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Top 10 Best SolarMovie Alternatives for Watching Movies and TV series

solarmovie alternative If you are looking for an online streaming site that only contains fewer ads, SolarMovie is one of the perfect movie sites for you. It streams movies from CAMRIP quality and up to 720p resolution. However, there are reports that one domain of SolarMovie,, is currently not working. One reason is that Solarmovie and its other mirrors or domains are also down for good. Also, since the site is linked to Kickasstorrents, it shut down from the United States for dispersing piracy. So in the case of Solarmovie movies is not accessible in your area, we need to find alternatives so you can continue to enjoy binge-watching movies and TV series. Luckily, we have collected the best sites like Solarmovie, all available online.

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What is SolarMovie?

SolarMovie is one of the most famous sites where you can watch movies and TV series for free. It has various movie genres like horror, comedy, action, fantasy, sci-fi, documentaries, etc. It is also known as the Netflix of online movie sharing platforms because of its web interface. It is because of its outstanding modern front-end design that allows you to find the trending films and shows to watch. Aside from that, you can also see and watch movies and TV shows from Asia, Europe, South America, the UK, Korea, Africa, and more within the SolarMovie website. Just like other movie sharing sites, SolarMovie does not store any videos within its servers. It only shows videos from different servers for you to watch it online.

what is solarmovie

While looking for a new film to watch, SolarMovie shows thumbnails for each video you find. Making it easier for you to know what the movie is all about. This website also has a search engine that you can use to search the title of the movie you are looking for. Besides, most videos from SolarMovie are already in HD quality like 720p, 1080p, and 4K resolution. All of these are available for free. It does not require you to register an account to watch a video on SolarMovie. You only need a web browser and a good internet connection for you to start streaming videos on this website. With SolarMovie, you can watch your favorite movie or most frequently watched TV series smoothly because it has fewer ads than other movie sites.

Due to copyright reasons, most ISPs have banned or restricted users from visiting SolarMovie. That is why we have searched the best SolarMovie alternatives below for you to watch your favorite movies online and TV shows for free.

The Best 10 Websites Like SolarMovie You Can Visit

1. Yifymovies

It would be great if you were always cautious about finding the best streaming site for you. If you are considering finding sites to stream, you will have to face tons of advertisements screens. In paid services, your streaming platform differs from how many contents you want to watch. If you observe a few films, you should probably go for pay-per-view services, like FandangoNow, Vudu, Amazon video, etc. You need to subscribe to cut-back-on pay best deal service if you are a bulky movie viewer.

Yifymovies previously is a torrent based service, and just like the other SolarMovie alternatives, it provides high-definition free movies. Its popularity and users' choice have been dragged down to the online streaming site. The site is legit and has good trust scores among the audience. Yifymovies does not have many intrusive ads. Also, you can search and sort to watch movies and TV shows by Quality. Rating, Genre, Release Date, and other parameters. It also provides subtitles for movies and TV shows, and you can watch them in HD quality. You can use Yify on PC, tablet, and mobile phones.

yifymoviestv webpage


  • Registration is not mandatory for the website; you can stream without login. If you feel like saving your frequently watch movies online and TV shows, and continue where you left, you can always free signup. The site shows no advertisements and pop-ups.

  • With torrent based streaming client, you are exposing your IP address to many people; intruders may violate your privacy.
  • Watching movies online and TV shows with you are risking yourself with silent Malware installation on your computer.


If you are grasping for sites like SolarMovie to watch TV shows for free, you certainly need to try the Vumoo website. According to Alexa, it is safe to use. It has excellent users' reviews as it has been receiving lots of traffics lately. It has better search options and results, and it is a free streaming service. This site provides tons of videos to watch and download, and it resembles Netflix. Vumoo functions like a search engine; it tracks down film links and streams them on their site.

vumoo webpage


  • Vumoo is not a pirate site, as it does not host or keeps video files whatsoever.
  • Loads contents at great speed

  • Vumoo doesn't show ads on their page but shows pop-ups frequently when you tap the play button.

3. YesMovies

YesMovies is one of the popular websites similar to SolarMovie. The site offers browser add-ons through MuckyDuck that is available for running on Kodi, making it easy to browse and watch movies online and TV shows on your TV. YesMovies doesn't ask for login or signups; instead, it alerts for a new and recommendable film for you. YesMovies is a free streaming site that has a fresh web design. It contains B-Movies, old, brand new, indie, and so on movies. This site also offers brand new movies online and TV shows but in Camrip and DVDrip format. Besides, it provides registration and signs up for content thirst audiences.

yesmovies webpage


  • Free streaming service like in SolarMovie
  • Deals with precious for watching movies and TV show contents

  • They provide piracy content from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other streaming sites as well, which is against the lawsuit.
  • The pop-ups may annoy while playing videos.

4. Movie Watcher

Movie Watcher is an old player in a free streaming service developed in 2000. People know this streaming site as It is one of the streaming sites like SolarMovie that keeps logs of free TV show watched in their database that links to available data in IMDB where you can view IMDB users' reviews and ratings. The best suite to spend leisure time with content enriches the database. It also provides excellent options to choose from watching movies and TV series from different genres.

movie watcher interface


  • This site like SolarMovie keeps video features according to the IMDB database, which makes it easy to search and watch.
  • This site features fast buffering and has free download features.

  • You may have yourself exposed to the risk of Peer-peer policy system

5. 123Movies

123Movies is a go movie for people these days as people have been detaching cable TV subscriptions. In 123Movies, you can find and watch movies and TV series currently on-air and running in theaters. Their latest domain is and has a couple of mirror streaming sites like 123movies.4u,, etc. It is a famous movie streaming site similar to SolarMovie. People have been watching movies for free for a couple of years now. 123Movies is popular among dense movie watchers as it features lots of movie contents. 123Movies is a pirate site to watch movies and TV series in HD quality for free and is claimed to be illegal. That is why this website is considered as one of the movie sites like SolarMovie.

123movies webpage


  • Has various mirror sites to stream like in SolarMovie
  • Uses less bandwidth possible

  • 123Movies was claimed to be illegal site back in 2019, and it is still blocked in some parts of the United States. Consider connecting yourself to a proper VPN to access 123Movies.


A torrent based alternative to SolarMovie is a wonderful place to be in if you are a huge movie and TV series fan. There are hundreds of scam sites which pop-ups ads and never show the contents precisely what you are looking for, with you are not scammed. is a flash-based streaming service; you would need a flash player to stream its contents. Levidia might be another best streaming alternative to SolarMovie. This website is the underdog and has not got much recognition for what it offers.

levidia interface


  • This site has the richest contents where you can download video files too same with SolarMovie.
  • It offers movies and TV series that are running in theaters similar to SolarMovie.

  • Latest and recent theater movies are of poor quality
  • Streaming with is illegal in a sense it offers pirated movies form other paid streaming services.

7. Putlockerwatch

Putlockerwatch is free movies at your fingertips, just similar to SolarMovie. In these outrageous services which pay heavy for you to afford, Putlockerwatch has got you covered the same with SolarMovie. Viewing the latest and greatest movies at home for free has never been better with Putlockerwatch. A free streaming service that hosts video files unlocker was started in 2001 in the UK and provided services whatsoever. It has various backup mirror streaming sites like,,

putlocker webpage


  • The search option provides the best content for you.
  • It offers various tabs for movies, TV series, new episodes, and genre similar to SolarMovie.

  • Some films have a reduced audio quality
  • Putlocker is a straight illegal streaming website as it hosts video files without authorized permissions

8. IOmovies

IOmovies contains a minimalistic and responsive website that enriches contents, just like other similar sites to SolarMovie. You can find movies where you can rate, and others can follow up on the rating and decide what to binge-watch with IOmovies. It is another most exceptional sites like SolarMovie. The wide variety of contents makes IOmovies famous among its users. You can play the contents on their page and bookmark when for next time view.

iomovies webpage


  • It offers both movies and Television Shows like SolarMovie
  • This site does not show much of the advertisements like in SolarMovie

  • May annoy with pop-ups and page redirections

9. Movies4k

Movies4k is a famous and most prominent place to watch movies. It allows users to watch their favorite movies and TV series for free. Most of the film on this site are in HD quality like 720p and 1080p. Also, you can visit the website of Movies4k using your mobile phone, making it easier to watch movies wherever you go. So, if you want to watch the most updated movies in the cinema, then try visiting the Movies4k.

movies4k webpage


  • Movies4k’s listing is easy to understand and easy to browse just like in SolarMovie.
  • It offers movies in Camrip and DVDrip on the internet, which are rolling in theaters

  • Movies4k is popular for pirated content for free streaming
  • Movies4k is illegal; in a sense, it offers pirated movies from other paid streaming services and has no host of movie data.

10. Hulu

Streaming has never been great without mentioning Hulu. The service is flawless and has excellent content for binge-watching. Hulu with Amazon prime is the Cherry on top of the pie. Hulu is merely ideal with crystal clear video, HD sound quality, and zeroes buffering like in SolarMovie. It is a leading streaming service these days. Like in SolarMovie, Hulu offers a wide variety of contents as it has a robust library of movies and TV-series. Its library is rich in the sense it has some great hit movies like A quiet place, Aquaman, Den of Thieves, and other Anime too. It also offers Cloud DVD as you can record your favorite live TV shows and watch then later, adding Live TV costs extra bucks.

hulu webpage


  • No piracy problem
  • Hulu original contents are available
  • It can be connected to HBO, Live TV, for more entertainment.

  • Their original contents are least popular compared to other originals.
  • Paid ($5.99, Hulu with HBO costs $14.99, Hulu with Live TV costs $44.99)
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