Top 10 Sites Like Movie4K for Streaming Movies

sites like Movie4K Movie4K is an ideal online respiratory for watching excellent movies. You can find movies and videos in all genres from all times available in Movie4K. However, this website has changed the domain many times due to complicated reasons, and sometimes you may experience downtime. That is perhaps why you are looking for sites like Movie4K. This article lists the best 10 Movie4K alternatives where you can go through your preferred niche and locate the best movie to watch. Then you will better understand all the options you can consider to enjoy your favorite movies. These options include mobile platforms like Android and iOS devices, making them very convenient.


5movies is one of the best movie streaming websites similar to Movie4K. This platform allows you to watch and enjoy full-length movies up to 4K video resolution. 5movies gives you the free will to select the movie according to its language, year of release, genre. Aside from that, there is also a dedicated section in which films are available according to their reviews and popularity. This section is very convenient for the users to know what movie to watch. Moreover, it also supports a dark mode feature to enjoy a theater-like movie streaming experience even if you are at home.

sites like Movie4K 5movies interface


  • The site is updated to the latest movies released on theaters.
  • It provides HD quality videos.
  • The website is very interactive because of the animation on tiles and different parts of the site.
  • It includes review and details about the movie.

  • It does not allow user to download movies.
  • Not all movies are all in HD quality.
  • There are a lot of pop-up ads.

As mentioned, it is easier to download videos from this site than others, provided that the tool is reliable enough to work with this site. There are several apps for downloading videos, yet only a few works with these sites. That is why CleverGet All Video Downloader was developed to meet these expectations. This tool is an all-in-one tool that can download videos the fastest and easiest way possible. It can save videos from popular movie streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, Vimeo, and more. Besides that, you can select the video resolution from 480p up to 8k to ensure the quality of your video. Also, the tool can download multiple videos simultaneously so that you can save time. Furthermore, here is the step-by-step instruction on properly using the tool for a better downloading experience.

Step 1 Download and Install CleverGet

First, visit the official website of the tool to download. However, since you are already on this page, you can click the download buttons below this description and choose the right PC platform. Once downloaded, follow the set-up wizard until the app is launched on your PC. Make sure not to skip and read the pop-up window carefully to personalize the app the way you want it to be.

Try It Free

Step 2 Select Qualty and Start Downloading

Next, search for the movie site that you prefer on the address bar of the tool. Then locate the movie you want to acquire and play it so that the tool can detect it. Afterward, hit the "Download" symbol on the bottom-right and another window will appear. Here, select your preferred video quality, output format, and other settings for the video. Later, click the "Download" button to proceed.

modify output settings and click download button to proceed

Step 3 Check the Downloading Progress

Hit the downloading icon on the top-lright corner to see the progress of the video you are downloading. Once it reach 100%, you can move to the "Downloaded" tab to play the saved movie. You can repeat the same process if you want to download more movies from different sites.

check the downloading process

CoolMovieZone is a one-stop destination for getting all your entertainment needs catered. There is no other platform available to get full lengthy Hollywood movies. You do not have to pay anything to enjoy the content available on this website, and you will love it. On this website, you can find multiple server links as well. Therefore, you will be able to find content to watch at all times. Due to this reason, it is also a reliable website that you can keep on your list. You will be able to get access to your media content within a short period as well. Read through below to learn how to access this excellent site on a mobile device.

Video Streaming Websites like Primewire


  • The site is for free. You do not need to register for an account to access it.
  • It has a huge catalog for Hollywood movies if you are a fan of.
  • The site has several server links just in case the first on the list does not work.


  • There are several confusing download buttons.

How to access Coolmoviezone on mobile

Using the smartphone's mobile browser, tap the address bar, and go to the official website of Coolmoviezone. Look at the list of recommended movies to watch from the site's main interface. Please choose one of the available videos from its library's extensive list of movies.

coolmoviezone homepage


WatchMoviesFree is another excellent free movie site similar to Movie4K. You can enjoy movies in various categories, including Action, Comedy, Horror, Adventure, History, Fantasy, Family, Drama, etc. Furthermore, you are also able to find movies in years and countries. The site does not store the media files on its server, and it claims to be open to all the negotiations with copyright holders. One good part of this streaming site is that few ads have a pleasant viewing experience. Nevertheless, you will have to register a free account to watch full movies on your PC and mobile device.

watchmoviestream home page


  • The site is well organized and straight forward.
  • It has huge movie list from different countries.
  • The site access is for Free.


  • Free access but you need to register an account.
  • You cannot play or watch the movie without registering for an account.


123Movies is also one of the most excellent websites like Movie4K¸which can provide you with hours of entertainment. If you do not want to get up from your couch on a rainy day, you are encouraged to watch 123Movies. You can find many movies to enjoy on this website, especially animated ones. You will also be able to enjoy premium content on 123Movies. The content-database that you can find on the website is updated regularly. Therefore, you will not need to look for any other platform to get hold of the movies and TV shows you want. Also, check this one if you are interested in sites like 123movies.

123movie website


  • The site very accessible.
  • It has enermouse list of movies ans TV series from different countries. Also, it is connected to different movies sharing sites to expand its territory
  • It is easy to download movies on this site as long as the tool that you are using is compatible.


  • Some videos are not on HD quality


Watch your favorite movies with Vidcloud. This site is very accessible on mobile devices. If you love watching old movies and old TV series, Variety shows, TV talk shows, and undercover films, this site is perfect for you. However, compared to the previous sites mentioned above, the list is a bit all over the place, and you will see a lot of pop-up ads, which are pretty annoying to see. Also, most TV series are from the USA, nothing much from other countries. Moreover, downloading movies here is straightforward, plus almost all films have a subtitle. Regardless, it is still a good alternative.

vidcloud main interface


  • Simple and straight forward interface
  • It has reasonable list movies.
  • It does not need an account registration.


  • Lesser Updated.


Filmyanju is free to use the platform, and you can try out to get your hands on your favorite movies and other related content. One of the best features of this website is that it provides HD-quality movies to you. There are no limitations to the service offered as well. If you want to enjoy videos in 1080p resolution, you have to follow Filmyanju. The quality of the movies is impressive, and you will not have to go through the hassle of watching the content of compromised quality. It is a highly secure website, as well. Therefore, you do not need to use a VPN and protect the IP address when enjoying the content available on this website.

filmyanju webpage screenshot


  • It provides good video quality.
  • It has more Hindi films just in case you like this genre.
  • The site is detailed and free.


  • It has less international movie offered.
  • Pop-up ads are everywhere.


Very interactive, updated, and stunning web interface that is FilmRise. From the slideshow to the photos, the contents are significantly high in quality. Also, it is mobile-friendly, and the loading speed is 1 second after clicking. Aside from that, each category has a synopsis to give you a little sneak peek of the movie or Tv show all about. From casts, guests, run time, year released, and other important information. You can also watch documentaries, features.



  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • Safe to watch movies
  • The site is for free
  • Fast video loading speed


  • Sometimes laggy if the internet connection is not stable.


Among the sites like Movie4K, Vumoo has received much attention. The website provides you with the chance to browse through the categories and locate the movies you are interested in watching. Therefore, you will never find it difficult to enjoy great content on Vumoo. When you look at content available in Vumoo, you can notice a large number of movies and TV shows. This website can ensure that you do not have to face any annoying experiences. That is because it does not force you to move back and forth between different streaming websites. That is because the site is able to provide you with a reliable experience. It is designed specifically for media streaming, and you can get the most out of it without any hassle. You can also find many Vumoo similar sites to enjoy movies online.



  • Movies are organized.
  • Has a simple and attractive mainpage.
  • The site is updated.
  • The site is for free.


  • The loading for the video is a little slow


StreamLord is a fast-loading website where you can watch the latest movies out there. The site has an attractive appearance for photos are on HD. Aside from that, the interface is a little bit advanced compared to the other sites reviewed. When you click the three lateral bars that serve the menu bar, you will see different categories. The icons are clear. The only thing that you will not like about the tool is the on-click ads that pop up each time you make a click. However, this is common to such a website since they are free.

streamlord site


  • This site has a very straightforward and good looking interface.
  • The site is for free
  • The site is reliable


  • Some servers are not working.


Hulu is one of the most reputed Movie4K alternatives available for you to consider. The nature of the content available for you to watch and enjoy on Hulu is outstanding. Therefore, you will immediately fall in love with the available content through this site. You can sign up for a free trial period on Hulu. It does not come along with any pop-up advertisements. Therefore, you can enjoy media content without any distractions. You will also be able to download Hulu shows by following a few simple steps. With that, you can enjoy content offline without any hassle.

hulu new webpage


  • The site provides good video quality and fast loading speed. Most especially to those premium user of the website.
  • The site has free access fro 30 days.


  • You need to register to use the website.
  • Free access is limited access.

video download vk videos

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