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feature tubedigger alternativeVideo enthusiasts consider video downloaders like TubeDigger as an essential tool in their every project. Another reason why you should know a video downloader when you want to go offline streaming, you can use a video downloader to save videos for offline viewing. Aside from that, video downloaders or sites like TubeDigger help a lot of people to spend their free time watching offline videos. That is why we gathered the most accessible and valuable video downloaders as an alternative to your old video downloaders. So, without any hesitation, continue reading below.

What is TubeDigger?

Supported Sites: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more.
Price: $25

TubeDigger is an online video downloader. You can record and download online videos like vlogs, tutorials, and live streams with this tool. It has a speed processor that automatically monitors and downloads video files from external browsers. TubeDigger also allows you to mix, combine, and join video tracks. Aside from that, you can also download subtitles into SubRip format. TubeDigger has two available versions, first is the free trial that allows you to download videos from different websites including YouTube, Vimeo, and more. The paid version provides fast and high-quality outputs.

Step 1 Setup Video Downloader

Download TubeDigger on your Windows computer, then set it up correctly. After that, run the tool and follow the installation process. Once you are done with it, launch the tool and make yourself familiar with its interface.

tubedigger alternative interfacestep1

Step 2 Copy Link and Download

Next, copy the link of the video you want to download, then paste it to the input or URL bar of TubeDigger. Wait until the analysis of the video starts; then, the video will automatically be downloaded.

tubedigger alternative step2


  • Offers 30 days money back when you cancel your subscription.

  • Has an outdated user interface.

TubeDigger Alternative

1. AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader

Supported Sites: YouTube, TikTok, Vimeo, LiveLeak, Dailymotion, Bilibili, Metacafe, Liveleak, Facebook, and more.
Price: Free

AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader is a video and music downloader. It allows you to have an easy and smooth downloading process. You can search for the song artist, album, playlist instead of the video title. Aside from that, you can download it in a smaller size with the video's original quality. You can download unlimited videos from different websites as long as you have an internet connection. With just a video link, you are ready to download. If you want detailed steps on downloading video with this alternative to TubeDigger, continue below.

Step 1 Open Online Video Downloader

The first step is to visit the official website of the Free Online Video Downloader. Open any web browsers and search for AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader. Wait for it to load. Then copy the URL of the video you want to download with websites like TubeDigger.

tubedigger alternative afovd interface

Step 2 Paste Link and Download Video

Paste the link, then click the download button beside the URL bar. Then wait for the video to show below the bar. Once it appears, select the output quality and format you want in your video. Then click the "Download" button beside it.

tubedigger alternative afovd step2


  • Download videos 3x faster than others with less interruption.
  • Can download high-quality videos.

  • The free tool cannot download HD videos.

2. Savefrom.net

Supported Sites: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, VK, and more.
Price: Free

Savefrom.net is another tool that allows you to download videos online, such as vlogs, tutorials, and music videos from YouTube or other platforms. With this TubeDigger alternative, you can quickly download videos in high quality by just pasting the video link. Another way to download a video in Savefrom.net is by adding "sfrom.net/" before the video URL or link. Most of the video formats supported by Savefrom.net are MP4, MP3, MKV, MOV, and many more. It also works with many web browsers such as Opera, Google, and Mozilla.

tubedigger alternative savefrom


  • It supports vast video resources and formats.
  • Can download thru domain names.

  • It has annoying pop-up ads.

3. Vidpaw

Supported Sites: TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, TED, and others.
Price: Free tool

Vidpaw is a tool that you can use when downloading online videos. With this tool, you can download unlimited videos from any popular sites. Aside from video, you can also download songs in MP3 format. You can also save and download your videos in high-quality resolution, such as HD and 4K. Additionally, this tool does not require you to create or log in to an account to utilize the tool thoroughly. Moreover, this tool suits as an alternative to TubeDigger since it has fast processor than TubeDigger.

tubediffer alternative vidpaw


  • Easy to use and has a simple interface with detailed navigations.

  • Sometimes it crashes.

4. Loader.to

Supported Sites: YouTube only
Price: Free

Another one of the websites like TubeDigger is the Loader, a YouTube multi downloader that can download a whole playlist into various formats such as MP4, M4A, WEBM, and more. Aside from that, Loader can also download 8K videos without losing the original quality. This tool is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers. You can also encounter minimal ads, unlike the TubeDigger that contains advertisements around the site.

tubedigger alternative loader


  • Available on mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

  • Download speed is slow.

5. CatchVideo

Supported Sites: YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.
Price: Free to use.

CatchVideo from the name itself can help you download videos from the video websites. With this tool, you can download videos and music directly from your browser. Also, this tool gives you options of format and quality you can apply on your device. This tool is perfect for those looking for a quick and easy-to-use video downloader. CatchVideo is safe to use; in fact, it does not accept videos and songs with copyrighted content. It also offers a helper that serves as an extension of the tool.

tubedigger alternative catchvideo


  • Secured and safe to use site.

  • It has too many bugs.

6. BitDownloader

Supported Sites: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, TikTok, and many more.
Price: Free

BitDownloader is a web-based video downloader. It supports almost all of the popular video sites, including Apple Trailers, Adobe TV, and Twitch. Their service is also free from ads; that is why it is also considered an alternative to TubeDigger. With just a few simple clicks, copy and paste, you can download your video easily. All you have to do is copy the video link, paste it to the input bar of the BitDownloader then hit the download button.

tubedigger alternative bitdownloader


  • It has a well-organized and comprehensive user interface with deatiled navs.

  • It has pop-up ads.

7. Video DownloadHelper

Supported Sites: Twitch, Vimeo, Fmovies, YouTube, Twitter, and more.
Price: Free

Video DownloadHelper is a lightweight software module well-known for being an excellent online video downloader for various web browsers. It is capable of downloading video files directly from your browser. On the other hand, downloading video content from YouTube is only available on Firefox. This plugin allows users to download online videos without leaving the site's main page. Besides, it can acquire videos while retaining the original quality that you have specified while streaming them on YouTube or other sites. Furthermore, Video DownloaderHelper may circumvent websites that employ unsupported streaming technologies and make the embedded media content available for download directly from your PC.

tubedigger alternative vdh


  • It rarely fails to detect and download video and audio streams.
  • It supports various file formats AVI, MP4, WEBM, and more.

  • The UI for advanced features is a little challenging to navigate.

8. ClipConverter

Supported Sites: Vimeo, Fmovies, YouTube, Twitter, and more.
Price: Free

ClipConverter is a free online media downloader that allows you to download videos into various file formats. This is one of the sites that video enthusiasts consider an alternative to TubeDigger since it allows you to download videos in high quality, such as 2k and 4k resolutions. With ClipConverter, you can have a fast way of video downloading process. This tool has a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to have an organized workflow. Lastly, ClipConverter is safe to use because it does not support copyrighted videos.

tubedigger alternative clip


  • It has a straightforward interface that allows a smooth downloading process.

  • It has a slow processor.

Recommendation and Comparison Chart

Suppose you are looking for a desktop tool that you can use whenever you want to download online videos. In that case, you have to check out Aqua Clip that allows you to download unlimited numbers of video files with high-quality resolution and in different formats. You may directly download the tool using the download button below.

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

Secure/Safe Download
Tools Can Batch Download Output Format Contains Ads
Free Online Video Downloader No MP4, M4A, WEBM, and others. No
Savefrom.net No MP4, MKV, AAC, and more. Yes
Vidpaw No MP4 and MP3 No
Loader Yes MP4, M4A, WEBM, and others. No
Tools Can Batch Download Output Format Contains Ads
CatchVideo Yes MP4, WEBM, 3GP, and M4A Yes
BitDownloader Yes MP4, AVI, AAC, MKV, and more. No
Video DownloadHelper No MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, MKV, and more. Yes
ClipConverter No MP4, MKV, AAC, and more. Yes

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