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Best 5 Sites Like Coursera for Online Learning

sites like courseraCoursera is one of the best online learning platforms out there. Not only is it efficient, but it also has plenty of video courses for you to master. That doesn’t mean it’s the perfect platform. It does lack some tutorials, not to mention that some people may not like the format. This is why finding sites like Coursera can be a very good idea for e-learning lovers. You can try them out for yourself and see what works for you! In this article, we will talk about the best 5 websites like Coursera where you can find more to learn besides Coursera which works on Android, iOS, and PC devices.

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eDX is maybe one of the best online course websites like Coursera. The thing that makes it special is that it’s linked with some of the most prestigious schools out there. Not only that, but you can enroll in these courses from anywhere in the world. If you want to earn a certificate, you can do the courses for free. However, you need to earn passing grades if you want to receive the certificate. The overall interface is very interesting here. You can choose a variety of courses, but identifying the right ones will take quite a bit of practice right off the bat. They also bring in a nice feature, as they allow you to learn in your local language (if supported). And while you do need to be eligible for some courses, this is one of the best Coursera alternatives out there. The courses are of very high quality, the instructions are really good and as a whole, you just can’t find a better option than this.


Udemy is one of the very best places where you can find free online courses like Coursera. But there are only a few courses for free here. Most of them are paid, and instead of opting for a subscription, Udemy goes on a different route. The idea here is that everyone can join as a teacher, as long as he has the skill and something to train. So, every person can become a teacher, and they can share their videos in the form of a course. It’s a great way for the platform to offer some new skills and the results can be quite amazing in here. Most of the courses are very good, and Udemy is one of the few other sites like Coursera where you can find accessible prices for a variety of courses. While the interface is great, not all courses allow you to download them. This can be a bummer if you want to learn offline, but it's still a pretty good option to learn online, especially when the overall prices are really low.

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LinkedIn is famous for being an employment website. Since LinkedIn and Lynda have merged, it is also now used for searching e-Learning videos just like in Coursera. This website is like a social media website with a large community of professionals who post different kinds of video courses. They also publish video tutorials on specific skills and certificate programs. Aside from that, you can make a connection with other users of LinkedIn for you to see more available e-Learning videos. Besides, LinkedIn also has an app for you to look for videos using your Android and iOS device.

best-alternative-coursera-linkedin is an online learning community for people who want to watch educational videos. This website focuses more on interaction rather than lecturing. You will find course categories like design, programming, technology, creative arts, designing, and other professional programs. All of the videos upload in are hosted from qualifies professionals, which helps you to improve your skills by completing practical assignments and projects. Besides, you can share and discuss your ideas and work with your fellow students. That is why to recommend you use Skillshare if you want to learn more useful skills that you can use to earn money.



There is no wonder that Udacity is a great alternative to Coursera. The Udacity interface is pretty much similar to Coursera. You have the catalog; you can browse courses and then on the course page you can enroll in the desired course on the fly. You get to know the price right off the bat, and they also show who created the course, how many students are there, how long it will last, and so on. They have a monthly fee which is $199 per month, quite steep but then again they do have some very specialized content too. But if you don’t want a specialization, you can learn a lot of stuff for free here, which is good. They do have millions of monthly users, and the website is quite popular.

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Last updated on June 18, 2021

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