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Top 10 Most Recommended Sites To Download Full Movies

feature sites to download full movies It is always fun to watch movies when you get the genre of movies that you like. However, everyone does not like to buy subscriptions for streaming sites where you do not even get to download movies or watch them offline. This is why people usually look for sites to download movies. When looking for sites to download full movies , you need to be careful about the genre and collection of movies. Additionally, it is essential to note the availability of high-definition movies so that they are fun to watch for everyone. To make things easier for you, we did our research and came up with the ten best full HD movie download site options.

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Top 10 Sites To Download Full Movies

Below are the top 10 picks for the websites where you can download full HD movies for free.

1. 123Movies

Many movie downloading websites are online, but the topfull HD movie download website is 123Movies. It allows you to stream several movies and series online and download them. On top of that, it has a massive library of movies available that anyone can watch and download without any special restrictions. If you have never tried using it, you must give 123Movies a try or other sites like 123movies, and you will be amazed by how many new and old movies are there for you. One of the best features it provides you with is that you stay private by all means, as there are no registration requirements for the website.

123movies as asites to download full movies

2. Retrovision

Please do not get confused by the name and think it only has older movies. Retrovision is the website as it has almost every famous movie in the world in addition to the famous TV shows. Retrovision website also comes with an Android app for a more effortless experience. So, you can use it and download any movie any time, whenever you want. It keeps the library up to date with the latest movies, and you do not need to register or provide any details for downloading your favorite movies here. If you do not know about many hit movies, then using Retrovision will be a perfect option for discovering some top hits.

retrovision as sites to download full movies

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is a website that is similar to YouTube, considering its functionalities and features. Here you can find a lot of movies, short films, and such content with ease. The website started as a platform where only creators added movies to it. However, now it is one of the best full movie free download website as everyone on it can upload and share movies and videos on it. Vimeo has more than 80 million followers from across the globe who upload and share tons of movies. So, today, you can easily find any movie you want to watch.

vime as sites to download full movie

4. Kanopy

The user interface of most movie downloading websites is not that user-friendly. So, if you want a website to download movies with the most effortless user interface, then Kanopy is your best choice. It is straightforward to use as there will be no need to provide any personal information or payment information. It has an extensive library of content where users contribute, so you will easily find almost every new movie here with ease. However, downloading experience is a bit different here. If you want to download any of your favorite movies from Kanopy, you will need to use the browser functionality for video downloading or some third-party tool for better speed.

kanopy as sites to download full movie


Another excellent full film download site comes with a streaming and watches function. Here you can find a lot of movies with the help of its clean user interface. It also shows the latest releases in a separate section so searching for newer movies is easier for you here. It is important to note that this website may be restricted in some locations, so you need to use Proxy to access it. Similarly, you may also need to register to use it, depending on your location.

sunnxt as sites to download full movies

6. FilmyWAP

FilmyWAP brings several online movies and TV shows that you can easily download using its downloading features. It has a very secure library with movies and content that you may not find on any other online platform. With FilmyWAP, you get the option to download content in different file formats to have the best resolution when watching videos. FilmyWAP also allows you to create your playlist if you signup here. It is free to use, but you sometimes have to watch some advertisements on this website. However, that may not be an issue when you download and watch movies offline.

filmywap as sites to download full movies

7. KatmovieHD

Another website full of HD quality movies, so you will never have to worry about the quality of the movie that you watch here. Another thing that you will never have to worry about is the presence of your movie. KatMovieHD has all the genres like Science, Romance, Horror, Fiction, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, etc. One of the best features of this website is that there are top-rated and top-watched filter columns available. These make it very quick to find a good movie if you do not have any name in your mind. Interestingly, it also has its mobile app, and you do not need to pay for anything to use the website or download movies from here.

katmoviehd as sites to download full movies

8. 9xMovies

9xMovies has thousands of movies and series that you can stream online and download with no issues. Having thousands of movies makes it the perfect website for movie lovers who want to watch offline movies. The interface is very user-friendly, but there are some ads. There are no payment requirements whatsoever, and it is free. However, it might be blocked in some countries, so you may need to use a VPN.

9xmovies as sites to download full movies

9. My Download Tube

My Download Tube allows you to download content, including movies and much more, in the best quality. It is an ancient website that allows downloading movies, so there must be no trust issues with this one. However, you may not find the interface of this application that simple because there are some ads on it. An attractive feature here is that you do not have to pay anything to download any movie or stream it online for free. Just make sure that you are going for the original My Download Tube and not any other website with a similar name.

mydownloadtube as sites to download full movies

10. FMovies

The last one that we will be discussing here is FMovies. It needs no introduction as it is already a famous website for downloading movies and watching them online. FMovies website also provides different shows and series apart from movies. You may need to register here, but the good part is that it is free to register and use, so there will be no payment requirements. But sometimes, the ads on this site are overwhelming, so it is better to use an ad-blocker or Click Here to try other sites like fmovies

fmovies as sites to download full movies


Watching movies is all about having fun, and finding a place where you do not get to download movies or find full movies is not fun. So, we did our research and provided you with the best full movie download site options. Now you can easily download your favorite new and old movies without any issues

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Last updated on June 8, 2022

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