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The Best 7 Websites Like Movierulz to Watch Bollywood Movies

feature image movierulzMovierulz is a free movie streaming site where you can watch Bollywood movies. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, Malayalam, and other Indian films are uploaded to the website. Aside from streaming Hindi-films, you can also watch your favorite Hollywood movies. Moreover, the website has a wide range of selection of different films and cool features. Still, every time you click on its homepage, it redirects you to a different site. Some of the embedded video links don't work, and some links consist of annoying ads while streaming. Moreover, some of the uploaded movies from this site are streamed low-quality definition. Fortunately, with this article, we found some of the sites like Movierulz to watch Bollywood movies with HD quality.

Top 7 Must-Know Sites Like Movierulz

Below is the list of the best websites similar to Movierulz. Check these sites and enjoy your favorite Bollywood movies!

1. WatchMoviesFree

The first Movierulz alternative website is WatchMoviesFree. You can watch your favorite movies from other Indian dialects such as Hindi, Tamil, and more. On the site's homepage, the latest English films are arranged according to their newly uploaded videos. Next, to access Bollywood movies like Tamil, Telugu, and more, go to the "Country" section and click the "India" button on the upper part of the site. By clicking the "Filter" button on the top right, you can quickly categorize the Hindi-movies according to the new update, most viewed, release year, and most popular movie. The good thing about this site, there is a review and IMDB ratings in a particular movie so you can have an idea about the film.

watch movies interface

2. MRbuZ

Like Movierulz, MRbuZ is an online streaming platform where you can watch movies from India with their local dialects. The site is composed of a simple web interface, where the list of movies available are classified according to the upload date, size of the film, and the one who upload the film. On the homepage, there is a "Recent Movie" section where the latest uploads are posted. To view the Bollywood films, you may go to the "Language" tab on the upper part of the screen and select according to what local dialect movies you want to watch. This includes Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. You can navigate to the next page by clicking the page number button of the site. You may also use the search button to look directly for your favorite Indian films. Aside from movies, you can also use this website to stream music.

mrbuz interface

3. OnlineMoviesGold

OnlineMoviesGold can be an alternative site to Movierulz, where you can watch your favorite Bollywood movies for free. According to most viewed movies and recently uploaded videos on the homepage of the streaming site. Also, you can sort out movies from different Indian dialects. Aside from different dialect movies, you can also watch some of the famous American films by clicking the "Hollywood" tab. Or you may also use the search bar of the website to look directly for your preferred movie. Also, you can watch some of the old films from 1970 to the present. The downside of this site is the annoying ads on the interface, and every time you click, it redirects you from another tab.

movies gold interface


Hindilinks4u is a streaming website like Movierulz, where you can watch Hindi films online for free using your web browser. On the upper part of the webpage, it's composed of seven sections that can help you to categorize movies. If you want to see the recent upload of the website, click the "Latest" tab and check them out. And to view the access to all of the Hindi films available on the website, you can go to the "Movies" tab. In addition to this site, it allows you to watch your favorite Hollywood movies are translated in the form of Hindi language by clicking the "Dubbed Movies" tab. Meanwhile, you can click the "Series" tab to browse your favorite series from the different streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more. Or you can look by the list of names of the actor, actress, and directors by clicking the "Browse by" tab. Lastly, you may use the search bar to navigate quickly to look for the specific movie you want to watch.

hindilink interface

5. YesMovies

Another great alternative to Movierulz in watching Indian films is YesMovies. This is an online entertainment website where you can watch movies from other countries. Meanwhile, to access the Indian videos with this site, click the "India" tab and select "India" on the upper left part of the interface. To sort out the films, you can click the "Filter" button to configure the filter tools according to its film type, genre, quality, and release date of the movie. You can click the page number to navigate on the specific page at the bottom of the web interface. You can also use this website to stream some of the popular anime and cartoon episodes.

yesmovies interface

6. Hotstar

Next on the list is the Hotstar. This is another streaming site that allows you to watch movies with the best quality. It contains a comprehensive range collection of the best movies around Asia. Furthermore, if you want to access the different kinds of Hindi films, you may click the "Movies" tab, and a dropdown menu will appear. The good thing about this website is that some of the popular Marvel series and investigative documentaries of National Geographic are dubbed into India's local dialects. In addition to this site, you can also watch some of the popular Hindi shows by clicking the "TV" tab. Aside from movies and TV shows, you can also stream sports games like football, basketball, and more.

hotstar interface

7. LosMovies

LosMovies is a similar site to Movierulz that hosts newly released movies from all over the world. To access the Bollywood movies, click the "Country" section and select India to view it with its local dialects. You can watch some of the American movies dubbed in the local dialects of India. You may navigate to the next page by clicking the page number on the bottom part of the website. Aside from Indian movies, you can also use this website to watch Indian TV shows by clicking the "TV Shows" tab. The advantage of this website, unlike other streaming sites, LosMovies also offers movies with subtitles from another country. Using this streaming site allows you to sort out movies according to your favorite directors, actors, and actresses.

los movies interface

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