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List of Sites Like Wiziwig To Watch Live Sports

sites-like-wiziwig-featureWiziwig is one of the most popular sport streaming aggregators on the internet. The website has multiple collections of high-quality streams from different leagues and competitions. Wiziwig can be the best choice for you if you love watching sports events online. It streams various sporting events from Basketball, Football, Soccer, Baseball, Boxing, and many more. However, Wiziwig shut down a few years ago due to the strict laws of Europe. Therefore, you need to look for an alternative website that you can use in streaming sports online. You don’t need to worry about not getting live updates and scores on your favorite games. Because in this article, we compiled reliable sites like to Wiziwig that you can use in watching live sport streams.

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What is a Good Sports Streaming Site?

If you’re a sports fan, you need to select the best website wherein you can stream live games on the internet. However, some of them don’t give you satisfaction. And while the homepage of another website contains multiple ads that can annoy you. You may look at these tips to find a useful sports streaming website:

things to consider

  • It has a wide range of live streams from the most popular sports events, including Basketball, Football, American Football, and more.
  • It offers live streams from different prestigious leagues and competitions around the world.
  • The homepage of the website should consist of limited advertisements.
  • Enables you to access the website from various web browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
  • It allows you to stream using different devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.


Stream2Watch is a free online sport streaming sites similar to Wiziwig. This site streams sports including Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, NFL, Rugby, and more from different sports. The availability and schedule of games are posted on its homepage. Additionally, there is a search box that can help you to look for the games, which is more efficient. Aside from sports, it has a “TV Streaming” feature that allows users to stream TV channels and programs from different countries like Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, and more. Furthermore, this site allows you to watch sports and TV streams from a computer, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

Distinctive Feature: Unlike Wiziwig, Stream2Watch provides more live streams and numerous sports events.

stream2watch webpage

12th Player

If you're looking for Wiziwig alternatives, here is the 12th Player Watch. This site is dedicated to football that you can rely upon looking for all the latest updates in the Football community. Furthermore, this website covers most of the prestigious football leagues and competitions all over the world. This allows you to stream sports events with high-quality definition, including 1080p. Aside from football, this website also offers live streams from other games like Tennis, Hockey, Motorsport, and more. However, its main page is littered with annoying ads. Also, it redirects you to another tab every time you click something on its webpage.

Distinctive Feature: This offers multiple live streams from the most prestigious football leagues and competition around the globe.

12th player webpage


VIPLeague is another live stream site that you can access easily as long as you have a reliable internet connection. The webpage of the streaming site has a beautiful and user-friendly interface since the contents are arranged orderly. Furthermore, the site is routinely updated with fresh content. Aside from sports, it provides the latest updates from popular sports sites like Sky Sports, BBC Sports, and SSN Breaking Sports News. You can rely on this website if you love to watch Horse Racing, Cycling, Billiards, and more. It also allows users to chat with other viewers while streaming your favorite sports. The downside of this website is that the default language is on French.

Distinctive Feature: Allows you to stream using different devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.

VIPleague homepage


Are you looking for a popular website in Europe similar to Wiziwig? Here is BatManStream, which is a reliable streaming platform because of its high ranking on competitive analysis software. On its navigation, it allows you to look and find live sports. Furthermore, this website hosted the world’s most awaited competition in every country like the FIFA World Cup and the FIBA World Cup in recent years. On the webpage, it is capable of adjusting your local timezone by selecting from different regional time zones. Moreover, all of the live sports schedules are posted on the webpage. Also, BatManStream has a mobile version that allows users to stream their favorite sports using different Android phones and tablets.

Distinctive Feature: Enables you to link your Reddit account to the website to get the latest updates on the live matches.

batmanstream homepage


Another free website that offers live sports streams, and provides an updated score is LiveTV. To utilize its full features, you need to log-in using your Facebook account. It has a “Video Archive” tab that allows users to watch the daily uploaded videos of goals and highlights from the recent games. This streaming site hosts the matches and activities from the most popular leagues in football, like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Bundesliga, and more. You can also rely on this website if you love watching basketball games from NCAA. The “Fans Club” tab allows you to show your support to your favorite teams and club.

Distinctive Feature: It has a “Results” tab that you rely on looking for the latest updates on the live matches.

livetv homepage


Adthe is one of the similar websites like Wiziwig that provides the best link for you to stream your favorites sports online. It allows you to watch all the games without advertisements and subscription fees. Also, it doesn’t allow you to sign-up an account to get a notification from the latest updates. Adthe hosts sports streams all over the world from different events, including Handball, Rugby, Boxing, and more. Furthermore, you can rely on this website to watch famous card games in the United States. Aside from sports, this offers some of the popular TV shows from different countries on its “Other” tab.

Distinctive Feature: This website allows you to streams without advertisements and subscription fees, unlike Wiziwig.

adthe homepage


HotStar is one of the leading platforms that offer live sport streaming around the world. It has a mobile version for both Android and iOS smartphones that allows you to stream with high quality for free. However, on its website, you need to pay for its subscription to enjoy the premium features. It provides videos about the current event around the world, especially from India. Also, this site offers a live stream of e-Sports competition from Dota2, League of Legends, and more. Aside from sports, it also streams popular Bollywood movies found on its “Movies” tab. Furthermore, it is capable of providing the most popular TV shows and the latest news in India.

Distinctive Feature: The streams provide a thumbnail that can help you to navigate looking for the stream you preferred to watch.

hotstar webpage


SonyLIV is an Asian focus website that is similar to Wiziwig that allows you to stream your favorite sports events. Unlike the other sports streaming, this one presents all the sporting action without any annoying ads popping on its webpage. From here, you can stream some of the popular sports like Basketball, Tennis, Sports Entertainment and more. This has an “Olympic Channel” option that enables users to watch their favorite events in the recent Olympics. Furthermore, this website also has a “LIV KIDS” tab that offers some of the popular cartoon episodes. Meanwhile, this website is also capable of providing news and current events around the globe in different languages like English and Hindi.

Distinctive Feature: This website provides live streams of the most famous eSport tournament all over the world.

sonyliv webpage


SportsStream can be an alternative to Wiziwig that you can rely on. This is one of the most popular and dominant online streaming platforms for sports. Furthermore, you can stream live games and matches from different events, including Handball, Rugby, Basketball. If you want to get the latest match updates with your favorite team, don’t hesitate to visit SportStream. From the upper right part of the sites, there is a clock where you can rely on the availability of the schedule of games. This caters to the most popular games and competitions from different countries, including Germany, Qatar, Spain, USA, and more. You can use the search bar to navigate quickly to the desired games you want to watch.

Distinctive Feature: has two reliable servers to provide live streams from different sports events.

sportstream hompage


CricFree.TV is the last site that can be Wiziwig alternatives. This site collects streams from multiple websites and hosts it on its server. Additionally, it allows you to watch your favorite events on Sky Sports channel for free. This website is well-known when it comes to streaming famous Cricket competitions. Aside from Cricket, it also offers streams from different events like Ice Hockey, Motorsports, Baseball, and more. On the right part of the webpage, it has a chat option that allows you to interact with other viewers. Furthermore, it enables users to navigate to your favorite games easily on the upper part of the webpage.

Distinctive Feature: It has a chatbox on the right corner to interact with the other viewers of the stream.

cricfree homepage

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