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Top 5 Alternative Sites like YouNow

sites like younowYouNow is a user-friendly site for the online community who broadcasts and watches live videos for free. You can even use it to have a video chat with random strangers. Registration is made easier by logging it in using your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram account. And now it has been popular to watch live streams on YouNow. Users can maximize their viewership by looking among the diverse live videos through the home section of the application, exploring the trending moments, or typing in your desired video in the search button. While YouNow is a great site for enjoying live broadcasting online, there are many sites like YouNow that offer similar services and worth trying. They all support mobile streaming so you can watch live stream content anywhere you go. Here we have reviewed the best five live streaming websites like YouNow for your reference.

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YouTube Livestream

YouTube Livestream is one of the most popular broadcasting websites like YouNow. User accounts with channels can share and stream their activities to its various viewers. Also, if in case some viewers did not catch the live stream, the video is saved automatically. Today, this platform is used by the growing population of YouTube vloggers who are known for sharing their diverse content via videos.

sites like younow youtube livestream

Watching live streams on your computer gives you the benefit of a bigger screen, but it needs to be plugged-in, and you cannot carry it anywhere you want. Luckily, YouTube has followed the trend and already created a mobile app for easier access. To access the app using your iPhone, go to the main app's list of your device, then launch the App Store. Tap the "Search" icon at the bottom part of the App Store. From here, type in "YouTube" then select "Get" to download and install the app into your phone. On the other hand, Android phone users can download and install the app using their Google Play Store. Just find it from the main app's list, then search for "YouTube." After installing, launch the app so you can now play and enjoy any live streams available on YouTube.

youtube mobile livestream

Facebook Live

Facebook Live allows users to share any activities they want. It has features like live commenting, seeing the number of views, and can also be shared into their timeline. When your live broadcasting has ended, you have the option to permanently remove the video from your profile or let it be saved for future viewing purposes. Not only public figures use this prominent feature, news programs, and TV shows across the world use this as another platform to broadcast their telecasts.

sites like younow facebook live

How to stream on Facebook mobile

You can also watch live stream videos using the Facebook app straight into your mobile phones. It supports both Android and iOS devices. To use it, download and install the app from your specific app stores. For Android users, find the Google Play Store from the main menu, then tap the "Search" button to type in "Facebook." From here, tap the "Install" button to save it into your android phone. For iPhone users, locate the App Store from the main app's list, then go to the "Search" tab then also type "Facebook." Once there, tap "Get" to download and install the app into your iPhone. Once installed, log-in using your registered Facebook account, then you can enjoy any live streams available from the app.

facebook mobile livestream


Periscope is one of the YouNow similar sites that lets the broadcaster actively interact with viewers. Aside from the website, this is made available for android and iOS users. In this case, users are instantly notified when their mutual or favorite broadcaster goes live. One of its unique features is sending hearts while life is running. Moreover, the broadcaster can do a private live stream with viewers of his/her choice, as well as it can be shared on Twitter simultaneously. Furthermore, the user can also see the number of current live videos from each location by clicking the map at the topmost part of the application under the 'global' section.

sites like younow periscope


Livestream as well is one that works perfectly fine for desktop and mobile users. This platform is great for users who want to watch diverse categories of videos. These include lifestyle, business, music, news, sports, arts and entertainment, and many more. Also, this is a little identical to television airing as television and radio stations from around the world use the platform as another type of medium for viewership. In this case, this is the best option for viewers who want to watch a professional-type of live broadcasting. You can refer to Download Livestream Video to save videos from Livestream for offline viewing.

sites like younow livestream

Twitch TV

Twitch TV is another excellent live streaming site like YouNow, where you can watch a live broadcast from streamers around the globe. In fact, Twitch TV is the most trending live streaming site for gamers. Though this site focuses on games, you can also watch different useful blogs from various people who share their ideas on something. Also, Twitch TV allows viewers to interact with streamers while they are on live, which can be helpful when you want to ask something on their blogs. Moreover, this site is being compared with today's most famous social network site because it lets users send private messages with its community. These are the reasons why Twitch TV is on our list as the best alternative of YouNow. If you are interested on how to record Twitch streams, check the link provided.

twitch tv cover

Record Livestream with Screen Grabber Pro

Want to record those live streaming videos from sites like YouNow so that you can enjoy them offline? Now it has become an easy task with the help of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, an easy-to-use but powerful screen recording program that can capture any activity from your computer screen, including the live streams. When you enjoy the live broadcast, just run this live stream screen recorder for YouTube and let it keep a copy of the events. Or you can set a scheduled task to let the recorder to start the recording in the designated time. Both the Windows and Mac versions are provided for your choice. You can now follow the tips below to record live streams with ease.

Step 1 Install Screen Grabber Pro

Click the "Free Download" button below to save the tool into your computer. Wait for few minutes to finish the download. Once done, install the tool into your computer by following the steps in the installation wizard. Once installed, the tool will launch on your screen automatically.

Free Download Secure Download
Free Download Secure Download

Step 2 Configure the Application Settings

Before recording your screen, customize the sound by going to "Audio Input" then select which type of audio source you want in capturing your screen. In recording a live stream, it is recommended to mark the "system sound." Afterward, determine the screen area using the "Record" tab. From the drop-down list, select the screen area you wish to record.

screen area

Step 3 Start/Save Screen recording

Once set up, the screen record will start automatically. A toolbar will appear, which you can use for pausing/resuming the recording, adjusting the volume of the audio source, and placing annotation if needed. Once finished, clicked the "Stop" button then the record is automatically saved.

check record

video link

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