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How to Use the SS Method to Save Video from YouTube

feature ss youtube downloadYouTube has an extensive database for videos in various genres. It allows you to watch how-to videos, live videos, music videos, and more. In some cases, while watching on YouTube, videos are kept on buffering because of the unstable internet connection. So, we decided to download YouTube videos and watch them offline. There are many ways to download YouTube videos. We can install software or use online tools. However, in this article, I'm going to introduce another way of downloading YouTube videos. It is called the SS YouTube download method. Through this, you can grab YouTube videos more quickly and without any hassle. Aside from that, we will introduce other tricks that most of you might not know on YouTube.

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How Do I Download YouTube Videos Using SS?

There is no doubt that there are a lot of YouTube video downloaders out there. They come in the forms of desktop software, browser extensions, online tools, and more. All of them can save YouTube videos without almost any limit. However, it is still more convenient if we can find an easier way to do it, and most of you might not be aware of it. But, there is a way called the SS method. It is one of the YouTube URL tricks that allow users to immediately save YouTube videos by just adding "SS" before the "" Hence, to provide you with more information, check the details about the SS YouTube download trick below.

1. First, go to the official website of YouTube and search for the video you want to download. Next, click on the video you like and wait until it is played on the YouTube video player.


2. Then, pause the video and hover your mouse to the URL bar. Next, change YouTube URL to download, type "SS" before the "" and hit enter to be redirected to SaveFromNet's main page.


3. From here, click the "Drop-down" menu next to the "Download" button to select from the provided formats, and it will automatically download the YouTube video. Lastly, once successfully downloaded, check it on your device and play it.


Other 3 YouTube URL Tricks You’ll Want to Know

Besides the SS method, there are more YouTube tricks that you may try. It is not just about downloading YouTube videos but making YouTube more exciting to visit. With these YouTube URL tricks, you can make more extra activities on YouTube, like creating GIFs, omitting the introduction part of a YouTube video, and saving the cover photo of a specific YouTube video.

1. Create GIF Using YouTube Videos

Are you a fan of GIFs? And found clips on YouTube videos that are GIF-worthy? Don't worry! I'll be teaching you how to create GIFs from YouTube videos. GIF is an image file that shows a loop of moving frames. You may find many GIFs on your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They use it as a meme since GIFs are entertaining to see. With that being said, check this YouTube URL tricks to make GIFs. It allows you to crop a clip from videos and add effects or texts to create animated GIFs.

User Guide:

  • First, visit the main page of YouTube and check for the videos you want to cut a clip to make a GIF. Then, on the link bar, add "gif" before the "" and hit enter.
  • step1-gif-trick

  • Once you are directed to the official website of gif, click the timeline to set up the start time and end time of the YouTube video you want to cut and then click the "check" icon on the lower left part.
  • step2-gif-trick

  • Once done, from the left part of the page, you can see some effects you can add to GIF, like adding text, blurring, inverting, and so on. Then, hit the "Trim Video" at the uppermost part of the page.
  • step3-gif-trick

  • After that, hit "Next" to continue and the "Download" button to select a file size. After that, your GIF file will be saved on your computer.
  • step4-gif-trick

2. Skip a Lengthy Introduction of a YouTube Video

On YouTube, most of the time, videos have a lengthy introduction and admit it or not sometimes, it bores us. So, here I'll be showing you how to skip a long intro of a YouTube video and straightly go to the exact scene that you want to see. It is a YouTube URL trick that is slightly similar to YouTube download SS trick. With this, you can omit a couple of seconds or minutes to jump from an unnecessary YouTube video part. Hence, try all the given details below to see how possible it is.

User Guide:

  • To start, go to YouTube official website. Then, search for the video you want to watch. Next, hover your mouse to the URL bar. Then, add this "&t=YmXXs" code on the last part of the YouTube video link.
  • step1-skip-youtube

  • After that, change "Y" into minutes and turn "XX" to seconds. For example, &t=10m32s ( Once done, hit enter and the video will start playing on the 10:32 mark of the video.
  • step2-skip-youtube

3. Save YouTube Thumbnails

As a person who likes to watch YouTube videos, I find YouTubers creative when it comes to their videos. But one more thing that caught my attention is the thumbnail. YouTube Thumbnail is the image you see before playing a particular YouTube video. It is the cover of a YouTube video to catch the attention of viewers. Also, to give us an idea of what the video is all about. Have you ever seen a YouTube thumbnail that you want to download, but don't know how to? Nothing to worry about cause I got your back! I'll introduce another YouTube download URL trick that's for grabbing YouTube thumbnails in high quality.

User Guide:

  • First, visit this link "[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg" and go the official website of YouTube and look for the YouTube video that has the thumbnail you want to download.
  • step1-thumbnail-youtube

  • Next, change the "[VideoID]" with the texts after the "v=" of the YouTube video link. For example, Then, hit enter and do the right-click. After that, to keep it on your device, click "Save image as."
  • step2-thumbnail-youtube

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