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How to Effortlessly Share Facebook Video to Instagram

share facebook video to instagramDo you think it's impossible to upload the video you post on your Facebook to your Instagram feeds? As a frequent Facebook user, we all know that downloading video directly from it is not possible. Meanwhile, another problem would be the restriction that Instagram only allows uploading on its mobile app. Thus, aside from finding a tool that will help you download the video you posted, you should also have to make sure that your outputs are compatible with mobile formats so you can easily upload them on your Instagram account. Fortunately, there's one practical way on how to repost a video from Facebook to Instagram. With that, let this article guide you on how to share Facebook video to Instagram with ease.

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Download Facebook Video to Your Local Disk

Video-grabbing on Facebook requires a third-party tool. Luckily, we have software that you can rely on called AceThinker Video Keeper. So stop asking yourself, "how to share a video from Facebook to Instagram" once you use this tool because, in just few clicks, this user-friendly app will help you download that video as quickly as possible. Also, this tool allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously, which saves you time. Continuously, to post the Facebook video to Instagram, the best format to upload on this video-sharing app is MP4, and guess what? AceThinker Video Keeper's output is in MP4 by default. Here are more of its unique features why you should use this, and how to use this downloader.

Key Features:

  • This app is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.
  • This tool lets you download HD videos ( 720P, 1080P, and even 4K) from many sites aside from Facebook, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Niconico, Naver, Lynda, TED, Bilibili, and so on.
  • This software lets you extract the audio directly, with no additional converter needed.
  • It has a built-in media player to make video playback easy.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Tool on Your PC

For you to get started, click the download button provided above and save it on your PC. After that, click the saved files to run and launch the program⁠— follow the installation guide. Next, please familiarize yourself with the tool before using it.

share facebook video to instagram step 1

Step 2 Search FB Video

The practical way to download the video is to use its built-in browser. To do so, click the "Site" tab and on the search bar, type "," otherwise, you can also click on the Facebook icon on its interface if available. Next, on Facebook's search bar, type in the name of the video you want to download. Once found, click it. Note that it can't work as a Facebook private video downloader.

share facebook video to instagram step 2

Step 3 Select Quality and Download the Video

After clicking the video that you want, click the "Download" button located on the tool's bottom-right corner. Next, select the video quality that you prefer. And once more, click "Download" and wait until your video is ready.

share facebook video to instagram step 3

Step 4 Play the Downloaded Video

Go to the "Downloaded" tab. Then, find that downloaded file from the list. Next, do right-click and select "Play Video." Now, you can save it from another device, and it is up for uploading on Instagram.

share facebook video to instagram step 4

Make sure to preview the video first before hitting the "Download" button. This habit will save you time and effort because it will prevent you from downloading the wrong video. Alternately, you can also use it as a Facebook to MP3 converter, as it allows you to extract audio from any video.

Several Ways to Share Facebook Video to Instagram

As mentioned, it's more convenient to post a video from Facebook to Instagram once you have the video downloaded. Downloading the files to your computer gives you more access and full control over the video. However, we also know that Instagram restricts uploading directly on its website. And since you can only upload through its mobile app, you have to transfer it to your device first. And yes, I know you'll have another question this time, like, "how do I share a video from Facebook to Instagram?". Regarding that, there are several methods to do so. These ways can also help you solve your problem about how to share TikTok videos on Instagram.

1. Connect a USB Cable

  • Connect a USB cable from your PC to your mobile phone
  • Wait for your PC to recognize your phone.
  • Go to the file on your computer and copy your downloaded media.
  • Next, navigate to your phone and go to your file manager or folder. From there, paste the media to save it on your phone.
  • Finally, open your Instagram account to upload your video.

connect usb

2. Use a Flash Drive and OTG

  • Insert your flash drive on your PC.
  • Go to the folder where you save the file you downloaded and copy and paste it on your flash drive.
  • Next, eject the flash drive and connect OTG to it and on your mobile phone.
  • Then, get the file by moving or copying it to your internal storage.
  • Finally, you can now upload your video to your Instagram account to.

connect otg

3. Save the Video on Your Digital Storage

Unfortunately, there are instances that your USB or OTG cable or your flash drive are not working and can't read by your PC. Now, the question is, can you share from Facebook to Instagram once that happened? Definitely, yes. All you need to do is to save the video on your digital storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Cloud, and so on. Since these online storage platforms have mobile versions, it's more convenient to download the file from those apps and upload them on your Instagram account.

online storage

4. Send it in Your Email

One more way to upload the Facebook video to your Instagram feed is to send the file via email and open it on your mobile phones. By opening the media, it automatically downloads the file. After that, same with the other methods, you can upload it on your IG account once already saved.
send email

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Last updated on August 15, 2021

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