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Top 7 Movie Streaming Sites Like Watch32

watch32 alternatives Watch32 is a movie streaming site that lets you watch the most recently released movie. Even the top rating TV shows online with your friends and family. All Watch32 requires you to have an internet connection, a web browser, and popcorn. Which you can share with your family while having fun while watching movies comfortably at home. However, not all the videos in Watch32 are HD quality, and some of them are in webcam quality, and some are still blurry or dark. Thus, there are many sites like Watch32 that you can use to watch movies and TV series. When Watch32 fails to provide the best video quality for the movie you want to watch. In that case, we searched and listed down below all the best movie streaming alternative websites similar to Watch32.

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The Best 7 Websites Like Watch32 to Watch Movies Online

1. FlixTor

FlixTor is another alternative to Watch32. On the site's web page, recommended films are arranged according to the most popular movies that are in theaters. You can go to the "Movies" tab to see all the films. By configuring the sorting tool according to date of release, ratings, genre, and sorted alphabetically. Videos can be easily classified according to category. Asides from movies, this website can be used to watch your favorite TV shows and TV series by clicking the "TV Shows" tab and "TV Series" tab. Furthermore, you can watch movies in different subtitles languages. Including Mandarin, Greek, and English with HD quality. It is because this site has annoying ads with a higher image than movie covers.

flixtor interface

2. 5movies

5movies is another Watch32 alternative that hosts newly released movies. The website offers the latest films and TV series from various sources. Including Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and other subscription-type services. The website's update speed is one of the fastest, so it is a dependable movie streaming site. Browsing its library is also a breeze because of the well-organized movies you can also sort out. There are various sorting options available from the main interface. You can sort by genre, year, and even sort out foreign-language films. Aside from that, a section is dedicated to Asian dramas, which can be accessed by clicking the "Asian Dramas" tab. The downside of the website is the annoying ads that open a new tab every time you click something from the home page. On the other hand, it is still undeniable that 5movies is one of the best websites that you can visit for the latest and freshest movies and series.

5movies interface

3. HD Movie Center

Are you having a hard time looking for the synopsis of a new movie you want to watch? Then HD Movie Center can accurately show you the details you are looking for in a film. Once you visit this website, you can already see the summary of the film you see. Also, HD Movie Center provides an excellent quality of 720p, 1080p, up to 4k resolution for you to watch clear movies. It also has a trailer video to see what the movie is all about. If you like a movie that you watched within HD Movie Center, you can rate the film and leave a comment about the film you watched. With HD Movie Center, you can find all the latest films that have been aired in the cinema. All these reasons were enough to put this website on our list as one of the alternatives to Watch32.


4. The Movie Database

The Movie Database (TMBd) is a society that contributes metadata on each movie and TV show. You can see all the valuable information about a movie or TV series that you want to watch. Since 2008, TMBd has become the primary data source for metadata, which means data consist of other data about the most popular movies of the year. Within its interface, you will see all the informative news about the movie's actors and actresses, sales of the movie, and even why they make the movie. Surely, TMBd can help bloggers and content writers when they want to review a film or series. Aside from being a movie review site, TMBd allows users to watch famous movies and TV shows of all time in HD quality. Try to visit this website like Watch32 to see its uniqueness.


5. YouTube

As we all know, YouTube is one of the most popular and most active videos streaming sites today. With different kinds of videos on this website. You can stream, watch movie trailers, video tutorials, music videos, game reviews, life hack videos, and movies and TV series. Also, you can record YouTube live stream if you like to watch them outside the app. Furthermore, YouTube contains viral videos from different people around the world. There are many entertaining videos on this site, and there is also a "Free to watch" movie section supported by YouTube. Though most of the movies are ad-supported, you need to exit to start playing the video. If you are already familiar with YouTube, it will be an easy task for you to search and watch your desired movie. Some of the films are well-categorized in channels. Such as Viewster, The Paramount Vault, Maverick Movies, FUNimation, and more.


6. WatchSeries

Next on the list is the WatchSeries. This online entertainment website caters to full-length TV shows and seasons. It also has an extensive collection of movies of all genres. Aside from watching a film from this site, it also allows you to download and share movies with others. All the films and TV series are well categorized, so it would be easy to find your favorite movie. And without so much effort, you will be able to find what you are looking for with its "Search" box on the top bar. However, the only annoying thing with WatchSeries is the pop-up ads on the interface of the webpage. Still, you can easily hide them away by watching on full-screen.

watchseries interface

7. Vumoo

Last but not least is Vumoo. This is another free movie streaming site that lets you watch unlimited movies of stunning quality. This website contains an extensive collection of the world's best films. Aside from movies, this video-sharing platform is also one of the best sites for watching TV shows. From the top bar of the main interface, you will see four sections. And from the "Home" section, you will be able to see all the latest, trending, and most viewed movies. Under the "Genre" section, movies are organized according to the film categories. More so, on the "Search" button, on the upper-right of the interface, you will find your favorite movie easily. Aside from that, you can also click its night mode button that is located on the mid-center of its interface. It can give you a deemed background of the webpage. Vumoo also updates its site regularly to provide you with the latest and new release movies. If you like Vumoo, you can also check to find more Vumoo alternatives to watch movies online.

vumoo interface


These are the best free movie streaming sites no sign up that let you watch incredible films and download them like Watch32. All these sites mostly contain HD quality videos, and you can enjoy watching them online. Some of them provide the most recent cinema, and some have unique movies and series that you won't usually find on other streaming sites. All of the said alternatives of Watch32 will surely give the best experience. It provides enjoyment of watching movies comfortably.

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Last updated on January 17, 2022

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