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Top 10 Offliberty Alternative Sites to Download Videos Online

Offliberty is a site where you can see online media content even if you are offline. It has a similar context of downloading and converting your video to MP3 and saving them for offline viewing. It was very popular back then. However, it has stopped providing service for some reason. The domain still exists, but if you try using it, it will only give you an error message. You might be wondering if there are some sites like Offliberty these days. The answer is yes! There are many Offliberty alternatives that you can use to get videos online for offline viewing, and some of them are even better than Offliberty. This article has reviewed 10 of the best websites similar to Offliberty that will help you download or convert videos for free.

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YooDownload is one of the most commonly used online downloaders because of its fast speed and high video quality. And it should be in the top 10 list of websites like Offliberty. YooDownload is one of the most reliable downloaders because it updates every time they receive feedback and improves their service. They post changes with the tool on their bulletin board on the main page of the website. Aside from that, you will see all the list of sites that works perfectly with the tool. With its ability to download multiple videos simultaneously, you can also convert a video to an audio file.

Yoodownloader online


  • No limitation on video length and usage
  • Fast loading speed and download
  • It also works as a converter

  • Movies sites are not supported for download


VideoGrabber is another Offliberty alternative that is designed to help people get videos for free via URL. This software is browser and internet dependent, which means you do not need to install any computer application to download videos. Unlike before, you need a torrent site and a torrent downloader to get videos online. The great thing is that, as the world of technology innovates more and more company like Video Grabber provides other practical solution to getting videos online. One good thing about this tool is the ability to present several video file format options to choose from, like MP4 and MP3, without compromising the video's original quality. To get to know more about Video Grabber, check the information below.

Video Grabber paste url

Online Downloader

As the name implies, it's a free online video downloader to use as an alternative to Offliberty. Online Downloader works with more than 200 sites like Youtube, Ela Pais, Rutube, Facebook, CNN, Vevo, Yahoo, Sina, Youku, Vimeo, Rvlkl, CBS and a lot more. Check the hyperlink in this description to visit the official page and complete a list of supported sites. Like the above mentioned two sites like Offliberty, it provides several download formats like MP4, WebM, and 3GP.

Free online downloader

Video Downloader All

Video Downloader All is a browser extension video downloader that you can use as an alternative website like Offliberty. Before you can use this app, you have to download the Google Chrome browser since it is a Chrome extension. Click the hyperlink within the description of the tool to add it to your browser. From there, you can start to download single or multiple videos at once. This app can download videos in FLV, MP4, AVI, ASF, and MPEG. However, though it says it can download all videos on all websites, you may find some sites will not work. Some are very restrictive, like Movies and TV shows, streaming sites, and a lot more.

VDA add chrome


  • Fast download
  • Easy to use
  • Light because it will not eat much space on your internal memory
  • Compatible with mobile phones

  • Due to some restrictions this tool does not work with YouTube and some Adult Sites


If you like watching videos on YouTube, when you look for alternative sites like Offliberty, you shouldn't miss, an online video downloader developed to allow users get videos from YouTube. You can utilize the tool as long as you want without limitation. YouTubNow also supports MP4 and 3GP format, which are the most commonly used format for mobile devices. The screen resolution begins at 144p up to 1080p resolution. Aside from that, you can also convert videos from Mp4 to mp3 format. Just like the four mentioned tool above, this sit does not require sign up. Just visit the site and paste the URL and click "Search." From there, it will give you options to select a format by clicking the drop-down menu and download it.

download using Youtubnow


  • Fast and Easy to use
  • It produce HD quality Video
  • It's safe to use
  • It does not have ads

  • Only works on YouTube, other sites are not supported


SaveclipBro is another online video downloader and converter similar to the site Offliberty. This site supports downloading videos from video platforms like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, social networking sites like Vine, Facebook, and Instagram; media libraries like BBC, ART, MTV, CNN; lastly, music services SoundCloud, FreeSound and a lot more. This site is compatible with Smartphones, PlayStation and of course on computers. Though this site might not be that familiar yet the service is competitive enough to be compared to the most popular downloaders these days.

saveclipbro site


  • You can use URL to download
  • Easy to use and well organized

  • Detection process is a little slow
  • Does not work with movie sites


KeepDownloading is another solution to replace Offlibery that allows you to download videos from the internet. This site is concentrated on the ability to download videos from popular different networking sites. As we all know, many people are using social media when sharing videos, and even movies and TV series are being uploaded. One reason for it because easier to upload videos on SNS than on those video community sites. Just like AceThinker Online Video Downloader, this too can download a playlist and convert it at the same time.

keep downloading site


  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Bug free and fast download

  • Works on limited sites only


4kDownloadOnline is a simple yet reliable video downloader that can serve as a replacement for Offliberty. Compared to other sites that have instruction on how to use their tool, this one kept everything simple and only contains the URL box. But the tool compensates by providing a fast loading speed when detecting the video you want to download. Like the other sites mentioned above, this can download direct links from any video sharing sites except movie sites. Almost all free downloaders do not support it anyway. Most likely, this site has the closest similarity to SaveclipBro.

4k download online page


  • It's ideal for Short Clips
  • The website is neat and straight forward
  • You can download multiple videos at the same time

  • You can only download max of 20min videos


Savido is another video online downloader that you can use as an Offliberty alternative. This site works similarly with the mentioned sites above, only differs from the sites supported. Most online downloaders do not support download from any Adult Sites because of copyright issues, yet this site is taking that risk. You can download videos from Redtube, Xvideos, YouPorn, Xhamster, PornHub, Tube8, and Motherless. Also, those Social networking sites, music portal sites, and chosen streaming sites. See the full list when you visit the official website.

savido online downloader


  • The website is very informative and interactive
  • The tool is easy to use
  • The site is easy to navigate
  • No usage limitation
  • It offers different formats to download

  • Pop-up ads are annoying upon click


Another website, like Offliberty, is ClipConverter. The site specializes in downloading YouTube videos and music videos. Like the other sites mentioned above, it can save and convert the video into MP3 simultaneously. Additionally, it supports grabbing the videos in HD quality, even for up to 4K if available. Besides YouTube, you can also download videos from other streaming sites like Vimeo, Facebook, and more. ClipConverter also offers a browser extension version that is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.


  • It provides other formats such as M4A, AAC, MP4, MOV, and more.
  • All of its services are available for free.

  • Pop up ads are appearing randomly that can annoy the users.

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