this issue once and for all. We’ll discuss all the possible scenarios for the problem and share some easy and quick fixes to your Twitter videos not playing.

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Possible Reasons Why Videos Not Playing on Twitter

Before getting toward a solution, let's discuss the potential root causes of this problem as you can only solve the problem once you’re aware of the reasons behind it. There can be a variety of reasons that might be working at the backend causing Twitter not playing the videos properly.

Network Issue

Most of the time your internet connection is the main culprit behind the improper functioning of Twitter. A weak or faulty connection creates loading problems causing the Twitter videos playing issues. Switch to the better network and try playing the video again.

Cache of the Browser

The cache of your browser and cookies can also be the reason for Twitter videos not playing properly. The previously stored messages on your browser confuse the present request and cause Twitter videos playing issues.

twitter not working cache

Twitter App

Sometimes there is an issue in the Twitter app’s functionality that causes the video buffering and leads to playback problems in Twitter videos.

twitter not working twitter app

Old Browser Version

Using Twitter on an old browser can also be the potential reason for Videos on Twitter not playing properly. Updating the browser will solve the problem.

twitter not working browser version


Sometimes Plug-in security software and firewall options can cause hindrance while Playing videos on Twitter.

twitter not working browser plugins

Video Incompatibility

If the video that you’re trying to play is not compatible with the Twitter video format, it can also cause the Twitter video not playing properly. Make sure that the video you’re trying to play is compatible with Twitter.

twitter not working video format

Device Memory

Your device memory can also be a problem behind Twitter videos not playing properly. Videos are resource hungry and if your device storage is full it struggles to process the videos and causes playing issues.

twitter not working device memory

How to Fix Twitter Video Not Playing on Android/iPhone

It gets really frustrating when Twitter videos don’t play properly on your mobile and constantly give errors. Especially if they are of some important occasion or something you want to watch eagerly. There can be an array of reasons for your Twitter videos not playing properly on Android or iPhone such as Android or OS not updated, Video is corrupt, Mobile SD card is corrupt, video is not downloaded completely from the source and you are using an untrusted app or software. However, there are apt solutions available as well to fix these issues and enjoy error-free video watching on Twitter. If you’re also facing issues in playing Twitter Videos on Android or iPhone follow the below-mentioned method to fix it.

Restart/Reboot your Phone

Restarting or rebooting the phone is a solution to more than 90% of the problems. If Twitter videos are not playing on Android or iPhone, restart or reboot your phone to fix the problem.

twitter not working restart

Switch to a good Connection

Sometimes the poor network is the reason why Twitter videos are not playing on the phone. To resolve the issue, switch to a network with good signal strength and restart the Twitter app to load the videos again.

twitter not working switch connection

Update the Twitter App

If you’re using an outdated version of the Twitter app, it will cause inconvenience in playing videos and sometimes may even disable the videos. Update your Twitter app in Play Store/ App Store and launch it again.

twitter not working update app

Reinstall the Twitter

Sometimes problems persist with even updated versions of Twitter because of glitches in the app itself. In this case, delete and reinstall the app to fix the bug.

twitter not working reinstall

Restart the Mobile Browser

If You’re using Twitter on a mobile browser and face the issue of Twitter video not playing, clear all the data and cookies of your browser and restart it to see if the video starts playing normally. While doing this be careful as deleting cookies will delete all your store information on the app as well and you’ll have to log in again.

twitter not working quit browser

Update your phone’s Software

If none of the above-mentioned solutions works, try updating your phone’s software. In many cases, if the software of your phone is outdated it can potentially interfere with phone function leading to the Twitter videos not playing. Go to your phone settings and look for the update.

twitter not working update software

How to Fix Twitter Video Not Playing in Chrome

If Twitter videos play perfectly on your mobile app but give errors when you play them on chrome, it means some of your Chrome settings are interfering with the video. Here are the best solutions to fix the Twitter videos not playing on your Chrome and get them quickly started. All the above-listed solutions are easy to follow and you have to be a tech expert to try them. All these solutions are easy to follow and you have to be a tech expert to try them.

Clear Your Cookies and Cache

This is the easiest solution to deal with browser-related problems and get your Twitter videos to play normally. Go to your Chrome settings and search Cookies. Select “Clear browsing data” and tick “Cookies and other site data”, and “Cached images and files” and click “Clear data”.

twitter not working clear cookies

Enable Flash

If your browser’s flash is disabled, then your Twitter videos may not play properly on Chrome. To check if your flash is enabled, click on the lock icon in the address bar and make sure that flash is not blocked.

twitter not working enable flash

Update Your Browser

If you’re using an old version of Chrome it may not be compatible with Twitter's video formats. To check which version of Chrome you’re using, click on the three dots on the left side of the browser. If it shows an update option it means you’re using an outdated version. To avoid the compatibility issue, update your browser regularly.

twitter not working browser

Disable Chrome Plug-ins/Extensions

If your videos are playing normally in other browsers except for Chrome, it means you need to manage your chrome extensions. Disable all your Chrome extensions and plug-ins and reload to check if the Twitter video starts playing or not. To manage extensions, click on the three dots at the right side of the address bar, select “More Tools” then “Extension”. All your Chrome extensions will be displayed in the form of a list where you can easily manage them.

twitter not working enable plugins

Disable Firewall on Your Computer

If you have installed insecure security software on your computer it will prevent the Twitter videos from paying. Disable security software and Firewall and restart your computer to fix the issue.

twitter not working update firewall

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Last updated on July 21, 2022

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