8 Sites Like Hulu to Watch Movies and TV Shows

feature sites like hulu Hulu is one of the most popular premium services that allows you to watch on-demand channels, live streams, original series and movies. For a decade now, it has been consistent in providing quality service and continuously incorporate changes for the better. Now, the site infused live streaming for sports enthusiasts plus entertainment and news. Along with, is the partnership of the site to some popular channels like the Walt Disney Company, Turner Networks, and NBC Universal and etc. As we all know, the partnership can help the site gain more satisfactory service from over 20 million subscribers around the U.S. and a lot more outside the country. Watch all you want for merely, 7.99 up to 39.99 dollars per month. The service you will depend on the premium subscription you are enrolled in. The higher the subscription, the better features you will get. Although features and services are satisfactory, there are some sites like Hulu that provide the same or better plans for your streaming needs and can be considered as Hulu alternatives for online video streaming.


Netflix is 10x popular compared to Hulu. Based on Alexa Ranking, a popular site that gathers data traffic based on-site visitors, Netflix is on its 26th Global Rank and 12th position in the United States. At the same time, Hulu is on its 256 positions in Global ranking and 42nd position in the United States. These data signify that Netflix has more visitors or subscribers than Hulu. Although both sites share the same concept, you have to pay for the service at a specific price to watch movies and TV shows. Similarly, important is the price of a subscription for Netflix is more affordable. Price starts at 7 dollars up to 10 dollars per month. On the other hand, the only drawback is that it lacks the most recent seasons of TV shows; thus you are free to search on different sites like Netflix, Prime, YouTube for your desired TV shows.

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Tips to Record Movies Online with Aqua Demo

Since these sites will only allow you to watch videos onset period, you might want to consider keeping a copy while watching. Just in case your account expires, you will still be able to watch these movies over and over without paying again. For that, you need a reliable tool that will give you the best quality as possible. Aqua Demo is highly recommended for this kind of need because of its quality output. By using this tool, you can record movies from Netflix and all other popular movie websites for watching offline.

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When it comes to convenience, iTunes is one of the most accessible movie and TV Shows streaming platform. It doesn't require any subscription upon usage. Also, the desktop app is available on both Windows and Mac computers, making it easier to stream and download videos at the same time. Besides that, you can also rent movies for 24 hours, rental price varies depending on the movie. Although it does not require any monthly subscription, you have to pay for the movie that you want to watch. One advantage of movie streaming sites and Apps like this is video quality. Most of the premium subscriptions have HD video quality.


Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a site that you can visit to watch and download your favorite movies or TV series. It doesn't have a similar concept with Hulu and Netflix, where you have to subscribe to watch and download. Amazon Prime has a large catalog of Movies and TV Shows that you can buy or rent. You just need to visit the website and scroll to see available movies you can rent and download.

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Putlocker is another excellent movie site where you can watch the latest movies and TV series online. This website has a section of the top rating movies and TV shows, where you can easily choose a new favorite film to watch. Also, most of the TV episodes are already in high-quality output, which means you can view your frequently observed TV series in its best performance. Despite being a free and updated video library, some of the latest movies that are currently aired in cinema are still in CAM quality. This means you might not be satisfied with the video output. Nevertheless, this site and all the other sites mentioned above allow you to be updated with the most trending movies of the month. They are all available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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HBO GO is the paid streaming subscription site of the popular HBO channel in the United States. The website also streams HBO's award-winning and blockbuster TV series and movies like Game of Thrones, The Grinch, and more. Aside from streaming, HBO GO also produces its original shows such as Temple Grandin, The Tale, and many more. One good thing about choosing this site is that it lets users stream their content in almost any device. It also offers a mobile app so users can install it on their Android and iOS smartphones. However, HBO GO is only available in the United States.

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Disney+ is one of the newest video streaming platform released last 2019. The website shows many movies from Disney-owned subsidiaries like Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and more. Additionally, Disney+ is recommended for kids because the content and themes they portray on most of their shows are educational and entertaining. Moreover, newly registered users can benefit 7-day free trial. Also, users can opt-in to receive updates or notifications on their email for any new release or trending shows. However, since the site is new, it is only available in selected countries like United States, Canada, Netherlands, and more.

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YouTube TV

Another newly-launched movie and TV show streaming platform is YouTube TV. This site is a part of Google that allows users to stream Live TV movies or shows using their computers or mobile devices. YouTube TV supports many American-based channels like ESPN, FOX, Disney Channel, and many more. A unique function is that it lets users save the shows into their library and watch it anytime. Moreover, all movies and shows are all supported to stream in HD quality. However, since users could stream live tv shows on multiple devices, YouTube TV is expensive and costs $49.99 per month.

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Apple TV+

The last alternative site that works like Hulu is Apple TV+. The website also offers a free trial for first-time users before paying its $4.99 monthly subscription. Like Netflix, Apple TV+ also produces their original series like See, Truth be Told, and more. Additionally, it streams thousands of binge-worthy TV shows and movies from multiple cable TV channels and other streaming services. Additionally, it lets users save videos on their library and watch them later. Aside from movies and TV series, Apple TV+ provides a live stream for live sporting events for basketball, American football, and more. Finally, it contains a "Kids" section that provides educational content and series like Sesame Street.

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